The Inside Story on George Soros

George Soros: A Menace to Society and Bane to Civilization

State of the Nation

All Protests and Riots Paid for by George Soros, Organized by His NGOs

Violent riots and disruptive protests are almost always the product of advance planning. They are coordinated by rogue elements within the intelligence agencies as well as COINTELPRO agents from the FBI, which actually constitute a criminal black operation.

What is particularly revealing about the past protests staged against President Trump is that they are just like those conducted by the Soros-paid mercenaries during the 2016 campaign season.  They are also fashioned after the race riots that the nation had experienced during the second term of Obama.  Hence, with his curious silence, it was always clear that the former POTUS was quite supportive of those divisive affairs.

The Soros-Obama-Clinton Crime Machine

If there is to be peace in America, George Soros must be arrested and tried for inciting riots, funding violent protests, manipulating democracy, and subverting the American Republic democracy.   In both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, he found two very willing pawns which he moved freely on his Rothschild-fabricated geopolitical chessboard. Let’s face it: whoever owns the chessboard controls the pieces.  And Soros was set up decades ago to be the financial kingpin for that very reason.

It’s important to bear in mind that Soros was encouraged by his masters to steal vast sums of money, as well as permitted to by the international banking syndicate that oversees the Global Economic & Financial System.  The Kremlin is also fully aware of how Soros made his ill-gotten gains.  Putin’s Russia has often been the target of both the finanicial scams and the subversion of government.  In this way, Soros is told exactly what to do with his billions or else he can be easily prosecuted for his ongoing insider trading crime spree.  Those who operate several pay grades above him know every move he makes.

Few really understand that the only reason that Soros is allowed to implement his color revolutions around the world is because he was given the power to do so.  He, too, is a pawn on a much bigger global geopolitical chessboard.  Although he speaks as though he is running the show, clearly he is not.  True power NEVER reveals itself, as doing so only makes the powerbroker vulnerable to a takedown or takeover.

Protests and Riots are Always Planned and Implemented by the Globalists

That doesn’t mean that Soros isn’t exercising an inordinate amount of power in the affairs of the United States.  As a businessman, many of his violent and terror-generating enterprises actually derive their income from the war and chaos that he causes.  Witness the Ukraine Civil War and the Syrian War as just two examples of his handiwork.  Soros has stated himself that he has had a lot to gain from the mass exodus of war refugees from the Middle East.  See how he continues to prey upon the vulnerable EU nations during their periods of great and unparalleled instability.

Germany is a perfect example where such a Soros scheme is playing out year after year. He was responsible for installing Chancellor Angela Merkel, which is the only reason why she is still there.  She is now hated by a vast majority of Germans who seek her removal from office.  That Merkel is still in power, in spite of her extremely low approval rating, stands as a testament to the raw political power that is exercised by Soros at he behest of his hidden masters.  It also shows how well they still control the election process in Europe.

France under the Rothschild banker Emmanuel Macron is in a similar position to Germany.  In fact, France has become a nation that is unrecognizable to many who used to travel there.  Macron is utilized regularly by his Rothschild overlords to issue domestic decrees as though he is a French king.  Soros money has likewise greased the wheels in order to keep the nation overrun with war refugees and economic immigrants that they clearly cannot handle.

When even President Putin himself cannot get his hands on Soros, it proves the entire law enforcement apparatus of the Zio-Anglo-American power structure has protected him for decades.  Obviously, in both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton did Soros find two highly ambitious politicians who would stop at nothing to extend their power and influence, as well as fill their coffers.  It was this very dynamic that kept the legally disqualified Clinton in the last presidential election.


These machinations and other schemes form the basis of George Soros’s incorrigible meddling in international affairs.  They also define the basic Soros game plan that is executed daily around the globe.  Nonetheless, while George Soros is a puppet master, he himself is also a puppet, who identifies other puppets that will implement his nefarious NWO agenda.

Most of the mass shootings and bombings that occur worldwide are the product of Soros’s sheer malevolence.  So are the incessant false flag terror attacks staged in the USA.  In fact, every black op and psyop is funded via a high-level bagman like George Soros.  In this way, the CIA, DIA, NSA, FBI and other more secret players within the U.S. Intelligence Community, use these types of black budgeted operations to manufacture consent.  Obama actually signed unconstitutional legislation that literally permits the likes of George Soros to destroy the American Republic (See link below).

“FALSE FLAGS” are LEGAL PROPAGANDA PRODUCED by the Department of Defense

State of the Nation
November 14, 2017


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