Jill Stein States What Bernie Refused To Say: It’s Time To Challenge The MIC!

Ferndale, WA
July 27, 2016

by Rich Scheck

The Sanders sell-out to the corrupt Hillary campaign ended as many of us hoped:
with a powerful protest by many of his most ardent supporters who walked out
of the Convention after her nomination.

As these Berniacs merged outside with Black Lives Matters marchers, they
caught site of Green Party Presidential nominee, Jill Stein.

She spoke to the assembled group urging them to continue the Sanders
Revolution by building on the momentum his candidacy represented and
to shift their allegiance to the Green Party.

She articulated how the Greens are a purer form of what Bernie stood for,
uncontaminated by the corrupt baggage of the Clintons and the Democratic Party.

Most importantly, she showed a willingness to challenge the Military-Industrial Complex and our failed foreign policy that is “nothing more than a marketing strategy for the weapons industry!” http://thiscantbehappening.net/node/3246?page=3

These are words Sanders was unwilling and unable to state because he has
always been part of the establishment as a closet neocon who allowed the
F-35 to be manufactured in Vermont and who backed all the wars either overtly or
indirectly, despite his one vote to oppose the invasion of Iraq by Bush in 2003.

Despite what everyone has thought up to now that it was either Hillary or
Trump, a clear choice for all those disaffected independents, libertarians,
Berniacs and others does exist. There is a third option besides staying
home, spitting at the tv or writing in the name of Mickey Mouse.

Stein represents what I have called the American Peace Party. There are
features of the Green Party I am reluctant to endorse. But compared to
the two corrupt existing parties with their policies of unending wars, it is
close enough to what I envision for me to be encouraged by their efforts.

And make no mistake about it: this is one election where our votes really
matter. Please make your voice heard and say no to all the corruption,
lies and illegal wars perpetrated in our name by Bush, Clinton, Obama
and the two parties they represent. http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=44097

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