Where o where hath John Podesta gone?

Shakespearean answer:
“He hath gone into the hills where everyman
goeth when he seeks to hide from life’s troubles.”


Why did Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta
really go AWOL, faster than a rat leaving a sinking ship,
after the November 8th Election Day?

State of the Nation

The last that Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta was heard from was on election night when he flatly told everyone to go home at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in Manhattan. The election result was way too close, he said, so there was nothing more to say and no reason to stay.

Very odd indeed!  No matter what the actual vote count was at that moment, his was a reaction that is unprecedented in election night history.

Normally everyone stays up all night long waiting to hear the final outcome.

So what really happened on that night?   When rumors of PIZZAGATE were beginning to drop like bombs out of the air.

In light of the fact that Podesta has failed to make a public appearance since then, all that can be said is that he is in serious hiding.  Who wouldn’t be with an Internet operating at full tilt exposing the D.C. pedophilia “Scandal of the Millennium”.

John has a LOT of explaining to do

In view of a very active post-election season with recounts being requested and what not, it would usually be the case that the campaign chair would be ALL OVER THE PLACE.  That Podesta is totally out to lunch can only mean he has been removed from his extremely difficult position.  Who, in their right mind, would ever promote a candidate like Hillary R. Clinton in the first place.  Especially when one’s own closet is full of stuff like PIZZAGATE.

The critical point here is that this has simply never happened before … where a campaign overlord simply disappeared after the most raucous campaign season in U.S. history. Hence, John clearly has very good reason to make himself scarce.  Any public appearance would render him vulnerable to a slew of questions about his direct role in PIZZAGATE… as the point person for what has been going on in the subterranean world of D.C. pedophilia rings.

John & Tony Podesta

How does a power couple like the Podestas go from being the most powerful lobbying team in the world one day to a persona non grata the next?  Lobbying is, after all, getting face time with the most influential people in the world…on a moment’s notice.  Now that their cover has been blown, all they can do is hide from the very movers and shakers they once courted.

Obviously something very earth-shaking has occurred in their universe.  And so it has.  It’s called PIZZAGATE, a scandal so heinous and revolting, so odious and repugnant, that many Americans cannot even bring themselves to read about it.  The following articles and videos tell the real story that the Podestas must now face for the rest of their lives.

John and Tony Podesta were in Praia da Luz, Portugal on May 3rd, 2007–the day that Madeleine McCann vanished

Why is Tony Podesta inviting brother John to ‘Spirit Cooking’ Satanic ritual?

‘Sacrificing a Chicken to Moloch’ — The Clinton-Podesta Email Scandal is All About SATANISM

How are the Podesta brothers tied to the kidnapping of Madeleine McCann?

Podesta, WaPo article, photos of naked teenagers on the walls


It really does appear that John Podesta is experiencing the bad karma from the slash and burn politics that he has employed throughout his political career.  He is, after all, an expert in all things related to the politics of personal destruction.  Hillary Clinton’s exceedingly depraved campaign is a perfect example of this “Lee Atwater” approach of taking no prisoners.

Now that John has seen his last campaign –EVER — he is perhaps receiving his just desserts.  What could be worse than being investigated by thousands of citizen journalists for some highly degenerate crimes committed against the children of America.  While much of the evidence thus far has been circumstantial, what is on the Internet in the form of photos and pictures, emails and letters from and to and regarding John Podesta could not be more damning.

The very interesting thing about PIZZAGATE is that it has not even really gotten going that much as yet.  But when it does, it will wreak havoc all over Washington, D.C. and beyond. Both Podestas have already been linked to a kidnapped girl in Portugal in what is one of the most notorious kidnappings in European history.  There is so much more to this D.C. pedophilia ring than meets the eye that it will likely take down the whole wretched System when it does eventually break wide open.

Perhaps John will be conveniently out to lunch when that happens, too.

State of the Nation
December 1, 2016

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