DeRay McKesson: A Compendium of Exposés and Evidence Reveals a Government-sponsored, Soros-funded COINTELPRO Agent Provocateur and Race War Agitator

The Following List of Articles Should Be Disseminated Far and Wide Before this Installed LGBT Leader of the Co-opted BLM Movement Starts a Full-blown Race War Across America

The Republican and Democrat National Conventions take place this month and are very vulnerable to being used to stage unprecedented political violence throughout the USA.

Black Lives Matter and other violent activist groups
like the New Black Panthers are routinely being used
to perpetrate unparalleled violence and disruption
at Trump campaign events, and other volatile venues.

State of the Nation

The articles posted below clearly point to a nationwide black operation-in-progress.

This government-run, corporate sponsored psyop has all the markings of C.I.A. coordinated color revolution with many signatures of the FBI’s COINTELPRO.

For the uninitiated, please be aware that this is no joke, and certainly not a conspiracy theory.  It’s as serious as a heart attack and it has been insidiously unfolding across America.

To add to this list and conribute to the Twitter library of revelation about the race war please go to #BlackLivesMatter and start tweeting.

State of Nation
July 17, 2016








Hacked messages of #BlackLivesMatter leader reveal Obama admin’s plan for ‘summer of chaos’ and martial law

Black Lives Matter: A COINTELPRO Black Op Set Up to Destabilize U.S. Society

Is BLM ‘Professional Protester’ DeRay Mckesson COINTELPRO?

Why is an avid LGBT activist — DeRay Mckesson — leading the Black Lives Matter movement?

DeRay Mckesson Meets With Obama At Black Lives Matter Meeting At White House


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