The True Origin of “Fake News” The MSM Doesn’t Want You to Know

by HorizonFall

Ah, Fake News. The bane of the mainstream media’s existence. At least for the past year or so. Before that, the term didn’t really exist. Though surely Fake News has been around much longer, it seems there is a rather nefarious purpose behind this apparently “new” phenomenon…

It’s pretty clear for most members here what exactly started the craze. Though is it really? It mostly seemed to surround scandals connected to Hillary Clinton and her associates, but the strange thing I noticed was that supposedly Fake News articles had been plaguing Clinton since long before the election which quickily ramped up during the presidential race. Evidence of Pay for Play, money laundering and shady business dealings seemed to come out of the woodwork, yet regardless it was still full steam ahead for Clinton.

Though it was one particular leak which seemed to be the Achilles heel for the Clinton machine, as everything appeared to quickly fall apart after this. As I said, we all know what it is so I won’t get into it here.

What I would like to do is present what I find to be a very peculiar coincidence in regards to this leak and the MSM behavior right before and after it took place. Though because of the nature of this topic I can’t really extrapolate much further other than to point you in the right direction. I should note for posterity purposes that I drew the same conclusion as the author of this article long before I even found it. So you can imagine my surprise when my suspicions were confirmed.

Here is an image showing the Google search statistics of Fake News:

You’ll see that the search history is synonymous with the leak. In fact, the term “Fake News” as we know it today didn’t seem to exist more than a few days before said leak.

Like I said, I don’t want to venture into uncharted waters with this topic. I simply want to provide some useful information for those of you who may not have been aware of it previously.

We need to ask ourselves some tough questions… Is the advent of Fake News another Psyop being conducted by the Deepstate to alienate the alternative media and those who trust in it?

Google Analytics Graphic Proves How The MSM ‘Fake News’ Strategy Was Implemented


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