The Black Man’s Curse in America

State of the Nation

Let’s face it, if you’re a rich, famous, powerful black man or woman in America, it is only a matter of time before they take you down … hard.

Don’t believe it, let’s evaluate the countless examples of those who fall right into this pattern which indisputably demonstrates “The Black Man’s Curse in America”.

First, let us say that this essay is written with the greatest degree of respect for our black brothers and sisters throughout the world, and especially the USA.

It is not a pleasant task to unveil an ongoing plot against our black brethren — a plot that has been executed since the very first day the first slaves were brought over from Africa.

We present the evidence of this multi-century conspiracy to deprive the black population of this nation of the many heroes who have frequently emerged throughout American history. These true heroes, who do make it to the top of their fields, are invariably taken down with the explicit purpose of conditioning the young ones to expect that if you’re black and you make it big, it’s just a matter of time before you fall … and fall hard.

We start by posing the following question to the reader.

Can you present a single successful, powerful and rich black person in America who hasn’t been taken down or threatened to be taken down over the past century.

We’ll begin by answering that question by pointing out the most obvious takedowns by way of outright assassination over the past 60 years.  

• Martin Luther King

• Malcolm X

• Medgar Evers

• Huey Newton

The following three African-Americans are perhaps the least known by the current generation so quiet have their great achievements been kept over the past many decades. Each one was persecuted in their own ways, and ultimately deprived of their passports by the US Government.

• Paul Robeson

• Marcus Garvey

• W.E.B. DuBois*

*Ghana invited Du Bois to Africa to participate in their independence celebration in 1957, but he was unable to attend because the U.S. government had confiscated his passport in 1951
Even though Du Bois was not convicted, the government confiscated Du Bois’s passport and withheld it for eight years.

Next we see the likely assassinations of famous, rich black entertainers perpetrated in order to gain control of estates that were set up as drug accidents:

Michael Jackson

Whitney Houston

Richard Pryor

Luthor Vandross

There is also the method of striking those close to the famous black person in order to intimidate them into submission or anonymity.

Michael Jordan – father killed without reason in South Carolina

Bill Cosby – son quite suspiciously killed in LA on I-405

The following list contains examples of blacks who contracted debilitating diseases which incapacitated them. throughout their lives

Muhammad Ali

Magic Johnson

Olympians accused of doping

Marion Jones – stripped of Gold Medal

Carl Lewis – accused but never proven

There are numerous examples of famous blacks dying at or before middle age from various diseases which is very suspect.

Arthur Ashe at 49

Wilt Chmaberlain – congestive heart failure @ 63

Sammy Davis Junior, Jr.

Overwhelming negative publicity

Tiger Woods

OJ Simpson

Mike Tyson

Jesse Jackson

Jesse Jackson Jr.

As for the number of black athletes and actors who have been systematically taken down by the Mainstream Media, the list literally goes on and on. While some of the allegations against these individuals may have some substance, many were fabricated for one purpose or another. It is impossible to know which are true and which are false. However, by their sheer number we can only assume that there is an unspoken conspiracy at work to “take down the black man”.

Barry Bonds

Sammy Sosa

Kobe Bryant

Shaquille O’Neal

Lebron James

Reggie Bush

Black Politicians who were set up to promote war around the world

Colin Powell – Knowingly lied to the UN General Assembly about Iraq so that an illegal war could be waged against innocent citizens

Condoleezza Rice – Put a black face on advancing the thoroughly cruel and inhumane agenda of George W. Bush

Blacks subjected to bizarre media campaigns

Morgan Freeman

Now we come to three very famous African-Americans who have retained their shine throughout the course of their careers.

Barack Obama

Oprah Winfrey

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