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By Anonymous Patriots
SOTN Exclusive

Before revealing more hidden revelations on the U. S. $100 bill and detailing a financial battle plan that Patriots can implement immediately to destroy the banking cabal and the House of Rothschild, we need to make sure everyone has plenty of “silver bullets” in their pockets. These bullets will be as important as any for your Second Amendment guns, and right now there is a HUGE SALE going on for silver ASE “bullets.”  

Indeed, there is a “blue-light special” for the one-ounce American Silver Eagle coin. According to the U.S. Treasury, the 2016 coin will no longer be minted this year as “demand is low” and regional warehouses that loaded up on the ASEs earlier in the year are not moving their large supplies. Spot price of the ASE at the time of this article is less than 20 bucks per coin.  

Thanks to the banking cabal, the price of silver and gold has been suppressed for over one hundred years in order to cover up their financial crimes against humanity and suppress the real value of currencies around the world. This means that Patriots can still pick up an ounce for less than twenty fiat dollars! This is REAL U.S. minted currency and will be important to have on hand as the derivatives market collapses the entire financial system as the banksters find out that we will not be bailing them out of their Ponzi scheme this time.

KEY POINT: If enough of us cash out of the Federal Reserve casino as soon as possible, exchanging our fiat currency and make-believe stocks for silver ASE bullets, we will fire shots heard around the world. This is how We the People implement FEDEXIT. We don’t need to wait for an election day to start taking the Globalists down.

Are You Paying Attention?

In October 2015 Trump warned that the stock market was in a bubble. In an August 2016 interview Donald Trump said that he is out of the stock market and warned of very scary scenarios for investors.

In our article entitled, You Will Be Ripped Off in the Biggest Financial Scam Ever, we looked into the matter ourselves and agree with Trump. TOTALLY. The stock market is nothing more than a rigged casino and one that needs your money for the game to be played. This is a must-read article for its vast information as well as its practical advice to protect your family.

We also alerted you in our article New U.S. Currency Already in Our Money Supply that some “Good Guys” at the U.S. Treasury sneaked in the new currency on the side of the old Federal Reserve fiat $100 bill so that we would have legitimate currency in the market when the collapse occurs. If you aren’t up to date on these matters, make sure to read these articles. Your wealth preservation is at stake, and MSM and cable news will not be carrying these important notices.

Patriots around the country know why the stock market is totally rigged and how it is nothing more than a casino.  As we detail in our article, one company–Cede and Company—will be collapsing the system in order to steal all of the real assets of America, including your home, your savings, your retirement, and your future. More than articles to alert you to the Globalists’ final battle plan, these articles will also show you ways to minimize the fall-out to you and your family.

More Secrets of the $100 Bill Revealed

We already pointed out several hidden images in the new blue stripped $100 bill that shows the unfolding of the next 9-11 type collapse on our system. Fold the bill one way and you will see images of a flood that could be pointing to the 2012 Water Street flood in Manhattan during Hurricane Sandy that wiped out trillions of dollars’ worth of paper mortgages, stock and bond certificates, and other important paper documents that provide proof of ownership to millions of American’s wealth.

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Other researchers have speculated that this picture represents a tsunami in an urban area that would result from a nuclear device targeted for the waters of the U.S. eastern coast. They point to the other picture that is revealed if you fold the bill in a reverse way. See picture below.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 3.35.25 PM

Is a prophetic warning of a nuclear device or missile landing on its target in the ocean, creating a tsunami that would devastate an urban area?

We believe the images are more allegorical and warn of the financial weapon of mass destruction that is already loaded and ready to be dropped on Americans any day—a catastrophic derivative implosion, which collapses the global financial market as we know it. This will be a paper and digital financial tsunami.

Warren Buffet said it best: “Derivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction.”

Indeed, our article on ICE and CME shows how these casino exchanges will use the hard-earned money that you have invested in Wall Street to collapse the entire financial system and steal your wealth—from your home to your stock. Their weapon of mass destruction—DERIVATIVES–is locked, loaded, and ready to be fired at We the People.

We Can Defeat the Globalists Before October

What we are going to show you next is how We the People have the power and ability to diffuse this WMD and collapse the House of Rothschild and the banking cabal, instead. It will take many of us, acting individually and patriotically, to take down the House, but we can do it and our plan is simple. But first we need to give you a little bit of history on how one family almost did this in the 1980s until they were destroyed by the cabal who found out what they were doing.

If you need a refresher on why we are laser focused on destroying the House of Rothschild, then check the link below for an Anonymous article on the time-line history of the Rothschild family and their Satanic banking cabal. Although the timeline ends in 2006, it won’t take much for Patriots to fill in the timeline up to today. Even if you think you know everything about this banking family, you might glean important info that you didn’t know.

The History of the House of Rothschild (1743-2006)


An American Family Discovers the Achilles Heel of the Banking Cabal

In the late seventies two brothers — Nelson Bunker Hunt and William Herbert Hunt — tried to control the silver market by cornering the market in silver. When they started, silver was selling at around $6 per ounce; when they were ordered to “stand down” by the banking cabal, an ounce of silver was selling for $49.45, representing a 713% increase in one year. Over time it is reported that they had cornered one-third of the world silver market, excluding governmental holdings.

There were “cover stories” published about how detrimental the increased price of silver was for consumers, like the jeweler Tiffany’s which took out a full-page ad decrying the Hunts’ attempt to hoard billions of dollars of silver, driving the price up for rings, necklaces, and jewelry. Stories like this were pushed out to keep the real reason of the banking cabal’s concern about the Hunt’s silver play.

The great secret about gold and silver is that the markets are manipulated to suppress the price of precious metals so that the fiat Federal Reserve note can be “stabilized.” If the REAL price of gold and silver was determined by supply and demand, instead of a mouse click on a computer at the COMEX, an ounce of silver would be worth far more than the 1980s high of $49.45.  The more fiat Federal Reserve notes printed in quantitative easing, the more it takes of them to buy a unit of anything, from ounces of gold to pounds of beef. If you are wondering, $49.45 is worth at least $101 in 2016 dollars; we know that an ounce of silver today is worth far more than the twenty dollars it hovers around thanks to price suppression.  Same goes for gold.

On January 7, 1980, in response to the Hunts’ accumulation, the COMEX adopted “Silver Rule 7” that placed heavy restrictions on the purchase of commodities on margin, which the Hunts had done within their legal rights. Three months later the silver market collapsed and the Hunts were forced into bankruptcyThe banking cabal had sent its message to any big player considering a market play on their manipulation of the silver and gold markets— “Don’t mess with us!”

KEY POINT: The silver and gold markets have been and are rigged. If you own silver or gold, you need to make sure you can touch it—physically. If you own it through silver stocks, futures, or any means paper or digital, you own nothing but casino chips.

This incident with the Hunt brothers provide a big REVEAL for Patriots. We now know that the banking cabal has an Achilles Heel and it is that THEY RIG THE SILVER AND GOLD MARKETS. They are keeping the prices of gold and silver suppressed, not by adding to supply in the market, but by adding digits to their computer programs. The price for an ounce of gold or silver could be as easily $1 as it could be $5,000 per ounce because the price is determined by a computer and its operator, the COMEX. It has been said that for every ounce of physical silver and gold in the market, there are multiples, if not hundreds, of claimed owners of that ounce.

That ounce of gold that you own in your portfolio is just a computer blip, folks. Unless you have the metal in your palm, it is a figment of your imagination.

The secret of all secrets is that Wall Street keeps selling the same ounce of gold over and over again. This is like fractional reserve banking, except that this is fractional metals investing.  If COMEX had to pay out on all its precious metals contracts with actual, physical metals OR if investors cashed in their digital, paper claims and then went to the local coin shop and purchased actual, physical gold and silver, the price of gold and silver would skyrocket.

This would have the effect of putting the fiat Federal Reserve note into a tailspin because the dollar could not stay tethered to less than $20 per ounce. Its true value would be exposed, showing how manipulated the markets are and how worthless the fiat Federal Reserve note has become.      

TAKE AWAY: Patriots can do what the Hunts did in 1980, but can do so without the same personal repercussions. If all we do is what is in the best interest of ourselves and our families—preserve our wealth from the collapse of the derivative markets—we can collapse the rigged Wall Street operations by forcing the markets to cash us out. We can then use the fiat Federal Reserve electronic deposits that they will transfer to our bank accounts into real assets, from real estate, to precious metals, and other stuff of real value.

For those of you holding stocks in gold and silver shares, tell your broker that it is not good enough anymore to see a photo of a safe full of gold. You now know that this is just a game of smoke and mirrors. Don’t be surprised if you try to take possession of your gold and silver from these stocks, that you aren’t charged huge storage and transportation fees in order to discourage you. Forget all of their games and just cash out, take your fiat money to the local coin store, and buy the real metals yourself. Once precious metals rise to their true value, those holding tangible metals will profit, while the banksters will be forced to file bankruptcy over their unethical fractional banking practices that sell one ounce of precious metal(s) many times over.

Together we can take down the banking cabal by forcing them to take the manipulated cap off of silver and gold. Once this happens, it’s game over. Their financial pyramid scheme comes collapsing down. They will never know what hit them, and Patriots will have moved all of Wall Street’s worthless casino chips into real wealth.

Become a stacker. At least until the new U. S. currency is fully in place, the Fed is no longer in business, and we have full faith in our government again.

How to Buy Your Silver Bullets

Buying U. S. minted silver dollars is easy-peasy. You can buy as little as one coin or as many as a box of 500 that have been sealed at the U. S. Mint. Just cash in your bank and Wall Street electronic digits and fiat currency. Then cash in hand, head down to the nearest coin store and buy real silver and gold. You may want to do this sooner than later before the coin shops won’t take your fiat Federal Reserve notes for precious metals anymore.   Plus, on our casual visits to our local coin stores, we are seeing more and more Patriots buying precious metals.  

KEY POINT: When the financial system collapses, banks and ATMs will shut down. Coin stores will close their doors as they will realize their inventory is far more valuable than your fiat Federal Reserve notes.  

Patriots who have been following this site know that a huge shift is occurring in our financial markets and monetary currency, and see a great buying opportunity to dump their soon-to-be worthless fiat Federal Reserve notes and electronic Wall Street casino chips to buy plenty of silver and gold coins and blue striped gold-backed $100 bills.

Silver and gold coins, and precious metal bars, can be used to hold larger units of wealth. Junk silver and blue striped gold-backed $100 bills can be held for every day spending until the new gold and silver-backed monetary system is in place. Also, don’t forget that gold and silver jewelry, tableware, and anything made physically of precious metals will store wealth during this transition.  

For every fiat dollar that you take out of the market and for every stock casino chip that you cash in, you are driving a silver stake into the heart of the Globalists who are the warlord bankers and brokers. The more wealth you have, the more you can do to help kill this banking vampire; likewise, the more wealth you have, the more you have to lose if you keep it in paper and electronic digits when the collapse happens.  

WORDS MEAN THINGS:  In folklore, a bullet cast in silver is often the only weapon that is effective in killing monsters, werewolves, witches, and demons. Silver bullets for the Lone Ranger were symbols of justice. Ready to load up some silver bullets and take down the Globalists?

Recent Events Disclose that the Banking Cabal is Getting Nervous

Silver is one of the only commodities that has a yearly cycle that is fairly stable. This extraordinary anomaly of the market makes silver the number one tool for warlord banksters and broker to buy credit default swap contracts. The derivative markets can “bet” that silver will go up or down based upon a schedule. This is proof that the market is rigged.  

Just two weeks ago, a European broker bought a $5 billion derivatives credit default swap that shorted gold. When gold did not go down in price, the undisclosed broker(s) was set to lose $5 billion so the Bank of International Settlements intervened and made sure that the “bet” did not get honored. The BIS controls all derivative markets, central banks, commodities exchanges completely.

The BIS even publicly stated they were considering ‘putting a cap on gold’ to make sure that the rising gold prices would hopefully reverse. Instead of directly controlling gold prices, the BIS chose to let another broker sell $1.5 billion worth of paper gold notes early so that gold prices would back down and the $5 billion would not be lost.

The above scenario was concerning gold, which is harder to manipulate than silver.  Each year bankers and brokers buy silver derivatives, betting on the downturn of silver in September and October. This cycle is artificial and stimulated by similar buying and selling of derivatives in relationship to dumping silver notes on the market. The same investors buy huge amounts of silver to manipulate the market and thus win their “bets” against silver going up and down. The price of is silver kept artificially low so that the costs of dumping or swooping up silver on the market will move the price up or down, even a tiny bit.

Derivative “betting” on silver and gold have little to do with tangible silver and gold coins. Even though the American Silver Eagle and Gold Liberty are in fact approved as currency for “face value”, the U. S. Treasury can readjust the “face value” of both of those approved coins whenever it wants to.  

KEY POINT: We believe that Patriots inside of the U. S. Treasury have continued to mint silver and gold coins, even past the point that U. S. reserves became depleted, to help fellow citizens have an avenue to maintain their personal wealth.  

Silver and gold will always be used in industry and for personal use, as well as maintaining some status in relationship to Treasury notes.  It is likely that silver or gold or both will back the new Treasury notes that supplant the Federal Reserve notes that will falter with FEDexit.

Ready to bail out the banks again? It is on the horizon as this recent article shows. More money to be printed will just make the money you have be less valuable.

Fed Admits Another $4 Trillion In QE Will Be Needed To Offset An “Economic Shock”

How about We the People give the banking cabal a little October surprise this year? What if enough of us cashed out of their corrupt and rigged system and bought our own gold and silver bullets to have on hand—just in case. This is how we can FEDEXIT.


Of Course Bitcoin Was Hacked

The recent hacking of BITCOIN should be proof enough that storing wealth in digital form is technological suicide. Even if hackers don’t steal or destroy your wealth electronically, a small coronal mass ejection from the sun could wipe out every digital storage system on Earth and in orbit. Most mortgages and stocks are now completely digital and only stored in a few computers belonging to corporations that could go bankrupt or be attacked with cyber warfare. They call them e-mortgages, e-stocks, e-bonds, and say they exist in the “cloud.”  

One grand celestial event from the sun or a hacking event could wipe out your wealth. Your electronic stocks, bonds, gold and silver, and deed to your home will simply disappear.

Recently, Homeland Security hacked bankers, brokers, the New York Stock Exchange and COMEX and held up trading for a short time to test the supposed tight security of these “self-regulating organizations.” They all failed miserably as the hacks took some brokers out of trading for the day and the NYSE had to stop trading some stocks for a period of time. Essentially, if the U.S. government can hack these full-proof systems, then anybody can.

Everything online can be hacked through the back doors that the NSA built into every router involved in the Internet. Now, those spy tools have been made available to hackers for free from a new hack of NSA that was made public. The Internet was designed as a weapon to subdue its users through covert means. Obviously, the plan is working. Nothing is safe from cyber-attacks, not even the “supposed” closed systems that run the NYSE, ICE, COMEX, and MERS. All systems are hackable by the people who built the system. It is only a matter of time and money before any computer system can be undermined and controlled.

Don’t Let Cognitive Dissonance Paralyze You

We know that this is shifting your paradigm in huge, uncomfortable ways. But, Patriots, we are fighting a very unconventional war against the Globalists. It is simply not enough to wait for the elections in November. We must act now. We know their weakness and it is physical silver and gold. They don’t have enough to cover their bets.

KEY POINT: Protect your savings, your wealth, your family, your community, and your country and stop gambling at the House of Rothschild. Cash out and get out. Now!  Before the roof falls in on you. And, please, don’t let the Globalists know what we are doing.

We all need to call on our inner, masked Lone Ranger and proclaim, “Hi-Ho, Silver. Away.”

What Else is Hiding in the $100 Bill?

There is another secret hidden in plain sight on the new $100 bill. This is the watermark that on other bills clearly shows the face of the person depicted on the bill. For example, if you look at the fifty-dollar bill, you will clearly see the image of Ulysses S. Grant in the watermark. In the twenty-dollar bill, Andrew Jackson’s profile is clearly seen in the watermark.

In the new blue stripped $100 bill, the watermarked image of Benjamin Franklin is not so clearly identifiable. His image seems ghost-like, like it is morphed into someone else’s face. We believe that if we are successful in FEDEXIT, the Patriot who had our back for many, many years in this transition from gold-back currency to fiat currency back to gold-back currency has earned his/her place on the watermark in clear view for everyone to see. If you look closely, you will see the suggestion of who this is. But first We the People must act and conquer the Globalists.

Take the Lone Ranger Creed and FEDEXIT

These will be perilous times as we cash out of the system. We ask Patriots all around the world to join U.S. citizens in this call to FEDEXIT. Perhaps the creed of the original Lone Ranger can guide us as citizens around the world load up on silver and gold bullets to take out the Bad Guys. The Lone Ranger, believed:

  • That to have a friend, a man must be one.
  • That all men are created equal and that everyone has within himself the power to make this a better world.
  • That God put the firewood there, but that every man must gather and light it himself.
  • In being prepared physically, mentally, and morally to fight when necessary for what is right.
  • That a man should make the most of what equipment he has.
  • That ‘this government of the people, by the people, and for the people’ shall live always.
  • That men should live by the rule of what is best for the greatest number.
  • That sooner or later…somewhere…somehow…we must settle with the world and make payment for what we have taken.
  • That all things change but truth, and that truth alone, lives on forever.
  • In my Creator, my country, my fellow man.

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