Democrat DA’s Abuse Of Prosecutorial Powers In Revenge Against Republican Gov


Governor’s Indictment An Unprecedented Abuse Of Power For Its Obvious Political Payback And Lack Of Legal Merit

State of the Nation

The recent indictment of Governor Rick Perry ranks as the most transparent political prosecution of a high-ranking government official in recent memory. The last flagrant abuse of the criminal justice system by Texas Democrats was the conviction of ex-House Majority Whip Tom Delay.

This governor has bumped up against the Obama Administration like no other in the country. Gov. Perry has laid bare the highly flawed Obama immigration agenda in a way that no other national leader has. He has also taken the Administration to task on the issue of real job creation in a way that has completely embarrassed Obama’s non-existent economic recovery plan.


There is no doubt in any one’s mind in the great State of Texas that Governor Perry is now the victim of a very dangerous precedent in the form of a purely political prosecution. Yes, even the Democrats know that this indictment represents a perilous slide down the slippery slope of tit-for-tat bogus criminal persecutions.

To indict a sitting governor for exercising his constitutional and legal right of veto power over a matter which is directly overseen by the Executive Branch in Texas is so far beyond the pale it smacks of profound desperation … regarding the Democratic Party’s chances of electing the next governor.

Texas is and has always been a bellwether state for many good reasons. The “Lone Star” state has in fact become a lone star in the firmament of failed state economies around the union. That a heavily Republican state would enjoy so much success in the midst of the worst economic recession since the Great Depression of the 1930s is simply too much for the Democratic Party to witness.

Especially when the highly initiative-oriented governor is out visiting other failed Democrat-dominated states and luring businesses down to Longhorn country, does this political farce of an indictment become known for what it truly is.

There is an old saying in the legal profession:

“… a grand jury would ‘indict a ham sandwich,’ if that’s what you wanted.”

— New York State chief judge Sol Wachtler was famously quoted by Tom Wolfe in The Bonfire of the Vanities

Which is exactly what the left-leaning community of Austin, Texas has done. They have been shockingly manipulated by a Democrat District Attorney into issuing what amounts to an obviously fraudulent indictment. Exactly who is the Travis County District Attorney? Rosemary Lehmberg, a notorious Democrat DA who is best described by her own video:

Democrat DA In Austin Initiates Political Prosecution Of Republican Texas Gov

So, here’s the backstory. A Democrat District Attorney is arrested for DUI and registers three times the legal alcohol level in her system. She then has to be put into restraints and a spit mask because of her resistance to law enforcement officers who oversaw her jailing procedure. Then she shamelessly calls upon the County Sheriff in the midst of her extraordinary restraint process, in which she is photographed sticking out her tongue, for political help with her unseemly predicament.

“On Friday, the District Attorney’s office in Travis County, Texas, filed its indictment against Perry charging he overstepped his powers by threatening to veto, and then vetoing $7.5 million in funding for the office’s Public Integrity Unit after District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg refused to step down after her conviction for drunken driving. This showed a complete lack of respect and ignorance for the terrible crime that she committed. Many people die all the time as a result of drunk drivers being reckless, she was lucky that her actions didn’t cause another fatality. Lehmberg has failed to act in an emphatic manner throughout this period. She has no idea what the family of a victim who was killed by a drunk driver would be going through. Surely, during her tenor as a District attorney, she would have encountered a case brought forward by a wrongful death attorney? Her ignorance is disturbing and distressing.

Then, after the same DA gets away from the whole debacle, she decides upon a path of revenge against the Governor who was exercising his legal veto power over the funding of Public Integrity Unit which DA Lehmberg was in charge of. Also of legal note is that the Texas Governor is empowered by state statute to remove a District Attorney who has conducted her or himself exactly the way that Lehmberg did prior to, during and after her drunk driving conviction.

Wait, it gets better … or worse, depending on your political persuasion or commitment to real justice. The following article reveals even more details about this sordid affair which has to be read to be believed, especially when it concerns the behavior of the most powerful DA in the state of Texas.

Travis County DA Rosemary Lehmberg suspected in hit and run

Michael Thomas
August 17, 2014


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