Trump and the Deep State: Backing The Saudis vs. Supporting BRICS

Vancouver, WA
June 5, 2017

by Rich Scheck

Many supporters of President Trump are understandably concerned about him being under attack by the Deep State.  They refer to the incisive analysis of Paul Craig Roberts who makes a strong case that he has been somehow captured or turned by the bad guys who have forced him to change the policies he promoted during his campaign.

Roberts may be correct even though I doubt it. More important is that it is basically irrelevant in how those concerned about the future should proceed. As Joseph P. Farrell states so clearly in the following essay, by providing unlimited weapons to the Saudi Royals, he is backing a regime that represents everything that is wrong while avoiding a chance to work with the BRICS nations who are forging ahead developing Eurasia and the world.

Rather than opting to promote a positive future with the potential for unending economic growth combined with international cooperation, Trump has chosen his own form of the Deep State/New World Order approach to US foreign policy which has consistently failed.

I agree with Roberts that Trump is under massive assault by certain aspects of the Deep State and has been from the start of his efforts to become President 2 years ago. And yes, he seems to have switched directions on key policies like working with Russia and avoiding regime change interventions in Syria and elsewhere.

But even assuming Roberts is correct, it is almost irrelevant as to what we must do now in the face of these dynamics.  No one forced Trump to participate in that sickening sword dance in Riyadh last month. No one forced him to attack Syria and lie about Assad bombing his own people. No one forced him to pick Mattis and Pense and Tillerson and
Mnuchin or chose his son-in-law for such important roles in his Administration.

And to the extent the Deep State wanted him to do those things, they certainly did not want, as best I can tell, to withdraw from the TPP or from the Paris Accords. So I think the case for him being captured or turned is weak, even before evaluating the part that Bibi Netanyahu and certain Russian Mafia types like Felix Sater have played in shaping
his current positions.

What is undeniably clear no matter who is right about the past is what is going on right now. Trump is messing up big time in ways that are shaping the future and he needs to be stopped. That does not make one who thinks this way a Hillary loving, George Soros funded agent. It means we need a very sober assessment of how to move forward in the face of the total collapse of political integrity within both major parties.

What we need is a leader and party who would oppose the endless wars of the Deep State and favor something as positive as working with Russia and China as part of BRICS. We must walk a very difficult tightrope of discernment away from the irrational elements in the media and political parties to choose something good that can work for us all.

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