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jewish-power“I hate to be the one to break this news, but the Jews are correct about one thing…any attempt to roll back Jewish power, whether it be by addressing Jewish power over media, finance, politics or even Israeli expansionism, is by definition “anti-Semitic” if you take “anti-Semitism” to mean “opposition to Jewish interests”.

You cannot oppose Jewish power without opposing Jewish interests…they are directly linked. No matter how benevolent some Jews and/or Gentiles may claim Jewish power is, the fact remains that this power is all too real and has now become so great that it pervades nearly all aspects of life in the modern world.

My point here is that the correct response to a charge of “anti-Semitism” is to simply admit up front that you are opposed to Jewish power when that power becomes out of balance with their actual number within a society. Readily admit up front that you are advocating your own group interests and that you are opposed to Jewish interests to the extent that they conflict with the interests of your own group.

It is not a question of “hate”. It is a question of interests. What we are experiencing is a competition for resources and power which has been going on since man existed in small hunter/gatherer bands. Humans have always segregated themselves into in-groups and competed with out-groups for resources.

What is different today is that we have a highly ethnocentric alien group which exhibits a very high degree of in-group cooperation across national borders (on a global scale in fact) which competes within the societies in which they exist for resources and power with the “native” populations.

They use their collectivist networking, not just with other in-group members within a society, but with in-group members from other societies, to give them a very powerful advantage in this competition.

The truth is that Jews do not dominate media, finance and politics because they are smarter or more talented, but because they are a much more cohesive and effective TEAM. Competition between Jews and Gentiles is akin to sending out a group of individuals who do not work together to play a game of football with a professional football team. The team will always prevail over a collection of individuals…even if the collection of individuals may actually be more talented.

As Europeans (or Americans) we see our societies as competitions between individuals and we compete quite effectively on that basis. Jews are simply playing by a different set of rules.

The truth that few can seem to recognize is that we face a very simple choice. We have three basic options:

1. We can accept Jewish rule and all that implies for our futures (or lack thereof).

2. We can cast aside our cultural tendencies toward individualism and attempt to cultivate our ethnic cohesiveness to a level which allows us to compete effectively with Jews for resources and power (essentially we can stop being Europeans and become pseudo-Jews).

3. We can remove Jews from the game. There are different ways to do this, but the most common strategy historically has been to expel them from within your borders. Other solutions have involved restricting the rights of Jews (in terms of political, economic and social rights) and treating them as non-citizen aliens. The method by which Jews are removed from the “game” is a question that different societies will have to answer for themselves.

In any event, unless one is willing to accept Jewish rule and the near term extinction of one’s own race, any other choice is going to be “anti-Semitic” by definition because it is going to involve strategies which seek to undermine and roll back Jewish power and interests.

Whether we seek to adopt Jewish strategies and “out-Jew” the Jews at their own game, or we seek to simply remove them from the game, one thing is certain….Organized Jewry will use all the power at their disposal to maintain their power and privilege.

The solution to this problem is not going to come in the form of elections or peaceful demonstrations. It is going to come from people rising up and physically removing Jewish hands from the levers of power. This must be done across the board from economic, political and social institutions, particularly from the mass media.”

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