The 114th Congress Is Now Under Direct Threat From We The People

An OPEN LETTER to the U.S. Congress

Dear Members of Congress,

Surely you know by now that We the People are on to your game of treason and treachery.

After nearly 8 years of a traitor in the White House you have all failed — DISMALLY — in your official responsibilities to uphold the U.S. Constitution.  There has not been even one official overture to impeach the current criminal in the Oval Office.

Unlike one of your own — the esteemed former Congressman from Texas, Ron Paul — it is extremely difficult to find even one of you to speak the unvarnished truth.

In the meantime you have allowed a sitting POTUS to shred the Constitution through his unlawful executive orders.  Every move Obama makes undermines the Legislative Branch as he methodically arrogates tyrannical powers to the Executive Branch, and especially to the office of the President.

For this profound violation of the Founding Documents of the United States of America, you are ALL complicit … as you have permitted, and often times abetted, his systematic abrogation of the Constitution and particularly the Bill of Rights.  This nation has never seen such overt and serial criminality in high office.

The recent hearings concerning Hillary R. Clinton’s Servergate, Emailgate and Benghazigate all served to underscore the woeful negligence exhibited by the 114th Congress. What you have allowed the various representatives of the US government to get away with is nothing short of a felony crime spree … against the American people.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a career criminal of the highest order, was allowed to walk away from so many crimes that even the average citizen on the street is now aghast at YOUR sheer complicity and continuing cover up.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch has repeatedly refused to answer even the most basic questions about law or her constitutional responsibilities to enforce the law.  Her evasive and deceptive testimony in front of your Congressional committees was as shocking as it was unprecedented in American history.  The nation’s chief law enforcement officer was allowed to eviscerate the law during prime time.

Then there is FBI Director James B, Comey.  Not only did he fail — in broad daylight — to follow statutory federal procedure, as well as FBI rules and regulations, in the conduct of the Clinton email investigation, he flat out lied to Congress.  As a very close political acquaintance of the Clinton Crime Family, Comey has proven to be their inside man who assures them of their absolute impunity.  Which YOU permitted him to guarantee.

These are just a few of the gross failures of the 114th Congress.  We’re talking about the biggest Congressional failures of all time which the public was allowed to witness in living color.  After all, what could be more vitiating to the Constitution than a Congress that permits its complete destruction in real time?  By your egregious failure to hold Comey responsible for his willful negligence in his capacity of FBI Director you ALL have told the nation that there is no more rule of law.

Do you folks really understand what you have done?  Are you aware of the degree to which your inactions and unlawful actions have devastated civil society?  How can there possibly be a civil society anymore without the rule of law?

This 114th Congress, along with those preceding it, have enabled the exceedingly lawless Obama Administration to violate the spirit and the letter of the Founding Documents that are the very foundation of all Congressional endeavor.  Surely, the Founding Fathers are turning over in their graves as they watch you shirk daily even your most basic responsibilities.

Please know that, because of the irreversible societal degradation that has occurred in the wake of Obama’s two terms in office, all of which transpired because of massive failures of Congress, We the People are really peeved.   So much irreparable damage has been inflicted on the American Republic that there is now only one solution.

We want you — the 114th Congress — to know that, through your historic lack of Congressional oversight, the Second American Revolution is about to begin.  Perhaps some of you knew it had to come to this.  Maybe some of you just didn’t care about the consequences.

Nevertheless, We the People are determined to hold you ALL accountable for the transgressions of our laws and the Constitution.  All of you.  And there is no place you can hide.  Yes, the Second American Revolution has begun in earnest!

Very sincerely,

Concerned Citizens of the USA

P.S.  Be forewarned that We the People are coming for you.  We are also coming for the traitors in the White House and the Supreme Court.  None shall avoid the scales of justice during this Second American Revolution.


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