9/11 Update

Rohnert Park, CA
April 17, 2016

by Rich Scheck

There are two separate issues in the news today with both being
relevant to 9/11 and the election.

1. Legislation to allow law suits against nations sponsoring
terrorism (is it expo facto re: Saudis?):

2. Release of the 28 redacted pages from the Senate 9/11 Report of 2002
“by end of the year” rather than in 2 months like Bob Graham predicted:

With news coverage of the controversy increasing in the run-up to the
New York primary on Tuesday, the momentum is growing for release of the
redacted information and passage of the legislation that has bi-partisan support.

As I wrote in a previous article, the likelihood that 9/11 will be an issue in the
election has increased since Trump used it against Jeb to remind us that Bush
did not “keep us safe” back in 2001. http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=35914

And as I wrote 2 months ago, Sanders could pre-empt the issue by acting on the suggestion of his supporter, former Senator Mike Gravel, and read the 28 pages into the Congressional Record with the full protection of the speech and debate clause of the Constitution: http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=32157.

All three major New York papers have weighed in with coverage of the issue since
the 60 Minute segment aired last Sunday:

With emotions running high against the Saudis as President Obama prepares his
visit there a day after the primary, another dramatic chapter of this election cycle
and American history, remains to be written. http://revolutionradio.org/?p=127753

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