ICE & CME: The Exchange Casinos That Control Practically Everything

You Will Be Ripped Off In Biggest Financial Scam Ever (Unless you prepare in advance)

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By Anonymous Patriots
SOTN Exclusive

You have heard that the stock market and Wall Street are nothing but a casino. “Outright gambling” you have heard or read. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for “Outright gambling”. Most notably, the place to do it is found at You may think you know what that means, but we urge you to read this article to see how deep we went to uncover the truth for Patriots.

Once you read this article, there is no going back to sleep. You will want to act to preserve your savings before the collapse happens. Our markets are no different than all that preceded us in history: Fiat currency always ends the same way—total collapse. As we have told you before, we are not financial analysts and aren’t giving you financial advice. We are just outlining what our research discovered and are saying in a calm voice to our fellow Patriots, “Fire. There is a fire in the casino and you might want to cash out your chips and head to the exit door. Immediately.”

You probably have a sinking feeling in your stomach about what is happening in the global financial world. It doesn’t seem to make sense. You read that the U.S. stock market is hitting all-time highs, yet you hear that exchanges around the world are faltering. Why are we told that stocks are at record highs and volume in trading is strong, but that no one is buying? That just doesn’t make sense. Why are we hearing about the robust health of the “markets,” yet seeing more and more unemployment in our community?

You wonder how the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ and Chicago & New York Mercantile Stock Exchange are able to achieve all-time record highs, yet you don’t really want to dig too deep because all of your pension, IRA, and 401k money is invested in these markets and this would be very scary to have to think about. You have heard the chicken-little story of how the financial sky is falling time and time again. It seems like nothing ever really happens, so you think your life savings will be fine this time, too.

Our research shows that this is the big one. Of course, you will want to check our claims to see if you find a different conclusion. But don’t take too long, the casino is getting smoky.

In this article you will read about how the biggest financial scam in U. S. history was created and the entities that have colluded to take everything you own—including your house, your retirement, and your bank account. They are just waiting for the right time to collapse the system and then they own it all.

At the end of the article, we have practical solutions that you can begin to implement today to protect yourself, your family, and your community from these Globalist Pigs who want to take everything you have worked so hard to hold.

Exchanges are Casinos Where the House Always Wins

Stock markets and commodity exchanges are casinos where the “house” always wins. The act of “trading” has become “high speed trading” which means that the fastest computers win. The system is rigged. And the average player will never win.

There are only a few winners in what we are calling “Exchange Casinos” and those are the stock and commodity brokers who belong to a “betting establishment” that is tax exempt in all of its trades and purchases. Over $2 quadrillion per year in trades happen in just two Exchange Casinos–the CME Group, Inc. and ICE, Inc.

These private corporations run their casinos with high-speed computer programs that have high-jacked 80% of U.S. mortgages and 100% of the stocks, bonds, commodities and futures traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:ICE) and the Chicago and New York Mercantile Exchanges and the many other exchanges owned by CME and ICE.

In the old days, we all knew we were taking a gamble by investing in the stock market. We called it, “playing the market.” We found a broker who acted much like Jimmy the Greek or any “numbers runner” who can “make odds” on any sporting event, horse race or whatever. That is what a broker did, “run numbers.” They joined the stock, commodities or futures exchange and placed bets that the company would do well and return some dividends at the end of the year. But now, any bank or broker can make a “bet” that anything (stock, bond, commodity, corporation loses, etc.) will increase in value or have a credit event at any time during the year that will change its valuation – its net worth.

These bets are now insanely out of control. They are called derivatives and ICE and CME control the world-wide derivative exchanges. ICE alone holds $780 trillion in derivatives with CME coming in a close second.

You might imagine that ICE is like Las Vegas and CME like Reno. These are companies and places where gambling has been made legal. When you go to Vegas or Reno, you know you are gambling and you know the house always wins, but you play anyway because you think you may be one of the lucky ones that beats the house. You do the same when you buy a lotto ticket. At least you know that you are gambling.

QUESTION: Would you cash in your 401k, pension, or IRA and trade them in for chips to play slots at the Wynn or MGM Grand Casino? If you are invested in the stock market, then you have already done this.

Gambling is a disease that gets worse when you win. The thrill of winning is incredible because basically you “get something for nothing.” The stock, commodity and futures exchanges are rigged in the same way. For instance, ICE and CME have their own holding trusts and clearing houses for all of the trades that happen on their exchanges, and they control the complex system of clearing, crediting, posting, and manipulating all trades.

The computers that run these exchanges are private and are not subject to federal regulation, but are in fact considered “self-regulating organizations.” The government knows that the exchanges are rigged, but don’t have the computer sophistication to monitor the system. These computer systems are as hackable as any other, and it is only a matter of time before they, too, are targeted as so many other systems have been lately.

The Federal Reserve System is supposed to monitor the exchanges, but the Federal Reserve is also a private corporation that is owned by the same shareholders who own ICE and CME as well as the other private corporations who get the lion’s share of military contracts also.

The exchange and market casinos should have been stopped long ago, but the feast was too good and the succors (average American investors) weren’t awake to understand how they were being ripped off. Unfortunately, out of control gambling on futures through derivatives by total insiders (both as players and regulators) has created a house of cards that will fall by removing a single key card.

Just recently on August 12th, 2016, one derivatives brokerage firm (pre-cleared by ICE Clearing Houses) was about to lose $5 billion in gold futures until the Bank of International Settlements intervened. In other words, the BIS can control both gold futures and bad credit default swaps on the derivative exchanges. If this is true, then by simply logic it is clear that the game is controlled and rigged by the international interests that drive the BIS.

KEY POINT: Markets no longer adjust themselves through market forces of supply and demand. Instead a small group of financial elites with high-speed computers adjust markets with a click of a mouse. The fastest computer wins.

No Paper Trails and Fast Computers are a Perfect Storm for World-Wide Financial Calamity

Buying derivatives is buying a hedge (bet) against risk management on stocks, bonds, commodities, futures or any financial position. In fact, nothing but gambled digits in a computer ever get “exchanged.” There is no paper trail, no paper stocks or bonds, and all clearing and recording (depository trust) is digital and held in the same computer programs that conducted the exchange. These clearing houses, like the NYSE:ICE’s Depository Trust and Clearing Company or the CME’s CME Clearing Company are the only thing standing in the way of a world-wide financial markets and exchanges collapse due to insane gambling on the derivatives markets.

When they collapse, it will become clear that the holding companies behind ICE and CME will still own the stocks, commodities, bonds and mortgages that were being traded on their exchanges. ICE and CME sign all stocks, bonds, commodities and futures over to a holding company that is separate from the exchange. This is done to avoid paying taxes during trading while the financial instruments are held in a bankrupt-proof company (Cede and Company). Yes, bankrupt-proof by federal regulation. Therefore, if ICE or CME’s exchanges go bankrupt, they still own all the stocks, bonds, commodities, and mortgages through Cede and Company.

ICE and CME will come out of a world-wide collapse owning all of the stocks, commodities, bonds, and futures that were on their exchanges at the moment of collapse. They have no repercussions from the bankruptcy because their partner holding companies hold the bankrupt-proof ownership of everything of value being traded on their exchange. The New Stock Exchange could go bankrupt and ICE’s Cede and Company would come out with over a quadrillion in real assets. The house always wins!

Let’s take a close look at the mechanism that have created this “monster” gambling system that is run by people who have gone insane with greed, power and lust for control. We will focus on the way ICE recently bought MERS, a mortgage “street name” partner used in mortgages. MERS is owned by ICE, which creates new problems for an already corrupt and failing institution of markets and exchanges.

The Mother of the System – the Federal Reserve

Without question, the Federal Reserve System, a private corporation, needs to be audited immediately and then forced to declare bankruptcy. We the People will default on the $20 trillion in interest the FED claims we owe them. We the People will abolish the Federal Reserve System and use currency distributed by the U. S. Treasury to keep commerce going. Already the U. S. Treasury has introduced the new silver and gold-backed currency into the market. And it will continue to mint silver and gold coins that are also in the U. S. money supply. As we transition from the hyper-inflated fiat bills of the Federal Reserve and accept the new U. S. Treasury currency, our road to fiscal sanity will begin.

This transition can be made much more simply than imagined and without an economic collapse in America. The FED must be thoroughly audited and its assets seized by the Treasury. Claimants against the FED can stand in line behind the American people. The precarious economic mire that the FED has placed America and itself in is due to the direction of its corporate officers not the American people. Outright theft and gross misjudgment leads any private corporation into insolvency and the Fed is no exception.

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Mortgage Theft is Also Local County Tax Revenue Theft

We also alerted you in the same article about the linchpin in the housing market disaster that caused many American’s to lose their homes to MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registry System). This mortgage industry scam uses MERS as a “straw man” who “owns” the mortgages in its system so that banks, lenders, and servicing agencies can buy and sell the mortgage without having a properly registered title or deed in hand and avoid billions in taxes and title fees paid to counties that have always been the avenue for certified title and deed checks.

The title or deed is effectively held by MERS (Merscorps Holding, Inc.) as an “e-title” without any documents backing the proper paper trail of who bought and sold what rights and services on the mortgage loan. It is estimated that 400,000 American mortgages were foreclosed on by actions of MERS that were not legal. Many people who challenged MERS in lawsuits won. Courts have seen hundreds of these cases. Below, we list some of the lawsuits below to show how MERS forced many people out of their homes with fraudulent accusations that lacked the proper documentation showing the legal paper trail. Many States have ruled that MERS is not accepted as the title holder and has no rights at all concerning any title they have registered.

MersCorp, Inc. was created in the early 1990’s by the former C.E.O.’s of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Indy Mac, Countrywide, Stewart Title Insurance and the American Land Title Association. These people used this mortgage scam to make billions bundling bad mortgages and trading them on the stock market as mortgage-backed securities.

MERS holds approximately 60 million American mortgages and is a Delaware corporation whose sole shareholder is MersCorp Holding, Inc. MERS members have agreed to include the MERS corporate name on any mortgage that was executed in conjunction with any mortgage loan made by any member of MersCorp. Thus, in place of the original lender being named as the mortgagee on the mortgage that is supposed to secure their loan, MERS is named as the “nominee” for the lender who actually loaned the money to the borrower. MERS is a name that is used on the mortgage instrument in place of the actual lender. MERS was created to simplify the process of transferring mortgages by avoiding the need to re-record liens – and pay county recorder filing fees – each time a loan is assigned. This “shortcut” led to the theft of many mortgages.

KEY POINT: MERS has stolen many American homes and plans to steal more.

MERS claims that its “paperless systems fit within the legal framework of the laws of all fifty states” have been challenged. MERS does not hold any promissory notes of any kind and has no legal right to foreclose or otherwise collect debts which are evidenced by promissory notes held by someone else. MERS is not a creditor and is not a mortgage company. MERS is merely a name that is printed on mortgages, purporting to give MERS some sort of legal status.

Court Rulings against MERS

US BANK, NA v. Collymore, 2009. “Where a mortgage is represented by a bond or other instrument, an assignment of the mortgage without assignment of the underlying note or bond is a nullity.”

The Boyko Decision Oct 2007. Federal District Judge Christopher Boyko of the Eastern Division of the Northern District of Ohio Federal Court overturns 14 foreclosure actions with a well-reasoned opinion outlining the failure of the foreclosing party to prove standing. This decision started the movement of challenging the standing of the foreclosing party.

Landmark National Bank v Kesler, Oct 2009. KS State Supreme Court. “MERS has no standing to foreclose and is, in fact, a straw man.”

BAC v US Bank, 2007. FL Appellate court upholds the concept of determining the standing of the foreclosing party before allowing summary judgement. All cases in FL must now go through this process.

In Re: Wilhelm et al., Case No. 08-20577-TLM. (Hon. Terry L. Myers, Chief U.S. Bankruptcy Judge, July 9, 2009) “MERS, by its construction, separates the Deed from the Mortgage.”

IN Re: Walker, Case No. 10-21656-E-11. Eastern District of CA Bankruptcy court rules MERS has no actionable interest in title. Any attempt to transfer the beneficial interest of a trust deed without ownership of the underlying note is void under California law.

In Re: Joshua and Stephanie Mitchell, Case No. BK-S-07-16226-LBR. U.S. Bankruptcy Court, District of Nevada, Memorandum Opinion of August 19, 2008. Federal Court in Nevada attacked MERS purported authority, finding that there was no evidence that MERS was the agent of the note’s holder.

Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. v. Girdvainis, Sumter County, South Carolina Court of Common Pleas Case No. 2005-CP-43-0278. All MERS assignments are suspect at best, and may in fact be fraudulent. MERS had no rights to collect on any debt because it did not extend any credit; none of the borrowers owe MERS any money; that MERS does not own the promissory notes secured by the mortgages; and that MERS does not acquire any loan or extension of credit secured by a lien on real property.

For those who need help with an active foreclosure concerning MERS, we recommend MERS 101 at:

Stock Market Scam Now Owns Your Stocks and Bonds

We told you in our article about the new $100 bills and U. S. currency that we would share a big reveal – who stands behind the American national stock exchanges and what is their agenda.

Just as MERS is a straw man in the process of buying and selling mortgages, a practice which led to the disastrous trend of selling subprime mortgage-backed securities leading to the housing bubble exploding, there is a straw man in almost all trading of U.S. stocks, bonds, securities, futures, and every trade on the New York Stock Exchange and its other three exchanges. This straw man in stocks is named Cede & Co., also written as Cede and Company.

U.S. law requires that every trade that is made on any exchange must go through a clearing process and then be deposited in a place that is unable to become bankrupt. This “magical unbankruptable place” is a fictitious company where “No One” works – just like the fact that MERS has “no employees.” Internet rumors point to a committee of three members of the Depository Trust Clearing Corporation (DTCC) that run Cede. DTCC is the largest clearing house in the world that clears and deposits all NYSE trades and much of the NASDAQ and other exchanges throughout the country.

Just like with MERS, DTCC uses Cede & Co. as a straw man “company of sorts.” Cede is a partner with DTCC and are the very bankers, brokers, lenders, and fiscal agents who make up a “private club” that has been created for their exclusive use. Again, just like in the case of MERS, the DTCC is insistent upon “dematerializing” all paper copies of stocks, bonds, securities, etc. and moving entirely to e-notes, e-titles, e-bonds, etc.

Both MERS and the DTCC are private corporations that use proprietary computer programs that track the activities of their members. MERS allows member banks, title companies, and other lenders to enter data directly into the system. The DTCC allows member brokers to input directly into their computer system. Thus, the members essentially run the very system they use to clear and deposit all transactions into a straw man company that avoids paying taxes for sales of mortgages and stocks.

KEY POINT: It is estimated that MERS steals around $40 billion from county offices and untold amounts of money for skirting around paying other taxes that they are “exempt” from because they are members in the right club. The U.S. stock markets also avoid taxes by not charging sales tax on purchases of stock.

This scam is amazing and has already stolen billions from American homeowners and has avoided taxes better than a good offshore account. The Anonymous Patriots have also shared with you the scope of offshore tax evasion in the article entitled:

All Roads Lead to Armageddon: From Panama to Jerusalem by Christmas

The Depository Trust Clearing Corporation (DTCC) clears $1.87 quadrillion in exchanges running through the NYSE yearly. It also clears trades for other exchanges. Stock exchanges are “members only” clubs – tax evasion clubs. Members can buy or sell huge amounts of stock and not pay a penny in taxes until the end of the year when all of the purchases and sells are added together. This is also called tax evasion. The process has been made legal by the government because the same people who own the exchanges also own the Federal Reserve System that is in charge of regulating and controlling the exchanges.

Private corporations (clubs) like the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ have their own private clearing houses that settle all exchanges within the confines of their own companies. DTCC, the clearing house for NYSE, states that they “have never made a mistake in their entire history.” This could only be possible if they are able to correct any mistakes that arise “without anyone knowing.” The DTCC has three days to “settle” any transaction and holds the right to be the sole source that determines which brokers get what benefits.

The NYSE:ICE is immune from government control and is a “self-regulating organization.” The DTCC is driven to “dematerialize” all paper records of stocks, bonds, notes or any financial instrument that is not completely digital and controlled by their own proprietary computer systems. The private corporations that provide “members only clubs” for transacting capital investment and stock purchases are simply tax evasion centers that gamble on the stock held by the straw man company, Cede & Co.

HUGE KEY POINT: If the DTCC’s 1.87 quadrillion in sales through the NYSE per year went through normal tax rates – the amount generated would make it unnecessary to charge any taxes to American citizens.

Who Owns the New York Stock Exchange?

Just when you thought greed could not be a fatter pig, we find out that there are bigger pigs in the pen – those that own the pig pens. The New York Stock Exchange is owned by the crooked energy futures company Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (ICE), who picked up the corrupt energy futures market when ENRON went down and cost America $5 trillion. ICE bought the New York Stock Exchange (Euronext) in 2013 and renamed it NSYE:ICE. Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. owns the NYSE:ICE and it also trades its own company on that very exchange! This is equivalent to a Las Vegas casino betting that the house always wins. Think about that for a moment. How could they ever lose this bet?

ICE, the House, is betting that its own stock will go up on an exchange that it owns and controls; and the SEC says they are regulating and controlling the securities and exchange markets. ICE is plainly in collusion with itself and also has an elaborate scam that uses a straw man to subsume the ownership of every stock and bond traded on that exchange.

The blatant intent of the above described scams are borderline criminal but they do not compare to the fact that ICE just bought MERS in June of 2016 for $8.2 billion – a company with No Employees. And since the mortgages that MERS “owns” are bundled into mortgage-backed securities traded on the NYSE:ICE, ICE now controls and “owns” through MERS and Cede & Co, 60-80% of U. S. mortgages and about $54 trillion in deposited stocks and bonds and the current volume of the NYSE:ICE.

When ICE bought MERSCorp, Holdings Inc. for $8.2 billion, it came into control of approximately $210 quadrillion (conservative estimates) in U. S. mortgage titles which became even more electronically available for mortgage-backed security trading on ICE’s own NYSE:ICE.

On June 17, 2016, MERSCorp Holdings, Inc. and Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE:ICE), acquired a majority equity position in MERSCorp Holdings, Inc., owner of Mortgage Electronic Registrations Systems, Inc. (collectively “MERS”). In addition, ICE and MERS entered into a software development agreement to modernize and enhance the MERS® System to create a completely digital form of tracking mortgage titles. MERS® System is a national electronic registry that tracks the changes in servicing rights and beneficial ownership interests in U.S.-based mortgage loans. MERS® System uses eNotes, which are electronic promissory notes and electronic processing.

QUESTION: Are you beginning to see how this is the biggest financial scam in economic history?

Now that ICE owns MERS, it indirectly holds all of the mortgages in MERS, approximately 80% of U.S. mortgages (approximately 68 million homes x $190,00.00 as the average cost of an American home – $210 quadrillion) because MERS is traded on the NYSE:ICE and therefore every mortgage-backed security is signed over to the DTCC’s nominee Cede & Co (a requirement for the mortgages to be traded on the NYSE:ICE). Therefore, at any one moment ICE holds the mortgages of MERS ($210 quadrillion) and the $40 trillion in the DTCC, plus the $14 trillion in volume being currently traded.

Remember, ICE is a private corporation that can go bankrupt at any moment. If that happened, it would still hold the assets of Cede & Co., which include the totals above. Thus, ICE holds in its computer programs the wealth of American homes and retirement funds in 401K’s that are on the NYSE:ICE – a private company who states that they will sell any corporation they own if it is not profitable. The NYSE:ICE only makes about one billion a year, which is small change for the money ICE makes in its derivatives markets which hold $380 trillion in credit default swaps and other financial tools of gambling with “no money down.”

WELL SAID: “Derivatives,” says Warren Buffet, “are financial weapons of mass destruction.”

ICE is the Dark, Unregulated Exchange

“If ICE is not actually a conspiracy to defraud the public, then it’s close….”

Chris Cook, a former director of ICE Futures Europe

When Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. began trading in the energy futures exchange, ICE was called a “dark and unregulated” exchange by the House Committee on Energy and Commerce’s subcommittee on oversight and investigation, held from December 10-14, 2007. It is the same terminology for ICE that was found in the U.S. Senate permanent subcommittee on the investigative report, The Role of Market Speculation in Rising Oil and Gas Prices: A Need to Put the Cop Back on the Beat, June 27, 2006.

The following statements are from the report above and general information on the internet about ICE:

Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE:ICE) operates the leading network of global futures, equity and equity options exchanges, as well as global clearing and data services across financial and commodity markets. The New York Stock Exchange is the world leader in capital raising, listings and equities trading. Trademarks of ICE and/or its affiliates include Intercontinental Exchange, ICE, ICE block design, NYSE and New York Stock Exchange, Interactive Data and Trayport.

Atlanta-based Intercontinental Exchange Group (ICE) is a global exchange, clearing, financial data and technology company, operating multiple markets and services across nine different asset classes. ICE operates 11 international regulated exchanges including its ICE futures and OTC exchanges in the US, Canada, Europe and Singapore. It also is the parent company of the well-known New York Stock Exchange and related securities exchanges. Today, the company is among the largest exchange groups in the world that has grown dramatically via a succession of acquisitions of other exchanges, technology firms and data service providers.

NYSE: ICE, a publicly traded company since 2005, lists more than 12,000 derivatives and securities contracts on its markets. Its derivatives exchange properties include five regulated futures exchanges: ICE Futures US, ICE Futures Europe, ICE Futures Canada, ICE Futures Singapore and ICE Endex. On the securities side, ICE operates three stock exchanges: New York Stock Exchange, NYSE Arca and NYSE MKT (formerly AMEX), plus two US equity options exchanges NYSE Arca Options, NYSE AMEX Options and a corporate bond platform, NYSE Bonds.

In the OTC (Over the Counter) space, ICE operates energy platforms ICE OTC Energy as well as credit and swaps markets such as ICE Swap Trade and Creditex.

On its derivatives exchanges, ICE offers futures and OTC contracts on: energies, softs, grains, currencies, emissions, precious metals, interest rates, bonds as well as credit and equity indexes. With its stock and options exchanges, it offers traditional stock, equity options and exchange traded products.

The exchanges are supported by six clearing houses, which handle the clearing and settlement functions for more than six million daily derivatives transactions on its markets. Included on its roster of clearinghouses are: ICE Clear US, ICE Clear Europe, ICE Clear Canada, ICE Clear Singapore, ICE Clear Netherlands and ICE Clear Credit.

ICE offers futures and OTC contracts on a single electronic ICE Trading Platform. Traders can access the platform via WebICE, an internet-based service for exchange members that provides data such as: live market quotes, depth of market, portfolio creation and other key trading information.

In terms of its size by volume, ICE ranks as the world’s fourth largest derivatives exchange with volume of 1.99 billion contracts traded in 2015. That volume is comprised of trading from ICE Futures Europe, ICE Futures US, ICE Futures Canada and ICE Futures Singapore, formerly the Singapore Mercantile Exchange on the futures side, and NYSE AMEX and NYSE Arca equity options volumes.

As of December 31, 2015, ICE had 5,549 employees in its offices in Atlanta, New York, UK, Chicago and other locations around the world generating $3.1 billion in revenue in 2014. The company also ranks among the leading exchanges in terms of market capitalization, from around $2 billion after its public offering in 2005 to $31.7 billion in July 2016.

Corruption in ICE

There have been many legal problems in the history of ICE. Even from its beginning as an energy futures company it was looked at as a company that pushed the limits and never backed down from a law suit. ICE has taken on numerous government agencies and continually is under SEC and FCTC scrutiny. We will list a few items of interest that show that ICE is certainly not a company that minds bending the rules for economic gain.

2015: Nationwide litigation in which pension funds and other investors accused ICE of rigging markets to benefit high-frequency traders. U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman in Manhattan said federal law affords exchanges “absolute immunity” from the plaintiffs’ key claims, including the creation of “complex order types” and proprietary data feeds that can benefit rapid traders, because of their status as a self-regulatory organization.

2013: The Commodity Futures Trading Commission is investigating whether high-frequency traders are routinely distorting stock and futures markets by illegally acting as buyer and seller in the same transactions. Such transactions, known as wash trades, are banned by U.S. law because they can feed false information into the market and be used to manipulate prices. Intentionally taking both sides of a trade can minimize financial risk for the trading firm while potentially creating a false impression of higher volume in the market. The investigation is focused on suspected wash trades by high-speed firms in futures contracts tied to the value of crude oil, precious metals, agricultural commodities and the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index.

2011: NASDAQ OMX Group Inc. and Intercontinental Exchange Inc. abandoned their joint bid to acquire NYSE Euronext after the Department of Justice informed the companies that it would file an antitrust lawsuit to block the deal. The department said that the acquisition would have substantially eliminated competition for corporate stock listing services, opening and closing stock auction services, off-exchange stock trade reporting services and real-time proprietary equity data products. The acquisition would have removed incentives for competitive pricing, high quality of service, and innovation in the listing, trading and data services these exchange operators provide to the investing public and to new and established companies that need access to U.S. stock markets. Subsequently, ICE bought NYSE Euronext.

2015: Investigators also are looking at the two primary exchange operators that handle wash trades, CME Group Inc. and Intercontinental Exchange Inc. Securities and Exchange Commission investigators have been probing whether stock exchanges have provided certain advantages to sophisticated firms that allow them to trade at the expense of regular investors. The scale of the suspicious trading is very large.

2016: ICE is setting up a clash with customers with its plan to generate income by licensing patents and boosting market-data fees. It recently more than doubled the cost of some subscriptions to data feeds that carry vital information on the price of stocks. Last year, ICE also boosted rates for using a critical interest-rate benchmark called Libor. Their double-digit price increases dramatically increase trading costs, hurt liquidity and ultimately threaten the U.S. markets they are supposed to empower.

ICE Owns Exchanges, Clearing Houses, Technology, Data Services

ICE Futures U.S. is the second largest derivatives exchange in the United States

ICE Futures Europe

ICE Futures Canada

ICE Futures Singapore, formerly the Singapore Mercantile Exchange

ICE Endex is an energy exchange in continental Europe, providing European natural gas and power markets

New York Stock Exchange

NYSE MKT is the counterpart securities exchange to NYSE

NYSE Arca is a fully electronic marketplace

NYSE Bonds is a bond market,

NYSE Arca Options is a “hybrid market” which offers both electronic and floor executed options

NYSE Amex Options is a US options exchange

ICE OTC Energy is the internet-based global OTC energy market

Creditex a credit derivatives brokerage

ICE Swap Trade is a cleared swap execution facility

ICE Clear U.S. is a Derivatives Clearing Organization

ICE Clear Europe serves the futures markets of ICE Futures Europe and ICE’s OTC energy markets

ICE Clear Canada serves the markets of ICE Futures Canada

ICE Clear Singapore is the clearing facility for ICE Futures Singapore

ICE Clear Credit formerly, ICE Trust U.S. is a U.S. based credit default swap clearing house

The Clearing Corporation was established in 1925 as the nation’s first independent futures clearing house

ICE Clear Netherlands is ICE’s continental European clearing house

ICE Benchmark Administration or IBA is the administrator of three key global benchmarks:

ICE LIBOR or London Interbank Offered Rate, (formerly the BBA LIBOR)

ICE Swap Rate

LBMA Gold Price, ICE was given authority to oversee the London Bullion Market Association Gold Fixing Price, established in 1919.

ICE History of Acquisitions & Transactions

2001: International Petroleum Exchange, renamed ICE Futures Europe.

2007: New York Board of Trade and clearing house, renamed ICE Futures U.S.

2007: ChemConnect‘s markets for natural gas liquids propane and other chemicals.

2007: Winnipeg Commodity Exchange renamed ICE Futures Canada.

2007: Chatham Energy, an OTC energy brokerage firm.

2008: YellowJacket Software a peer-to-peer instant messaging trading renamed ICE Chat.

2008: Creditex Group, Inc., a credit default swaps processor in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

2009: The Clearing Corporation clearing services for CDS rebranded as ICE Clear Credit.

2010: Climate Exchange plc including the Chicago and European Climate Exchange.

2011: Cetip, Brazil’s largest clearinghouse.

2012: WhenTech, a technology focused on options valuation, analytics and risk management.

2013: APX-Endex’s derivatives renamed the company ICE Endex. It is traded on the

ICE Trading Platform and cleared on ICE Clear Europe.

2013: NYSE Euronext for $11 billion.

2014: Singapore Mercantile Exchange, including SMX Clearing Corporation (SMXCC) renamed ICE Futures Singapore and the clearing house, ICE Clear Singapore.

2014: Algo Technologies Ltd. technology to serve as the new NYSE matching engine.

2014: ICE acquired U.S. patent rights relating to automated trading strategies that make price and trading decisions based on market price information.

2014: SuperDerivatives, an Israeli financial technology group.

2014: True Office, a compliance education company.

2014: Holland Clearing House renamed ICE Clear Netherlands.

2015: Trayport, an electronic energy trading platform.

2015: Interactive Data Corp. for pricing and data on interest rate products.

2016: McGraw Hill Financial, Standard & Poor’s Evaluations, a fixed income evaluation pricing service and Credit Market Analysis.

2016: MERS – Mortgage Electronic Registration System

Who Owns ICE?

When you look at this list below, it is good to compare it with the list in our articles entitled:

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Who Owns the Military Industrial Complex: Part 2

You will note that many of the shareholders of ICE are the same culprits who own the Federal Reserve System and its member banks, the companies who generally get the military contracts, and the private corporations who actually control commerce in America.

Please note that the institutional holders and the mutual fund holders of ICE are pretty much the same companies. In other words, as ICE grows, there seems to be infinite money to buy other companies for huge sums of money and the same people always benefit. Where does this capital come from? To answer this, you must see who the shareholders of the companies listed below are. When you do, it seems like a hall of mirrors. The same 25 companies appear to own ICE and most of the rest of the banking and financial investments in America, which are all tied to Wall Street and the original investors in the corrupt Federal Reserve System and its central banks.

Institutional Holders of ICE:

Price (T.Rowe) Associates Inc

Vanguard Group, Inc.

State Street Corporation

BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, N.A.

Bank of New York Mellon

Wellington Management Company, LLP

JP Morgan Chase & Company

Jackson Square Partners, LLC

Carmignac Gestion

Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.

Mutual Fund Holders of ICE:

Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund

Price (T.Rowe) Growth Stock Fund Inc.

Price (T.Rowe) Blue Chip Growth Fund Inc.

Vanguard 500 Index Fund

Vanguard Institutional Index Fund-Institutional Index Fund

SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust

Price (T.Rowe) Mid Cap Growth Fund

MFS Series Trust II-MFS Growth Fund

Price (T.Rowe) Institutional Large Cap Growth Fund

Vanguard/Windsor II

Institutional Holders of CME Group, Inc.

Capital World Investors

Vanguard Group, Inc. (The)

State Street Corporation

Capital International Investors

BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, N.A.

BlackRock Fund Advisors

JP Morgan Chase & Company


Edgewood Management Company

Price (T.Rowe) Associates Inc

ICE Trust and Credit Default Swaps

A credit default swap (CDS) is essentially an insurance policy – and a hedge – against corporate default. By 2007, the market had grown to $70 trillion for these over-the-counter, unregulated swaps often traded by parties with no control over the underlying debt. Insurance giant American International Group’s exposure to the CDS market brought the company to its knees, leading to a taxpayer bailout. The failure of Lehman Brothers investment bank also occurred at least partly because of the bank’s exposure to CDS contracts.

Since it came online, ICE Trust has dominated the market for CDS trades and recently announced it had cleared $10 trillion in CDS obligations. The company grew out of ICE’s 2008 acquisition of The Clearing Corp., a financial derivatives clearinghouse with technology to monitor CDS trades. The Clearing Corp. was partly owned by ten major banks, which kept a stake in the new ICE Trust entity. Those banks – which now number 14 and include Goldman Sachs & Co., JPMorgan Chase & Co., and Bank of America – share in half of ICE Trust’s profits. ICE Trust is a virtual monopoly in CDS trading, along with its cozy relationship with member banks. ICE is a dealers-only club with high margin requirements. ICE Trust requires all clearing members to have at least $5 billion in capital to join.

Is ICE a Monopoly?

Many, including the SEC, have suggested that ICE owning the NYSE is simply too inbred and smacks of collusion and insider trading. ICE uses the DTCC, its own company to clear its own trades on its own stock market exchange and signs all stock over to its partner company, Cede & Co. for safe holding. Again, these stocks now include the 80% of home mortgages held by ICE’s newest company, MERSCorp Holdings, Inc. Though this may not technically be a monopoly, it certainly breaks antitrust regulations.

The reason ICE will not be questioned for violating antitrust laws is that ICE is basically a government approved “self-regulating organization.” The SEC and FCTC do not have equipment sophisticated enough to monitor ICE’s activities. High speed trading is far beyond the U.S. governments computer programs.

KEY POINT: The fastest computer program wins in the game of stocks, bonds, mortgages, and especially derivatives.

Even though ICE’s corrupt history manipulating energy futures and the NYSE:ICE is bad, it is nothing compared to the dangerous practices it uses in the derivatives markets. ICE controls about 80% of world-wide derivative markets which amounts to approximately $780 trillion in OTC credit default swaps and other such financial instruments of mass destruction. Remember, that it was gambling with derivatives from subprime mortgage-backed securities that brought the housing market and Wall Street to its knees in 2008.

ICE is working at a maddening pace to amp up the amounts and do it all over again. This time Congress will not be in the position to bail them out as the American people will not be scammed twice in the same type of Ponzi scheme. If anyone is going to be bailed out this time, it will be We the People.

ICE has a near monopoly on both mortgages (through MERS) and derivatives through their futures exchanges throughout the world. We already know that ICE is corrupt and makes no excuses about it. Then can we trust ICE not to crash the markets again through insane gambling with derivatives amounting to $780 trillion? The answer is NO.

Patriots, the casino is on fire.

Now is the time to gather up your soon-to-be worthless fiat currency and e-stocks and e-bonds (casino chips), head to the cashier’s window to get real currency (physical silver, gold, blue stripped $100s), and get the heck out of the casino. The house cannot win if you aren’t playing anymore. And this is going to be one helluva fire.

Defeat the Globalist Casino House by Getting out of the Casino

We just gave you tons of info that you can research yourself to see how the markets and systems are rigged against you. But you can do something about it. Before we posted this article, we made sure we cashed out of the casino, just like many other Patriots have done and are doing.

By exiting the casino, one by one, Patriot by Patriot, we can prepare ourselves for the biggest financial crash of fiat currency ever in the history of mankind. You simply cannot beat the house.

We are not financial advisors so only do what resonates with you and your research.

Here are some suggestions, ranging from things you can do immediately to others that are more sustainable:

Take your stocks, bonds, treasuries out of the market and buy tangible assets – real estate, gold and silver coins, new “blue” $100 bills, etc. Remember you want to hold these assets literally in your possession. If you can’t afford much, then at least go to a local coin shop and buy U. S. minted coins or go to the bank and trade in your old fiat $100 bills for the new blue bills.

Cash in any financial instrument tied to the stock market: 401K’s, annuities, insurance policies, etc. You might consider your local credit union to hold your cash util you can find real assets to purchase. Remember: their casino depends on your money being in play. Don’t play their game with their rules.

Never gamble with exchanges, especially futures exchanges that use credit default swap derivatives.

Put your money in local banks or credit unions that do not use fractional banking practices that involve the stock market.

Demand to see the title or deed on your home if you have a mortgage. If MERS is listed anywhere on the paperwork, demand to see the full paper trail of who has bought and sold the mortgage and its servicing. Do not pay any bank or institution that does not hold the title or deed. If necessary sue the lender claiming to “own” the mortgage, especially if there are attempts to foreclose on you.

Elect political officials who stand against the warlord bankers and brokers who are complicit with these “borderline” monopolies.

Spread the word by sharing this article with your own constituency so that they too may “boycott” these institutions and not be fooled by this huge Ponzi scheme.

Write to your elected officials complaining about these violations of U.S. antitrust laws and your desire to close MERS, DTCC, and its corrupt methods of “holding” (stealing) American’s mortgages and stocks.

Demand to have “paper copies” of every financial exchange. Refuse to allow the switch to e-titles, e-stocks, e-bonds and the like.

Become aware of who really owns and controls America so you cannot be fooled by official brainwashing. We have written many articles on this subject—just put “Anonymous Patriots” into the search engine for to see everything we have written this year.

If you are buying a house, use local bankers who don’t sell your mortgage to other banks.

Study to become aware of what is really behind the economy of America. Identify the culprits and spread the word.

Stand up and rebel against the system from the inside. Many other Patriots are sabotaging the works of evil and greedy cabals that wish to gain power by dominating others. In every federal agency we hear of new whistleblowers and others who refuse to comply with the orders of those “above.” If every one of us did what we could to rebel against the global take-over of the world, the 1% would have no choice but flee to their underground bunkers.

QUESTION EVERYTHING. Question why things are the way they are and implement ways you can stop financial and political evil that you see in the world. Every effort—small or great—gives strength to our army of Patriots.

Continue to pepper the new Fourth Estate (independent internet communications) with new revelations of the machinations of the Globalists who are trying to divide and conquer America.

Go out and vote for politicians who stand up to the Globalist’s agenda of creating a New World Order through corrupt United Nation’s agencies like the IMF, BIS and World Bank. Demand that America withdraw from the United Nations and all sister organizations.

Demand the closure of the Federal Reserve System and its central banks. The FED is a private corporation that needs to go bankrupt to wipe out the fake debt it created in the People’s name.

Demand that all gambling in private clubs like the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ and CME come to an end.

Demand that exchanges pay taxes when trades are made.

Stop all trading longs and shorts, derivatives, mortgage-backed securities, credit default swaps, and any other financial vehicle created for short-term profits.

Stop all fractional trading.

Demand that ICE sell MERS due to a clear conflict of interest, insider trading practices, and collusion – not to mention antitrust laws and the fact that ICE is nearly a monopoly.

Put an end to MERS altogether and go back to the only legal form of mortgage title filing – in the county where the house is located. This would give back $40 billion a year to American communities.

Put an end to Cede & Co. as the nominee for all stock trades on the NYSE:ICE. This practice is too dangerous and puts too much power in the hands of the owner of the NYSE:ICE.

Put an end to all credit default swaps and the trading of derivatives world-wide. This is simply gambling with amounts that could collapse the world’s economy.

Put an end to all “dark markets” that create hidden and illegal trades of derivatives and other financial tools.

Create a new system of stock exchange that is not high speed and actually goes back to the practice of taking three days to finish any trade. Companies themselves should sell their own stock and issue paper, not digital impulses. Actually, there is no need for any stock market, a subject we will be writing about soon.

Prosecute the warlord bankers and brokers who now only get their hands slapped and fines administered. Banks have had to pay hundreds of billions in fines, but no one goes to jail. Time to put the banksters in prison.

Prosecute all bankers and brokers who illegally moved money out of America and into offshore tax havens – even if they are located in Delaware, Nevada or New York City.

End the monopoly of Wall Street, the warlord bankers, and the corrupt brokers who have been controlling America’s economy.

Eradicate foreign ownership of American corporations that service by products or services anything for the U. S. military.

Demand that the Treasury take over paper money printing backed by precious metals and take control of U.S. Bonds.

Dissolve the laws that grant corporations more rights that American citizens.

Defend our rights as Americans to resist foreign intervention and manipulation in our country’s economic affairs that try to put international laws ahead of U. S. laws.

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