Bernie Must Finally Say It: Hillary Is A Total Fraud!

Burlington, WA
July 23, 2016

by Rich Scheck

The WikiLeaks e-mail dump demonstrates what everyone paying attention has known
all along: that Hillary stole the election with the help of Debbie Wasserman Schultz
and the DNC while Sanders stood meekly by.

Now it is time for Bernie to make Hillary and the Democratic establishment really
“feel the Bern” by expressing the full wrath of his followers who see her as a corrupt
and divisive candidate.

Sanders must be much bolder than Ted Cruz was at the Republican National
Convention and totally repudiate the legitimacy of Hillary’s candidacy.

This is far worse than her being “not qualified” to be elected. This is about the
rule of law, the social contract and the authenticity of the political process.

We have been faced with a series of constitutional crises in recent years that
may very well culminate in a few days if Sanders has the courage and testicular
fortitude to end Clinton’s claim to run our country.

Not only is she careless or worse with national security, she is such a control
freak that she needed to fix the primaries to prevent the political revolution
represented by the Berniacs from capturing the nomination which she has felt
entitled to for many decades.

Sanders must…without qualification or hesitation…step up Monday night
and give a full-throated rejection of Mrs. Clinton. He must apologize to his
followers for his poor judgment in adopting a timid strategy during the campaign
and his failure to expose the corruption surrounding her e-mails, the Clinton
Foundation, her war votes and many other scandals.

By doing so, he will accelerate and legitimize the political revolution he
claimed to lead while re-invigorating his supporters and possibly capturing
Trump voters who are tired of the Republican nominee’s antics.

It is very late in the day for the United States. So much is wrong with our
country right now and so much needs to be changed quickly. That we are
faced at this time with such dubious leaders only adds to the sense of deep
concern expressed by those writing about current events.

As I have said before, it remains unclear what combination of forces and people
will come together—if any—that will do what is right and necessary to restore
the heritage of freedom, prosperity and liberty that has long been the birthright
of Americans.

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