Catholic Battle for the White House

Will Kaine Slay Abel Again?

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 6.28.04 PMBy the Anonymous Patriots
SOTN Exclusive

The Jesuits have put their man in place, and he stands only one heartbeat or resignation away from the White House should Hillary Clinton win. Once he is in place, the Jesuits will control the World Triumvirate—the City of London, the Vatican, and Washington, D.C.  Patriots, this is the ultimate fight we must face because once the Jesuits are in control, they will have won their age-old battle—WORLD DOMINATION—with us as its financial, political, and religious slaves.

In this article you will learn:

  • How Patriots made the White and Black Popes re-strategize their world domination plans
  • The unique position Tim Kaine has with the Jesuits
  • The Clinton connection to the Knights of Malta
  • Pope Francis moves from Rome to Astana, Kazakhstan
  • Two globalist groups vying for the Vatican and the White House

As always, we offer this insight from our Anonymous Patriots Think Tank so that you can disseminate this important information to your constituency in a manner that resonates with them. We firmly believe that the New Fourth Estate—which is independent news and investigative journalism from folks like you and us—continue to give the Cabal upsets as we become aware of their hidden agendas. They had no idea Patriots are so “awake” in our critical thinking and have such a prolific underground network activated.

Plans for Final Steps to Armageddon Had to be Tweaked

We believe that our article Final Steps to Armageddon, posted as a State of the Nation exclusive in April 2016, reached its way to the highest levels of the Catholic Church and Society of Jesus. In this important article, we outlined the struggle between the two popes—the White Pope and the Black Pope—which represent two streams of power– the Knights of Malta (Catholic Church) and the Jesuits.  At the time we wrote the article, we saw trends that the two pope offices would become one when the Black Pope Nicolas Adolfo resigns sometime in 2016, leaving the office vacant so that Francis I, who is the White Pope, but also a Jesuit, could unite the two streams and give the Jesuits their ultimate booty—total control of the Catholic Church.

Please review this article so that you have the background on this huge battle for power and domination.

The Final Steps Towards Armageddon

We knew that this article had the possibility of upsetting the plans that the White Pope and Black Pope constituencies had in their world power grab, and once we saw the vice presidential pick for Hillary Clinton, we were confident that our disclosure created dissonance between the two camps. Clearly there are two factions now warring for domination of the Catholic Church and for the new one world religion. Despite Francis being a Jesuit, the rank and file Jesuits do not support him and have called for his resignation. They do not want Francis becoming the leader of both the Catholic Church and the Society of Jesus. Once we let the “cat out of the bag” with our article, key rank and file Jesuits were alerted that they were being out-Jesuited by a Jesuit!

Clinton’s Controlled by Knights of Malta

Whether you are aware of it or not, Bill and Hillary took solemn vows, sacred oaths to uphold the Pope of the Catholic Church when they both became members of the Knights of Malta, the most powerful cabal in the world whose membership includes: Rothschild family members, George Soros, Henry Kissinger, the Bush family, the Queen of England and most of the monarchies of the world counted among their membership.  The supposed “13 families” who own and control the world are all members of the Knights of Malta: Rothschild (Bauer or Bower), Bruce, Cavendish (Kennedy), De Medici, Hanover, Hapsburg, Krupp, Plantagenet, Rockefeller, Romanov, Sinclair (St. Clair), Warburg (del Banco), and the well-known Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gothe) family (the Queen of England).

It doesn’t matter whether you are Jewish, Christian, pagan, Satanist, Republicans, or Democrats, when you are invited to join the Knights of Malta, you are required to give allegiance to the White Pope. The Knights of Malta, a so-called global “charity,” is the biggest insider trading cabal in the world. Is it any surprise that the Clintons created their own global charity after seeing how the Knights of Malta was structured to rake in billions of dollars, yet hide behind their “charitable” name and scant donations?

If you want to know what the Knights of Malta are instructing their members, then just follow the proceedings of the Council on Foreign Relations, the American version of the British Round Table.  These transnational globalists have been propagating the globalization of the world through the United Nations and their criminal banking cartels using the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the Bank of International Settlements to rule the global economic landscape. These unconstitutional financial institutions have usurped American’s rights and led warlord bankers to championing dissolving all national borders worldwide and making world trade controlled by United Nation’s globalists. They are all connected to the Knights of Malta—and all of them, from Soros to Kissinger, to Bill and Hillary, and others all pledge their allegiance to the White Pope—Francis I.

KEY POINT: The Clinton’s, along with the rest of the 1% who control the world, are devout Knights of Malta who follow the White Pope, Pope Francis.  

You might be asking, why would a non-Catholic like George Soros or Hillary Clinton pledge allegiance to the White Pope? Maybe you should reframe your question and ask who is the Pope that leaders from all religions and countries pledge allegiance to him through the Knights of Malta?  

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 6.28.20 PM

King Juan Carlos of Spain with Queen Sofia, Prince Phillipe VI and Princess Letizia

The Knights of Malta, a military branch of the Catholic Church created to protect the power and authority of the Pope, claims to be the largest charity in the world. In actuality, the Knights of Malta are an economic insider trading group that ensures old money stays in the hands of the world’s rich and powerful. Even though the Knights boast of members who are the richest people in the world, their organization hardly does anything for the poor.  Charities are the best financial tools for laundering money and the Knights have been doing this work for centuries.

Excuse me…were we talking about the Knights of Malta or the Clinton Foundation? One thing for sure, Bill and Hill did a good job modelling their own charity after the very successful Knights of Malta.

The Clinton’s are small potatoes compared to the filthy rich who they get to rub elbows with at Knights of Malta conclaves. Perhaps this is where their insatiable lust for money and power came from, association with the world’s trillionaires and real power-mongers.

Tim Kaine a One-Man Jesuit Sleeper Cell

Now that you see that Hillary Clinton is ultimately a puppet for the Knights of Malta, let’s review who is behind Tim Kaine.  

KEY POINT: There is an order beyond the White Pope and the Knights of Malta and Tim Kaine is now their puppet.

Kaine was raised in a Jesuit learning atmosphere and was ordered to show his dedication by being a missionary in Honduras at a time when the Jesuits had used Liberation Theology (a Catholic form of Socialism and Communism) to destabilize Central America through arms and drug running that the Bush and Clinton’s were deeply involved in.  Tim Kaine helped the native Hondurans build an airport and its infrastructure to support the Reagan administration’s policies of guns for drugs. Keep in mind that Bush was then vice president, but as the former head of the CIA, he still “ran” this branch of the CIA and its arms and drug running operations.

While in Honduras, Kaine learned about Liberation Theology as a political force that can usurp countries, a strategy that Jesuits have used throughout the world. Kaine touts that he was missionary do-gooder, but fails to disclose that he was being indoctrinated by the Jesuits. He proudly brags about his devotion to Catholicism, knowing that most Americans do not know that there is a wide divide between being Catholic and being a Jesuit.

Tim Kaine may be a member of the Catholic Church, but at heart he is a Jesuit. If you aren’t familiar with the Jesuits, they were created by St. Ignatius of Loyola who wanted to dedicate his life to capturing Jerusalem for the Roman Pope and eradicating (killing) all of the Jews and Muslims who lived there. After the Pope told Ignatius that his plan was too zealous, he ordered him to use the same ferociousness to wipe out the Protestant Reformation. The Counter Reformation was launched and for 30 years the Jesuits led the fight that killed one third of the population of Europe at that time.  Ignatius was a soldier and the first General Superior of the Jesuits, a military organization that uses intelligence networks, espionage, murder and wars to assure that the White Pope in Rome is kept in power.  

What is little known, is that the Jesuits and the White Pope of Rome have been in a battle for control of the Catholic Church since the creation of the order in 1534.  This battle still goes on today. Jesuits were banned by the White Pope numerous times and when they were banned they went underground and infiltrated the House of Savoy because that lineage was the traditionally recognized blood line decedents of Jesus of Nazareth. King Juan Carlos and his son Phillipe VI (House of Savoy) are in the direct lineage of the Merovingian’s and have been protected by the hidden Jesuit order in a higher and more exclusive Papal order.

These well-trained and obedient servants are a group of lay ministers of Jesuits who work in the world to bring the desires of the head of the Jesuits to pass.  The head of the Jesuits is referred to as the “Black Pope” and is distinctly not a Christian Catholic. The Jesuits believe in Apocalyptic Theology that says that we are in the end times and that the Messiah will come and establish a “kingdom on Earth” in the holy city of Jerusalem.  For a committed Jesuit, the commitment of winning Jerusalem for the Jesuit Catholic Church and the King of Jerusalem will ensure that the Apocalypse will come in our time. This is the fulfillment of Ignatius of Loyola’s dreams, a physical kingdom in Jerusalem for the Messiah who will rule the world.

The Jesuits crowned Juan Carlos (former King of Spain) and later his son, Phillipe VI as the King of Jerusalem. These Jesuits call themselves the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. The Equestrian Order is led by Jesuits who disagree with the views of the White Pope.

KEY POINT: There is a battle between the White Pope (Knights of Malta) and the Black Pope (the Equestrian Order).  This battle has yet to be won by either party.

Juan Carlos and the Jesuits lead the Equestrian Order’s deep commitment to control Jerusalem so that it can be the site of the coming of the physical Messiah and the Apocalypse. Some say that Phillipe VI is in fact this Jesuit Messiah and that a physical kingdom (with religious and the Divine Right of Kings implications) will be established in Jerusalem.  

King Juan Carlos of Spain with Queen Sofia, Prince Phillipe VI and Princess Letizia

King Juan Carlos of Spain with Queen Sofia, Prince Phillipe VI and Princess Letizia

Tim Kaine was invited into the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre after he completed his missionary training and had proven his complete dedication to the Jesuit order and their mission.  This explains why Kaine’s political history shows his values changing all the time; like a typical Jesuit who is permitted to lie, deceive, steal, kill, and cheat for the good of the order, Kaine’s history is contradictory to being a “good Catholic.”

Kaine does not politically agree with the White Pope and the Catholic Church on abortion, a male only priesthood, LGBT freedoms, gay marriage and a host of other “religious” ideas.  Jesuits, as a militant organization, are flexible in their tenets as long as their agenda is achieved. They take any stand they want despite the official Papal decrees.  Yet when it comes to Jesuit Liberation Theology, Kaine is in perfect sync with the White Pope. But, then again, the White Pope is also a Jesuit priest who has taken vows to the Black Pope before he became the White Pope.

There are three seats of power in the world – Rome (religious), the City of London (economic), Washington DC (military).  For the first time ever, we have a Jesuit for a White Pope, a Muslim as the mayor of the City of London, and a vice presidential candidate who is a member of the Jesuit Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. With Clinton being such a flawed candidate due to her health and scandals, the Jesuits have the perfect timing for the long-awaited Apocalypse that they have being anticipating for centuries.

Is the Clinton-Kaine Ticket Aligned with the Knights of Malta or the Equestrian Order?

In your ordinary day of going to work and paying the bills, this question may seem irrelevant, but if you are at the top of the 1% THIS MEANS THE WORLD…literally. We read that Clinton was “told” to put Kaine on as her VP running mate. Who told her? Did anyone explain to her that he is aligned with the Equestrian Order and the Black Pope? Certainly Kaine knows that Clinton is aligned with the Knights of Malta and the White Pope. Who in the world arranged for two representatives of two very powerful, yet opposing factions, on one ticket for the presidency? Who would benefit from either side winning?

It is possible that our article in April 2016 woke up the Jesuit Equestrian Order faction that gives allegiance to the Black Pope? Did they, too, see that there was a real possibility that they would be usurped by the Knights of Malta and the White Pope when the Black Pope retired?  No one knows if Francis will “claim” the throne of the Black Pope and end the long battle between the two groups.  Or does Francis have another plan?

KEY POINT:  Kaine’s allegiance seems to be with the Equestrian Order, but couldn’t he also out-play the Jesuits and Black Pope by throwing his allegiance to the White Pope and Knights of Malta? Is this why George Soros’ son (a Knight of Malta) recently took him to dinner to see which way he leans and perhaps persuade him to join Pope Francis?

Globalists Unite: Hillary Clinton Running Mate Tim Kaine Dines with George Soros’ Son as Donald Trump’s Rise Terrifies World Elite

Was Clinton set up to resign her election bid so that the Jesuits/Equestrian Order could sneak in their own guy—Kaine—at a date too late for the voting public to vet him? If Clinton has to get out of the race, do the Knights of Malta lose their girl, or was she being used (riding the back of America’s first woman presidential nominee) so that a Jesuit could claim Washington as its ultimate prize? Even if Clinton is elected, how long will her health or criminal past allow her to keep office until it is turned over to Kaine?     

Is the White Pope Leaving the Vatican for Astana?

The United Nations Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions has spent a huge fortune building a spectacular city in Astana, Kazakhstan. This organization has been meeting without the White Pope for years.  In 2015, the United Nations Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon addressed the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions at the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation in Astana, Kazakhstan. It was a meeting to promote global cooperation between the world’s political and religious leaders. Pope Francis was noticeably not in attendance, but has widely announced that he will attend the next Congress in 2017. It is assumed he will be chosen to lead this powerful group of world religious leaders.

KEY POINT: Some say Francis will then leave Rome and move permanently to Astana to continue his dismantling of the Catholic Church, something he has single-handedly done quite well so far.  

Francis has said that Jesus, Mohammed, and Buddha are the same being and that there is no difference in their teachings and that a New World Religion should be created that includes all religions and traditional beliefs. Francis seems to have been running for the office of President of this Congress since his election to the office of Pope by the sound of his radical pronouncements. The traditional Catholic Church does not like this over-reaching approach to an amalgamated One World Religion headed by Francis. However, this did not stop Francis from calling for the creation of a New World Religion when he addressed the United Nations and suggesting that he should be its leader.

KEY POINT. The White Pope’s allegiance is a mixed bag. He is a Jesuit, yet he is the White Pope. He could usurp control of the Black Pope’s position when Adolfo retires and bring both factions under his control. Or he could disband the Society of Jesus altogether, making himself the Pope of the World with no more interference.

The Pyramid of Peace expresses the spirit of Kazakhstan, says the official PR release, “where cultures, traditions and representatives of various nationalities coexist in peace, harmony and accord.”

The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation was conceived as a permanent venue for the Congress and a global center for religious understanding, the renunciation of violence and the promotion of faith and human equality. Bathed in the golden and pale blue glow of the glass, 200 delegates from the world’s main religions and faiths will meet every three years in a circular chamber — based on the United Nations Security Council meeting room in New York. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 6.28.57 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 6.29.08 PM

The Jesuits do not want Francis to end the Catholic Church because they are in control of it, or at least until Francis came to power and went “rogue” on the Jesuits. The Jesuit plan includes placing Phillipe VI as a temporal and religious authority in Jerusalem, especially due to the claims of Phillipe being the direct descendent of Jesus of Nazareth. He will be the King of Jerusalem and perhaps the next General Secretary of the United Nations

Pope Francis has control of the Knights of Malta – and thus the Clintons. The Knights are Globalists controlled by warlord bankers in the 1%, or the 13 families who are all members of this economic cabal. It seems by his own words and deeds that Francis wants to control the New World Religion from a United Nation’s city, Astana, Kazakhstan.

The Jesuits, through the Equestrian Order, have control of Tim Kaine, or so they think, and want to protect and control Jerusalem. They want Israel to be controlled by the Jesuits. All Equestrians take a special vow to protect Jerusalem and maintain schools and missions there to educate Muslims and Jews in the ways of Catholicism. Remember Jews and Muslims still believe the Messiah has yet to come and all the sign are there for the Messiah to return soon, just as the Jesuit apocalyptic theologians believe the Messiah will conquer Jerusalem and establish a “Worldly Kingdom.”

The Battle Between the Popes Rages

There is a battle between the White Pope and the Black Pope and it has inadvertently crept into the bid for the White House, and the Clinton’s are too blind to see it.  Tim Kaine is a Jesuit wolf in sheep’s clothing, and he works from the opposite direction that the Clinton’s do. Kaine is an obedient Jesuit in the Equestrian Order that truly wants Jerusalem to become the scene of Apocalyptic battles. The Clinton’s just want to be like the other filthy rich members of the Knights of Malta and probably made “false vows” to the White Pope to get ahead in their personal lust for power and insatiable greed.  

Now the rats are scurrying around! Clinton and the DNC don’t seem to know that Tim Kaine is a sleeper cell of Jesuit Liberation Theology that intends to put more power into the hands of the Jesuits and their Black Pope. That is why Tim Kaine is a super supporter of Israel and pledges unending support for Jews, whereas Hillary and Bill have done nothing for Israel. Their man Francis plans on leaving town for his new palace in Kazakhstan.

If Hillary is elected, the continued manipulation of American’s future will continue through the directives of the Council on Foreign Relations, which is hosted by a Catholic archbishop. The CFR is one of the most powerful Globalist organizations in America and the Clinton’s have taken their orders from the CFR for decades. The entanglement of the Clinton’s with the Knights of Malta and their downline is staggering, and the selection of Tim Kaine is just another instance where the Clinton’s do what they are told by their Catholic handlers.

But this time, it looks like Hillary and the DNC have been conned. Obviously the DNC, Clintons, CFR, or perhaps the very people who told Clinton to select Kaine, didn’t understand the real story of the biggest power play in history.   

Will Kaine slay Abel again?

In other words, will the Jesuit driven forces of control and manipulation (Equestrian Order) – Kaine – slay the less crafty brother who lives off the sheep (Knights of Malta) Abel –who in this case is Hillary?  

We do not believe that Hillary is aware she has welcomed her demise into her campaign.  The prideful and greedy globalist in her cannot see the infiltration of her camp. Kaine looks so non-threatening and kind. He is soft spoken – like every Jesuit we know. And because one of the Anonymous Patriots was a Jesuit, we understand the deep inner workings of their organization.

Hillary and the DNC need to be watchful as Kaine’s political history shows that he changes his mind when it is convenient because he has no morals, just like the Jesuits who trained him. They all take a vow to do whatever is necessary (including lying, stealing and killing) to continue the power of Catholicism and the White Pope, even though Jesuits are not inherently Christian nor Catholic. This is about power and control for them and the vow to protect Jerusalem.  

KEY POINT: Kaine supports the 70 sitting members of Congress who are dual citizens of America and Israel.  

Kaine supports Israel at all costs, even against the policies and actions of his running mate. How long can Hillary hold out under the physical pressures of her illnesses and the political and criminal pressures of her illegal activities?  It looks obvious to the Anonymous Patriots that Kaine will slay “Abel” and the Jesuit Zionist agenda of supporting Israel will continue fully backed by the military arm of the New Roman Triumvirate, Rome-Geneva-Washington DC.  Then, the Black Pope becomes Pope of the World, the King of Jerusalem through the Savoy line and will lead the United Nation’s New World Order with the sanctified bloodline of Jesus of Nazareth, and their man Kaine will hold the keys to the United States’ wealth and military.

KEY POINT: Since our article Final Steps to Armageddon was released through the internet, the Black Pope-Jesuits-Equestrian Order are now awake and do not intend to turn over their power to the White Pope and Knights of Malta Globalists.

Two Types of Globalists

So we have two sides to watch besides the Globalists (formerly known as the Democrats and elite establishment Republicans) vs Nationalists (the new Republican party of American patriots and their nominee Donald Trump). Within the presidential ticket of the Democrat party we have two types of globalists fighting over world domination:

  1. The Knights of Malta Globalists who are the Clintons, Kissinger, Soros, Bushes, Obama, warlord banksters, CFR, Trilateral Commission, the United Nations and their financial and political institutions, etc., all who give allegiance to the Knights of Malta and support and receive instructions from their downline organizations. If the Knights of Malta Globalists win, the White Pope will head the New World Religion in Astana, Kazakhstan. The City of London will be the head of the economic-financial sphere and Washington will continue as the military headquarters.
  2. The Equestrian Order Zionists are the Jesuits led by the Black Pope who support Zionism and the 70 members of Congress with dual Israeli-U.S. citizenship. If the Equestrian Order Zionists win, the Black Pope may overtake the White Pope Francis and become head of the Catholic Church and move the Catholic Church to Jerusalem. Geneva will replace the economic power of The City of London and Washington will remain the military arm.  

Either way, the Catholic Church wins (as it always has throughout history) by pretending to be on both sides. The die is not cast yet though, until the Jesuits elect a new General Superior (Black Pope) in September or October. It is rumored, and quite possible, that Pope Francis, a Jesuit himself, could assume the role of the Black Pope at the same time as being the White Pope, becoming the “Grey Pope.” Even a collaboration with the House of Savoy, Juan Carlos and Philippe, might be possible.

What we see in the Democrat presidential ticket is the centuries’ old power play between two powerful factions of the Catholic Church. With an ailing and indictable presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, voters need to pay attention to Tim Kaine who may gain the power to determine which of these two global factions will control the White House.  

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