Open Letter To Mike Gravel Concerning Bernie Sanders

Windsor, CA
February 23, 2016

Dear Senator Gravel: I greatly admire the courage you showed in
1971 when you helped stop the Viet Nam War by releasing the
Pentagon Papers to the New York Times and reading them into
the Congressional Record.

Now is the time to stop another horrible war, the one in the Middle
East, and you are still the man to do it.

The 28 redacted pages from the Senate Intelligence Report on 9/11
need to be made public so the American people can learn how they
were lied into supporting an illegal and wasteful war.

I know you are a big fan of Bernie Sanders and want him to be the
next president. Please call him today and urge the Senator to follow
your lead by repeating what you did decades ago.

His doing so will demonstrate a level of courage far greater than complaining
about the unfairness of Wall Street billionaires.

Speaking “Truth To Power” is what the country wants and needs. Donald
Trump is doing that far more boldly and effectively than his potential rival
for the presidency, Senator Sanders.

Trump just finished dispatching the Bush clan from their previous pedestal
of invulnerability. He did so, in part, by saying it like it is: “W lied us into
the war in Iraq” and “the official narrative of 9/11 is suspect!”

He has taken on John McCain, the Mainstream Media, illegal immigrants,
the Pope, the Fed and now has his sights on Hillary’s potentially criminal
behavior regarding her private e-mails.

Sanders is what my girlfriend’s Mom used to call me: “a failed idealist!”
I’m still proud of that label but prefer a new one: “successful pragmatist!”

That’s what Trump represents to millions of voters and why he has a good
chance of becoming our next president. You and I may prefer a different
style but he is clearly eager to take on the role and get the job done.

Please call Bernie today and invite him to get busy: read the 28 redacted
pages; enter them into the Congressional Record; call for a new investigation;
speak out strongly against wars based on lies; take on the Military-Industrial
Complex and the corporate media that covers up the corruption; hold those
responsible for their part in the ongoing fiasco of endless wars and constrain
the wasteful Pentagon spending on these senseless conflicts.

That is a bold platform for winning the White House. If Sanders wants to go
down in history as another failed idealist like Dennis Kucinich, tell him to keep
doing what he’s doing now.

Remind him next: if he wants to truly help his country and win the election,
then he needs to be more like Mike (Gravel) and even the rambunctious Trump!

Rich Scheck

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