Shooting at a night club in Orlando with reports of another shooter at a nearby hospital.

Shooting at a night club in Orlando with reports of another shooter at a nearby hospital.

Lots of unknowns, but reports of up to or above 50 injured, possible hostages taken, and possible IED on scene.

by FlashoverPhantom

Excuse the lack of links initially, I literally found the first applicable links and those are the ones I’m using.

Initial Reports HERE

Orlando Fire Dept. Large Scale Incident Channel HERE. I could not find any police channels at this time, but will keep looking. Sorry.

Orlando Police Twitter Account HERE

Also reports of a shooter inside a nearby hospital where victims were taken. Reports like these are now beginning to surface.

Last number I’ve seen was 54 injured/killed, but unconfirmed numbers. It’s more than odd it’s been almost an hour and not one major US news network has picked this up.

Please remember that if you listen in on emergency frequencies, do not post specifics of police/fire/EMS movements as they are happening. I WILL UPDATE AS THE EVENT CONTINUES TO UNFOLD. All times will be in Central Time due to exactly how quickly new information is obtained. Orlando is in the Easter Time Zone, so all times are 1 hour difference from posted times. Please excuse any formatting errors, they will be cleaned up later.

E1: HERE is the live twitter feed. HERE is the BBC article stating possible hostages.

E2: As of aproximately 0315 Central time Bomb Technicians, Crisis Negotiator and Hazardous Materials Technicians on scene.

E3: As of 0341 Central, Staging lane is clear, new crews tookng over responsibility of triage of victims aprox 20-30 mins ago. Arson investigator on scene at aprox 0343 C.

E4: Here is a video taken from the about the furthest the public was aloud to go. What sound like gunshots can be heard. 0344 C

E5: People have started posting memes of the shooter being identified as Sam Hyde, a comedian. These are not true. Relevant article. It was a stupid thing 4chan does. Just so everyone knows. No news sites I have found have identified the shooter. 0353 Central

E6: No more reports of gunman at hospital can be found at this time. There are now however unconfirmed reports that the gunman inside the night club is strapping bombs to hostages. HERE is one of them. Keep in mind these reports are unconfirmed. 0357 CT

E7: Updated patient count as of 0358 CT is 40 trauma alerts sent to ORC, 2 more sent to another hospital per Orlando Large Incident channel linked to earlier. 42 total patients, including those who where not transported by ambulance. There was some traffic about 12 rescues, unknown what exactly that means at this time. Possibly number of hostages?

E8: At aprox. 0405 C, Orlando PD made a controlled explosion of some kind. Unknown what exactly it is. At 0412 C PD told FD to expect more patients for triage, sounds to be 3 more.

E9: 0416 C Emergency services on scene reports shots fired. Emergency services notified they may be requested to move

E10: 0418 Officer injury reported at OPD Command, OPD officers also brought out one victim to an awaiting ambulance. NonPD patient is a trauma alert to ORC. OPD is a self transport.

E11: More patients reported behind a business nearby that is a secured location. Possible OPD officer at 0422. One more sent trauma alert at aprox 0423. EOD command states one patient is being taken to transport units with multiple GSWs to chest and legs @ 0428

E12: OPD loaded multiple patients into a pickup and brought 3 to triage while others were taken directly to ORC, sounds as thought all are trauma alerts @ 0431. 2nd treatment group established with 2 Engine and 1 Ladder companies, roughly 10 with ALS capabilities. @ 0433. More non trauma patients arrive to triage at 0436

E13: OFD Command states “They are bringing everyone out of one side of the club. They may be able to funnel all patients out of the club.” Treatment requests 5 more transport units. @ 0438.

E14: EOD Command reports no more casualties will be brought out to Fire Command. @ 0439.

E15: OFD Command reports numerous Code Green and Code Yellow patients are waiting in triage, other Rescue units requested. @0433

E16: More and more people are circulating the photo of Sam Hyde, a comedian, and every time there is an incident like this 4chan circulates his image. Please remember these are false, as is stated by the article in Edit 5.

E17: OFD Units and Command notified to change location @0447

E18: At 0248 Eastern OPD tweeted they expected to have a news briefing held shortly thereafter. Unknown if this has been completed at this time. Cannot find anything but am listening to OFD Command channel actively. 0454C

E19: Rescue reported nearby. One rescue unit sent @0500

E20: At aprox 0504, there are reports active shooter has been neutralized. I cannot find an official statement by OPD at this time standby for further.

E21: At approximately 0450 C, OPD tweeted the shooter within the club is dead. Link to tweet here. It is interesting to note they don’t state “the gunman” they continue with “inside the club” seeming to imply there is another, but that is nothing more than pure speculation. Standby for further.

E22: EOD reports they are breaking out the robot at 0510 C. Rescue unit put on standby for EOD response 0522

E23: Command beginning to demobilize and debrief units at command post. Situation slowly drawing to a close. Staging area is now demobilized other than 4 transport units to finish out transports needed. 0514

E24: OFD Command is releasing most units to return to service. Command staff is now attending a debriefing 0521

E25: District 2 is now IC, channels moving to Tac 3 and Tac 4. 0527

E26: Large structure fire reported on major incident channel. 0530

E27: Public press conference to be held at 7am local.

E28: EOD command notified that “the vehicle” is the only “suspected device.” 0540

E29: Per CNN, OPD has NOT confirmed the shooter inside of the club is the only shooter. 0546 As of 0549 the reported structure fire is now taking up most of the traffic on the major incident channel on the linked website. Waiting until hearing further for actual hard numbers on victims. Personal estimate is between 50 and 60 injured and dead. At one point it was said over 40 trauma alerts were sent to one hospital alone (possibly the nearest Level 1 or 2 trauma center), added on with rescues in the double digits and an unstated number of deceased. 0552

E30: If you or anyone you know witnessed the Orlando shooting, please report to Orlando Police HQ, 100 S. Hughey Ave. to give a statement. OPD posted on twitter. Apart from Local PD, OCSO, Seminole County Sheriff and Florida state police agencies, the Federal Bureau of Investigations is now on scene. 0609

E31: Press conference is live now, 0611, with continuing updates throughout the day. Shootout started with officer working that responded to shots fired call. Hostage situation ensued. One gunman dead with an “assault type rifle” and a handgun. OPD stated that there was a device on the gunman, and numerous deceased on the inside of the building. EOD units are now going through to verify a lack of secondary and tertiary devices.

E32: Aprox 3 months ago there was an MCI (Mass Casualty Incident) drill in Orlando. Relevant posthere.

E33: Confirmed over 40 injured by OPD, estimated another 20+ dead inside the building per OPD press conference. 0631

E34: Alright, I wanted to go to bed when all of this started but I figured you guys would want to know all the stuff that happened too. So I stayed up way past my bed time. I’m going to sleep now but thanks guys. Also a shoutout to my brothers in Orlando Fire who did an awesome job today (last night?) . I’m definitely making it a point to stop by a few of their fire houses if I’m ever in the city. If any of you are reading this, remember your defusings and debriefings. If you need a brother, reach out and I’ve got you. Good night. 0735


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