Clinton Cleared Again By Corrupt FBI Director—Here’s Why Comey Did It

Comey Betrays The American People Again

Impossible To Complete Such A Complex Investigation So Quickly



State of the Nation

“The nation’s chief law enforcement officer just
destroyed the rule of law for the second time.  And
by the way, since when does the FBI Director work
on Sunday?”
— Former FBI Agent

The nation’s premier law enforcement agency — the Federal Bureau of Investigation — is in major turmoil.  The now obvious chaos is both stunning and unparalleled.

For the second time this year FBI Director Comey has unlawfully squashed an investigation of Hillary Clinton Emailgate scandal.


He made the transparently political decision after a gross failure to conduct an investigation of over 650,000 emails from Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

Such a hasty and ill-advised recommendation could have only been made under the duress of bribe or blackmail.  There are other reasons such as threats to his life (or the life to his family), that would compel Comey to forever tarnish his reputation, but killing him seems too risky with the eyes and ears of the world so fixated on this drama.


In light of his flip-flopping on a matter of such great significance as the Emailgate investigation, it is now clear that there are far too may politicos and power-brokers throughout the Beltway and beyond who would be implicated in such a far-ranging scandal.

Child Sex Ring and Satanic Ritual Abuse

There is no question that whenever there is mention of pedophilia in Washington or Satanic ritual abuse, the rich and powerful close their ranks quickly and completely. They cannot risk these two dirty little secrets getting out to the American people, as it is the way that the political establishment is controlled.

There may not be a single member of Congress today who has not been compromised by illicit sexual behavior.  Those who have not ever engaged in such illicit behavior have been set up by the same cabal who hold fabricated ‘secrets’ over everyone’s head.  This is how Washington has always worked, only it’s worse than ever.

The critical piece of this ongoing investigation (whistleblower FBI agents have not stopped investigating) is that there is now a considerable body of hard evidence amassed which points directly to ritual child sexual abuse.

This highly charged aspect of Emailgate will not go away and only grow bigger by the day.  Even though the power elites will work overtime to tamp down the rampant pedophilia that goes on within the political establishment, this genie is now out of the bottle.  Hollywood has been similarly exposed over the past couple of years, and these two cultures have always been JOINED AT THE HIP.

The Bottom Line

This latest decision by Comey will surely be his undoing.  For the second time he has profoundly violated his oath of office in broad daylight.  His professional misconduct has also revealed the fact that he does not work for the American people; rather, he works for the Clinton Crime Family.

James B. Comey: Inside Man for the Bush-Clinton Crime Family?

Because his decision flies in the face of proper law enforcement, he has set himself up, as well as the FBI, for a major fall.  The career agents will no longer tolerate an inside man for the Clinton Crime Family working in their office.  Not only is the credibility of the agency sullied forever, the agents themselves can no longer walk around with anything but shame and humiliation.

COMEY Lies Under Oath, Attempts to Deceive Congress, Overturns Decades of FBI Tradition, Betrays the American People during Prime Time

Special Note:
There can be no doubt that Comey was given direct orders from on high to clear Hillary Clinton before the election took place.  The NWO globalist cabal would not let their extremely damaged goods go into Election Day even more damaged.  Hence, the demands made on Comey were surely overwhelming.  However, there is also an element of chaos-building going on here.  As the American people are played like a ping-pong ball, the anger within the body politic is intensifying into rage.  With each passing injustice, the national mood is becoming very volatile and easily triggered.  Just what is it that the elites are going to trigger?  And, will that give Obama reason to act … like impose martial law?   ____________________________________________________________


When Director Comey is forced out by Congress, or resigns under pressure from his own staff, where will he go?  He has become a pariah in America where people everywhere know that he was a weasel of the highest order.

Comey on Clinton email probe: ‘Don’t call us weasels’

State of the Nation
November 6, 2016


FBI director says agency once again won’t recommend charges over Clinton email

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