Congresswoman Gabbard Announces Tour To Challenge Trump Foreign Policy

Healdsburg, CA
May 24, 2017

by Rich Scheck

Right now, it feels to me like there are only two sane people in Congress: Tulsi
Gabbard and Rand Paul.

Both have sponsored legislation to prevent the US government from funding
terrorists and both are now speaking out against President Trump’s decision
to arm Saudi Arabia to the teeth:

Gabbard is so upset with this move that she has announced plans to commence
a national tour challenging the president’s foreign policy:

Why are these the only two politicians questioning Trump’s move? Where is
Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton or even former President Obama regarding
this complete reversal by the new president from his previous rhetoric declaring
the Saudis to be “the world’s biggest funders of terrorism!”?

For those outraged by this dramatic escalation of tensions in the already distressed
“Holy Land” the chance to act has arrived. Congresswoman Gabbard has announced
plans for a national tour to oppose the arms sale and challenge Trump’s foreign policy.

Now citizens can support her efforts by contacting Gabbard’s office and help organize
local events.

Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe recently outlined a case for impeaching
President Trump. I find it fascinating he failed to include any mention of him waging
an illegal war of aggression against Syria.

That war crime violates the UN Charter and international law established by the
Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal after WWII. It also violates the War Powers Act
and the separation of powers clause of the Constitution that delegates to Congress
the power to declare war.

Hopefully, Congresswoman Gabbard will address that and other urgent matters
once she begins her tour.

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