Pizzagate Hillary Clinton: US Attorney Chief Linked To Pedophile Scheme?

Pizzagate scandal is now engulfing US Attorney Chief Arun Rao. Is Rao working with Clinton in a secret pedophile ring?

Hillary Clinton Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America/ Wikimedia Commons cc

Hillary Clinton Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America/ Wikimedia Commons cc

Pizzagate Hillary Clinton: US Attorney Chief Involved

Arun Rao was discovered liking a trove of James Alefantis’s creepy toddler Instagram posts. Rao has shown a weird liking to some sexually eerie images and expressions.

These images and expressions were directly connected to the Podestas and this pedophile ring, said the Conservative Daily Post.

Rao is the assistant U.S. Attorney. He is also a DOJ Supervisor of the Southern Division office for the DOJ’s District of Maryland.

Comet Pizza is located in Washington DC. But technically it is at the border of Chevy Chase, Maryland, which is under Rao’s jurisdiction.

Another pizzeria called Besta Pizza, along with two other associated properties are located over forsaken underground tunnels. These could easily connect to Chevy Chase.

According to a Reddit post, Rao prosecutes cases related to federal racketeering, conspiracy, firearms statutes, bank robberies and most shockingly – child pornography. This Reddit page has since been taken down.

Now, in reality, Rao’s district is virtually on top of the area in D.C. This is where BestaPizza is located. It is owned by DOJ employee Andrew Kline, said D.C. Pizzagate.

Besta Pizza was two stores down from Comet Ping Pong.

Pizzagate Hillary Clinton: Comet Ping Pong

The whole pedophile racket is based on pizzeria called Comet Ping Pong in Washington D.C. The owner of the pizzeria, James Alefantis, is a powerful man.

He ranked #49 in the top 50 ‘Most Powerful People in Washington’ of GQ magazine. This is because he and his former boyfriend, David Brock has got deeper ties into the Democratic Party. The couple was also closely involved in Clinton’s campaign.

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Surprisingly, John Podesta received several mails regarding pizzas, said Morning News USA.

However, Alefantis denied all such claims. He said that the logical answer was that John Podesta ate pizza sometimes.

Alefantis added that pizzas were always “a big thing in politics.” However, the outcomes surrounding the pedophile scandal is not just staying within national limits.

Pizzagate Hillary Clinton: Norway Knows About The Pedophile Ring

This latest scandal had been keeping conspiracy theorists influenced. Recently, Norway has also been dragged into Pizzagate.

This entire conspiracy theory was investigated and a shocking discovery was made. The Norwegian government had significantly reduced its planned donation to the Clinton Foundation.

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Morning News USA had reported that Norway would donate $5.1 million to the foundation.

Norway would also cut its donations by 36 percent next year. This would result in a drop of 87 percent from 2015.

Several conspiracy theorists believe that Norwegians were eventually severing themselves from Clintons. This because they have discovered the child sex trafficking issue.


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