Kanye West Handcuffed and Hospitalized After Comments In Support Of Trump



Concert Comments Were An Attempt To Enlighten His Fans

State of the Nation

What in the world is going on with Kanye West?

Kanye West Cancels Gigs After Psychiatric Eval For Mentioning Pizzagate

If anyone really wants to know why paramedics were called to West’s ‘psychiatric emergency’, the following video provides all the answers.[1]

VIDEOKayne West Really Tries To Leave The Reservation

What is critical to understand is that this type of outright political repression can happen to anyone in the wake of Donald Trump’s election.  That’s why we are all Kanye West… and Julian Assange… and Edward Snowden, etc.

The Left is quite notorious for using psychiatric incarceration for those who try to leave the reservation of political correctness.  This is particularly true for those who maintain a high profile in Hollywood, Pop Music, Professional Sports or any other field of endeavor that enjoys a powerful public platform.

From watching the video of Kanye at the concert venue, it’s clear that he is only trying to break free of the reservation.  He said nothing that should have got him handcuffed and hospitalized.  He may even be going through a spiritual crisis from living with the Kardashian family for so long.  Who wouldn’t be?!

Big Brother now rules Amerika

The USA is literally morphing into the USSA where Amerika is no longer the “land of the free”.  Rather, this nation is being locked down under a repressive regime that is forever hidden in the shadows.  Some call it the World Shadow Government, others the yoke of the Illuminati.  Still other victims refer to the clandestine leadership as despotic globalists who belong to the NWO ruling cabal.

In any event, TPTB have frequently demonstrated that they will not tolerate any dissent from the party line.  Kanye West has just learned that the hard way.

Kanye West’s 911 Call Described as ‘Psychiatric Emergency’ Between Paramedics

Kim Kardashian has also had a run in with the controllers of the realm.  Could it be because her stepfather Bruce Jenner (now Caitlyn Jenner) convinced her to vote for Donald Trump?  Why else would TPTB pull off such a grand theft of $10,000,000 worth of Kim’s treasured jewels?  Undoubtedly someone is sending a message to Kim and Kanye to comply with the dictates of the handlers.

Kanye West ‘Was Having Nightmares’ About Kim Kardashian’s Paris Robbery Before Hospitalization


Whenever a rich and famous person, who was made rich and famous by TPTB, attempt, to leave the reservation, they are quickly reminded of their inability to do so.  Invariably an event is engineered that shows them who’s boss.  Many stars have experienced the heavy hand of their true masters over the course of their careers.  Their agents and lawyers make it perfectly clear who guarantees their future success, or lack thereof.

The 2016 election cycle was perhaps the most terrorized in U.S. history.  Very few put signs up in their yard or stickers on their vehicle for either candidate, primarily because of the very real consequences of doing so.  Because Kim and Kanye operate much higher up the socio-economic totem pole, they are subjected to a much more rigorous set of carrots and sticks.  Therefore, whenever they stray from the reservation, they will suffer much greater repercussions.  Welcome to the Obamanation—the new Amerika.

State of the Nation
November 28, 2016


[1] Kanye West Taken To Hospital After Outing Jay Z As ‘Illuminati’

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