Trump Apologists Need To Move On and Build For the Future!

Corvallis, Oregon
June 1, 2017

by Rich Scheck

Criticizing President Trump does not mean you support the loco leftists who
bewail their fate at seeing Hillary defeated by him last November.

After making many campaign promises and posturing as being different,
Trump quickly morphed into his own version of everything that ails DC.

Stephen Lendman describes in how many of his major officials had
to receive ethics waivers in order to participate in the new Administration:

His list does not include Jared Kushner who raises a unique set of issues
pertaining to the role of Israel in shaping American policy.

Furthermore, and what is most important to me, Trump has failed miserably
in keeping his promises regarding foreign interventions for regime change.

His April attack on Syria was based on a total lie. Allowing Saudi Arabia
to keep bombing Yemen continues our complicity in that evil endeavor. His
judgment regarding Russia, China and North Korea leaves much to be desired.

The answer to Ron Paul’s question as to whether we are creating more
terrorists rather than truly fighting them is Yes!

I find Trump’s endorsement of the huge weapons sale to Saudi Arabia repulsive
and unacceptable. The major beneficiary of this move is the military-industrial
complex. Having war as your business model and imperialism as your goal for
“making America great again” is not my idea on how to move forward. Instead
it strengthens the hold of the Deep State on our nation.

Rather than draining the swamp and avoiding foreign entanglements, The Donald has
rapidly squandered his credibility in ways that may well be impossible for him to restore.

Trump apologists like Steve Pieczenik, Roger Stone, Alex Jones and Robert Steele
need to get beyond their justified disgust with leftist attacks on Trump and start
building for the future.

Creating a populist third party is an alternative I’ve promoted for many years. It appears
Steele and Cynthia McKinney are putting forward their version of how to move past the
“two-party tyranny!”

America is in very deep trouble. Supporting a flawed and arguably corrupt leader
out of hatred for his opponents is the wrong approach at this delicate time.

We need to somehow unite along a narrow set of first principles and a love of
liberty if there is to be any hope for the future.

Trump is no longer the answer……..if he ever was. It’s time to build on what he
accomplished and move on to someone and something far better!

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