Obama’s Fake Birth Certificate Copy To Be Exposed By Arizona Crime Investigators

PNN Radio Interviews Cold Case Posse Lead Investigator Mike Zullo


by Sharon Rondeau


Nov. 10, 2016) — On Thursday afternoon, Maricopa County, AZ Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo was a guest on the PNN Radio Network hosted by Carl Gallups.  The broadcast was scheduled for 4:00 p.m. but was delayed due to some technical difficulties.

Zullo has led a five-year criminal investigation into the long-form birth certificate image posted on the White House website purported to be a scan of a certified copy of Obama’s original birth record.  In 2012, Zullo and Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph Arpaio gave two press conferences during which they disclosed that investigators had found the birth certificate image and Obama’s Selective Service registration form to be fraudulent.

The first topic of the broadcast was the defeat of Arpaio in his bid for a seventh term on Tuesday.

Gallups, who was sworn in as a “special deputy” to Arpaio in March, said that he spoke with Arpaio by phone earlier on Thursday.  Zullo said that Arpaio was “hanging in there” but that there was a “sadness” from his election defeat.  “I’m very disappointed that he didn’t win,” Zullo said.  He said that he believes that the Obama regime imposed “unconstitutional regulations” on Arpaio, referring to a federal judge’s ruling that Arpaio had disobeyed his order to cease immigration patrols in a nine-year-old civil rights lawsuit which led to a criminal contempt charge brought by the U.S. Justice Department.

The Obama DOJ has previously investigated Arpaio for possible obstruction of justice and abuse of power but ultimately found no evidence to conclude that a crime had been committed.  A DOJ civil-rights lawsuit filed against the MCSO was settled out of court.

Zullo said that Arpaio is being defended against the criminal contempt charge by an experienced Washington, DC law firm and that he believes the case will ultimately go to the U.S. Supreme Court after the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Zullo additionally revealed that during the campaign, Arpaio was under a gag order not to discuss the civil case which was presided over by U.S. District Court Judge G. Murray Snow.  The criminal charge was announced by the DOJ on the same day on which early voting began in Arizona.

“Millions of dollars were poured into his opponent’s campaign by George Soros,” Gallups said. Democrat Paul Penzone, although reportedly short on campaign funds prior to Soros’s involvement, won by approximately 11 points.

Gallups posited that Arpaio’s position would be worse if Hillary Clinton had won the presidential election on Tuesday.

“Joe Arpaio’s story is not over,” Gallups said, speculating that Arpaio would prevail on the criminal charge. If that were not to occur, “I can’t imagine that Donald Trump won’t pardon him,” Gallups speculated.  “He’s not going to prison over this.”

Zullo pointed out that there is a higher standard of proof required in a criminal case than in a civil case.  “There is something terribly wrong with the way this whole thing has unfolded,” Zullo contended, referring to hearings which took place last year which “blew up” an investigation Arpaio was conducting through a confidential informant, Dennis Montgomery.  Montgomery later became a “material witness” in an undisclosed criminal matter and was given two immunity agreements by the FBI.

Zullo said that Arpaio’s appellate attorneys have identified dozens of examples of “ex parte communications” on the part of Snow and others which they will ask to argue in court in January.

Just before the 20-minute mark of the interview, Gallups changed the subject to the meeting Trump and Obama had at 11:00 a.m. Thursday as it was presented by The Wall Street Journal, which reportedly mockingly invoked Trump’s questioning of Obama’s birth certificate beginning in 2011.  “This ‘birth certificate’ thing is still huge,” Gallups commented.

The media, including The Wall Street Journal, were particularly hostile to Trump during the campaign, often ridiculing Trump’s public questioning of Obama’s eligibility and the White House’s failure to release Obama’s detailed birth record.

One Wall Street Journal reporter was found in emails released by WikiLeaks to have been working with the DNC. The Clinton campaign, too, repeatedly criticized Trump for suggesting that the nation’s “first black president” was born in another country or was somehow ineligible to hold the office of the presidency.

Gallups contended that “they actually went there in the Wall Street Journal today,” invoking the publication’s derisiveness in referring to Trump’s questioning of Obama’s eligibility.  According to Gallups, The Journal implied that Trump was deferential to Obama during their meeting.

At 21:46, Zullo said, “They are so deathly afraid of this,” meaning the media of the birth certificate investigation.  Gallups then speculated that many Americans may have voted for Trump with the knowledge that if elected, he might pursue the truth about the image posted at whitehouse.gov which the posse found to be a “computer-generated forgery” more than four years ago.

“Now it is going to come out forever, very soon,” Gallups contended, with which Zullo concurred.  “We have the true expert analysis of it…and these people know what they’re doing.  It’s going to be shown.  People don’t have any idea of what the last five years have been like…it’s been a rough road,” Zullo said.

Zullo repeated his claim from 2013 wherein he said that the White House posted the long-form image “with the intent to deceive” the voting public.

Gallups challenged any governor to come forward and claim that “Obama was born in my state.”  “That governor does not exist,” he said.

Zullo said that public servants, including former Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie, have lied to perpetuate a false life narrative for Obama.  He told Gallups that the investigation is “almost done.”

Gallups stressed that there is no government agency which was willing to launch its own investigation into the posse’s findings regarding the long-form birth certificate image.  Zullo confirmed that neither the media nor Congress responded to the information divulged in the two 2012 press conferences.  “Nobody would look at it,” he said.  “The reason this is continuing…is because the way this is unfolding and the evidence that’s before us, no investigator worth his salt could close the book on this because of the way people have conducted themselves and tried to conceal their parts in this.”

At 36:24, Zullo invoked the work of Project Veritas, which showed collusion among Democrat political action committees, the DNC and Clinton herself to disrupt Trump rallies and even incite violence.  Zullo also mentioned WikiLeaks, whose document releases in recent weeks showed DNC/media collusion, and asked if it is beyond belief that the same people would stop at creating a fraudulent document to install its candidate of choice in the presidency.

At 38:50, Zullo divulged that MSNBC’s Chris Matthews asked him for an interview to take place directly after the first press conference on March 1, 2012, but that when Matthews saw the evidence presented, he canceled it.  Fox News reportedly followed suit.

Zullo decried the media, which he said is attempting to change people’s perceptions of “reality” by putting forth a false narrative.

At 42:06, Gallups provided a summary of the Cold Case Posse’s investigation which began in September 2011.  “That birth certificate is a fraudulent fabrication,” he said.  He continued, “You’re saying…that you guys are getting ready to bring it forth.  We’ve got the alternative media, which has become more powerful than the mainstream.  Now it’s getting ready to be brought forward…and we’ll see what a Trump Congress and a Trump presidency and a Trump DOJ and a Trump FBI does with it.”

“I can’t speak for what the president-elect is going to do,” Zullo said, adding that the posse’s work “continued on secretly” in the midst of systemic government corruption and obstruction.

“This is going to stand on the merits of the work.  This work is not the work that was done before; it’s different,” Zullo said, apparently referring to new information not yet released publicly.  “This is not a joke…this is the real deal.”  He said that “forensic digital science” has been utilized in examining the birth certificate image by individuals who “train law enforcement.”  “They’ve been phenomenal with us,” Zullo said.

Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo told host Carl Gallups on Thursday that considerable forensic analyses have been conducted on the long-form birth certificate image posted at whitehouse.gov more than five years ago which reinforce their conclusions that it is fraudulent

He explained that the posse’s findings are “a federal matter.”

On a different note, Zullo said that he and his family have been threatened as a result of his work on the investigation.  “God knows I didn’t want to do any of this.  If anything comes of this, perhaps some kind of legislation that permits the legal vetting – law enforcement type of vetting – of presidential candidates and transparency act that forces them to release birth certificates and passport information and documents…” Zullo hypothesized.  “We can never have something like this happen again,” he said, referring to the power of modern equipment and technology to produce forgeries.

“We’re in a very perilous time here, and then you have a media that floats the narrative.  Stop listening to the narrative; do your own research,” he advised the audience.

Gallups said that the new information the posse has gathered is much more powerful than the conclusions announced from the two press conferences.

Zullo said that his character has been assassinated by the media’s efforts to “protect” the fraudulent birth certificate bearing Obama’s name.  “This is just unbelievable,” Gallups responded, acknowledging that his name has also made “international” headlines for his involvement in the investigation.

Gallups indicated that when the results are made public, it will “vindicate” those who persisted in finding the truth.

“Words mean a lot,” Zullo rejoined, stating that certain “tactics” were used in an attempt to silence Zullo, Gallups and anyone else reporting on the fraudulent Obama documents.

Zullo indicated that in light of his loss on Tuesday, Arpaio may be under consideration for a cabinet position in the Trump administration.

At 1:10:30, Zullo divulged that there are “congresspeople,” “former prosecutors” and “former state attorney generals” [sic] who are “apprised” of what the posse has been investigating.

Gallups hypothesized that The Wall Street Journal and other media outlets are fearful that the truth about the Obama birth certificate will eventually emerge and praised the “alternative media” for persisting in pursuing the matter.

Zullo said that the investigation has taken its toll on him personally and financially and that there were times when he wanted to stop.  He said his wife was completely supportive and encouraged him not to abandon that which he started.

Gallups said that he is familiar with the information which Zullo and Arpaio are preparing to make public.

Toward the end of the more-than-90-minute interview, Gallups pointed out that Trump “got the birth certificate on the White House website” by his public calls for its release more than five years ago and “is now the president,” meaning the president-elect.  He reminded his listeners that Arpaio endorsed Trump early on and most likely played a part in Arizona’s electoral votes going to Trump on Tuesday.

Zullo confirmed that “before January, we’re going to reveal what we have.”


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