Silence of the NIMBYs


The Institutional Abuse of Lexi Dillon
Can Happen to any Child in America

*NIMBYs: Folks who do not care about anybody’s plight
as long as the offense does not occur in their back yard.

*Child Protective Services is often known as CPS

Click here to read Problems in OC Child Welfare System Get Statewide Scrutiny and visit the savelexi website if you are not familiar with the Lexi Dillon case.


When her father molested little Lexi in Tustin,

I remained silent; Did not live in Tustin; did not know any “Lexies”

When CPS took Lexi away from her mother

I remained silent; Did not live in Tustin; never met the mother.

When CPS gave custody of Lexi back to her abuser father

I did not speak out; Lived in Tustin; trusted the system; must have been a mistake

When the Judge and CPS closed their eyes to the truth

I remained silent; Lived in Tustin; trusted the system; was sure the truth was known

When the Judge and CPS refused to hear the truth

I remained silent; Worked at CPS; knew of the corruption; loved my job.

When CPS came for my child, “””.there was no one left to speak out.

If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. Desmond Tutu

The Orange County District Attorney, Child Protective Services and Judicial Misconduct Crimes [1] like what happened in the Lexi Dillon case ( cannot exist unless we allow it. Today, in Orange County, the Board of Supervisors, Child Protective Services (CPS), the attorneys who take money and then don’t represent their clients’ interests, and the District Attorney, Tony Rackauckas, who won’t prosecute the abuser father who raped and molested his daughter: could not get away without going to jail for life [2] unless we keep silent.

When we know about something and don’t act on our Duty to Rescue then we share guilt with those who commit crimes against the innocent.

But why won’t people act?

Seven Reasons People Refuse to Get Involved

1. People don’t think they can make a difference because the issue is “too big;” what can I, a person of no consequence do to make a difference? For them they gave up professionally and don’t have any integrity left because the system beat them.

2. People don’t think the public cares because of the other activists and groups that have tried and failed. Those individuals never even try because they are too busy fornicating and surfing the web.

3. People are afraid for their family and themselves and their fear trumps integrity.

4. People had no integrity to start with and getting involved is a bother and will interfere with their trip to the Mall.

5. People in a position to blow the whistle are afraid to jeopardize their jobs and positions.

6. People in a position to blow the whistle are afraid that public knowledge of the corruption and abuse would trigger a domino effect and threaten the very foundations of society. (The world as we know it may not exist would cease to function. Accepting the “truth” requires people to question authority.

Nimby, what is YOUR reason?

Please sign the petition to help Protect Lexi Dillon!


[1] Lexi Dillon, a 9-year-old American girl has credibly and consistently stated she has been physically, sexually and emotionally abused by her father, a Pakistani-Thai citizen who is being denied entry to the U.S. by Homeland Security reportedly for national security reasons. Though the Tustin Police Department found overwhelming evidence of the abuse, prosecutorial and social welfare misconduct have resulted in the father being given full custody of his minor daughter—-to him, a Suspected Child Rapist.

[2] The Tustin Police found enough evidence to request prosecution on six felony charges including:

California Penal Code Section 288 (a) – Lewd Act
California Penal Code Section 173 (a) (b) – Child Abuse
California Penal Code Section 188.5 – Continual Sexual Abuse of a Child
California Penal Code Section 289 (a) (1) (A) – Anal Penetration
California Penal Code Section 188 (a) (a) – Oral Copulation
California Penal Code Section 188.7 (b) – Oral Copulation with a Victim under 10 Years Old

Now Lexi is being held a virtual prisoner by handlers hired by her alleged abuser father. Her wish is to be with her mother who has never been accused of being an unfit parent. Her mother lives locally is a dentist and loves her daughter very much.

We are calling on the Orange County BOS to intercede and demand CPS fulfill their mandate to protect children. Robert Munoz, a senior social worker, was the chief witness that led the family court judge to give full custody to Lexi’s abuser. Munoz was investigated by the County for perjury and violating the policies and principles of Social Services Agency.

The agency has since relieved Mr. Munoz of his position but refuses to protect Lexi knowing full well their employee endangered this child.

We have a moral, fiscal and emotional responsibility to act now before it’s too late and the OC Social Services agency allows a 9-year-old innocent child to wind up in Thailand, which is not signatory to the Hague convention. The agency is well aware this is illegal under U.S. Law.

On Friday, June 6, 2014, a travel ban was lifted that had prevented the father’s handlers from removing her from Orange County. She could disappear at any time and is in imminent danger of being sent to Thailand as a child sex slave. Lexi is prevented from talking to anyone who will help because they fear she knows too much.


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