Real Americans Question Official 9/11 Narrative; Attorney Kreindler Sues Saudis!

Mountain View CA
April 17, 2017

by Rich Scheck

The official 9/11 narrative cannot withstand even minimal scrutiny. Anyone
accepting it is either a fool, willfully ignorant or in favor of Pax Americana.

The attack served as the pretext for US imperial wars which 16 years later
continue with increased enthusiasm by the scoundrel Donald Trump who as
president has reneged on his promise to stop intervening abroad.

He has already attacked Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan
( and is now
poised to send a message to North Korea if they don’t “behave!”

Top litigation lawyer Jim Kreindler is suing Saudi Arabia on behalf of the 9/11
plaintiffs under legislation Congress passed last year over Obama’s veto.

JASTA succeeded after years of prolonged effort to release the 28 pages of Bob
Graham’s Senate Intelligence Committee Report on 9/11 that Bush and Obama
prevented the public from seeing for well over a decade

The lawsuit represents an obivous repudiation of the 9/11 Commissions findings
which had gaping holes in its official narrative.

Kreindler is not the only attorney asking questions: the Lawyers Committee for
9/11 Inquiry is also challenging the final report and are asking for a new inquiry
designed to achieve “transparency and accountability under the law!”

President Trump campaigned as a quasi Truther, then quickly shifted once
he reached the White House by cozying up to the Saudis who have spent millions
lobbying Congress to repeal JASTA.

Trump has abandoned his quest for 9/11 Truth implied by his campaign rhetoric.
This comes as no surprise to those aware of the close ties between him, Bibi
Netanyahu and the Kushner clan. Son Jared now occupies a leading position in
the Administration of his father-in-law which supports their strong Zionist leanings
and ties to Israel.

It was Jared who as Publisher of the New York Observer allowed one of his
reporters to describe those who challenged the government’s version of the
tragedy as speculating in “toxic silliness!”

I and many others strongly disagree with that assessment and find the behavior
of Kushner and Trump very suspicious.

All these wars and threats of wars provide the President and his inner circle the
opportunity to change the subject and stop focusing on such serious scandals
as the Clinton Foundation, Pedogate, 9/11 and an economy that might collapse.

Are Trump and Kushner part of an elaborate scheme to cover-up 9/11? “Real
Americans” (including Roger Stone)want to know!

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