Trump Promises Equal Opportunity For All Americans!

Ferndale, CA
August 19, 2016

by Rich Scheck

For a non-politician, Trump steps up boldly and makes some
very serious promises that might be hard to keep:

What ever else you might say about this speech and the man
making it, one has to admit that it is quite a stroke of genius to
go into the deep south (Charlotte, North Carolina) and promise
that he will provide “fair and equal opportunity” for all Americans.

In measured tones, he looks and sounds very presidential: no
smirks, no sarcasm, no foot-in-the-mouth insensitive statements.

Showing extraordinary confidence, the supposedly “fascist”
businessman even admits to saying the wrong thing on occasion
in the past, brilliantly using this admission as a clever tactic to
reject political correctness!

He says he regrets such comments and even apologizes for
any emotional pain he may have caused. Amazing!!

Trump is stepping up and filling the vacuum of leadership so
lacking in previous Administrations with the incompetent W and
now 8 years of Obama.

While the incumbent is off playing golf—for the 300th time—
Trump is taking care of business with his many stops across
the country including flood-torn Louisiana.

Meanwhile, Hillary is no where to be seen while reports of her
poor health intensify and her legacy of scandals continue to
proliferate in the alternative media.

All in all, for those yearning for some “hope and change” in
2016, this was one hell of a great speech!

In a perfect Universe, Trump would win in a landslide this year.
Having “stolen” the nomination from Sanders during the primaries,
a desperate Hillary will be tempted to unleash all her “trump”
cards to steal the general election if she can.

Even with the media totally against him, The Donald is poised to
win in November. By going straight to the people and by-passing
the corrupt Establishment within his own party and in D. C., Trump
has set in motion the potential not only for victory but the prospect
of greatness for a new America.

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