LGBTTTT AGENDA: Debasing Society and Corrupting Civilization


W O W ! ! ! Now that’s a mouthful, isn’t it?

The real LGBTTTT agenda at work here is even more of a mindbanger.
Here’s the story you’ll never read in the MSM, for those who can wrap their mind around it.

Firstly, the LGBTTTT agenda, and those who foist it upon society everywhere on Planet Earth, represent the most powerful political force in the world today. This political juggernaut has been empowered by the TPTB to execute their agenda anyway, anytime, anywhere they so choose. Yes, those who drive it are that drunk with the false confidence that they will successfully implement this global scheme. They are so clearly out of control that it boggles the mind.  Please consider the recent US Federal Government and MSM (mainstream media) collaborations, such as the video link below if you don’t believe this.

Obamacare jumps the shark with ‘gay’ Christmas

What is the true purpose behind the LGBTTTTT agenda?

The agenda, like many similar overarching (and over-reaching) global agendas, has many aims. One of the primary purposes is to normalize every form of sexual perversion and identity abnormality. There is no quicker way to debase a society and corrupt an entire civilization than to pervert the true understanding and use of sexuality. When this sacred energy is so pervasively distorted, the inevitable consequences to society will be catastrophic.


Never mind that the notion of the Nuclear Family was wrecked decades ago. Now they are going after the very sexual identity and self esteem of every human being.  They are especially going after the children, the teenagers, the young adults, the rejected, and the loners, who don’t fit in anywhere in society.  In this way the movers behind LGBTTTT hope to create the largest support group the world has ever seen.  Except that this particular support group has actually become the single most influential political advocacy group, wherever it chooses to operate.

Very few really understand, but the LGBTTTT was born out of the need to legitimize the behavior of those who have been marginalized by society for centuries.  Once they saw how powerful a group they could become by joining forces, as in L + G + B + T + T + T + T, they have never looked back.  Just look at how easily they have gained recognition and acceptance for the once ostracized transgender crowd.  Can you imagine that society would go so far as to pay for sex change operations (See Obamacare) for those who simply want it, even at a young and tender age?  To permit the utilization of limited insurance dollars so that a few can indulge their highly misguided sex change urges is about as crazy as things can get.

However, it just got crazier.  That’s because of the LGBTTTT intention to completely normalize such conduct to the point that the rest of us better not be out of step.  If we vocalize our disagreement like Phil Robertson, we had better be ready to experience the 21st century version of the Salem witch hunt.  Yes, the proponents of LGBTTTT are that aggressive, unrelenting and ‘unforgiving’ toward anyone who speaks against their perverted agenda.  Welcome to the agenda of the Gay Mafia, as Bill Maher calls it.

Transforming Sexual Perversion Into Normalcy  

Who would have thought, even ten years ago, that our children would be taught that such sexual perversions would be perfectly acceptable modes of behavior?  Who would have ever known that those who speak against the homosexualization of society would be persecuted so ruthlessly?  This reversal of roles was part of a very sophisticated plot to undermine society so that only confusion would reign — sexual identity confusion.  When a certain degree of social chaos prevails across the land, those who have foisted this agenda on us will have been successful so that the next stage of their social engineering plan can be executed.

Sounds a bit like a conspiracy, doesn’t it?  That’s because it is.  With all the markings of a sophisticated CIA implementation plan.  When you look closely at the MO, which is reflexively utilized by the LGBTTTT folks, you see they took a page or two out of the CIA playbook whenever The Company targets a nation for a staged revolution or engineered coup d’état.  Their number one weapon of choice has always been to divide and conquer the citizenry around the most provocative and volatile issues.  They are called WEDGE ISSUES.  When forcefully driven into the public discourse and political debate, they can polarize and disunify a nation faster than you can say L G B T T T T.

Don’t believe us?  Just go to any website, blog or column that has taken up the “Duck Dynasty conflagration”.  That’s just what you will witness in the very lengthy comment section of each article/essay.  A full blown societal conflagration in the making.  The comments of those who question the LGBTTTT agenda are invariably met with utter disdain, shocking disrespect, feigned anger and/or disbelief, purposeful misinterpretation of crystal clear statements, false attribution of intention and, of course, unrelenting ad hominem attacks.

Quite incredibly, this is the more benign internet behavior routinely exhibited by the vicious and intellectually-challenged LGBTTTT gang.  Once they really get going, they are not too unlike a school of piranhas which has just swarmed around a piece of raw meat dropped into the Amazon (See link below)

Phil Robertson’s Suspension: Scariest Message Ever Sent In America

If this unfolding saga doesn’t scare the pants off you, then you have been sufficiently brainwashed by the MSM tactics that are now operating 24/7 across the entire realm of Western civilization.  As an aside (very instructive one),  it’s like the daughter of a business colleague of ours, who has been frequenting a college campus of late, and what she incredulously shared with her father.  She spoke of the “freak show” that this “regular, run-of-the-mill college” had now become.  A place where the vast majority of students are trying out their sexual liberation thing.

You know, the coeds are cluelessly going lesbian . . . or trying bi . . . or contemplating one of the trans alternatives.  As though these different sexual orientations are like ice cream flavors to be indulged in for a week, or a month or a year at a time.  Such is the fool’s experiment which has now become perfectly acceptable in the college campus social engineering laboratories across the nation.  How do you spell:
                                              E N D T I M E    M A D N E S S ? !


They have actually spent decades making it ‘cool’ to be BI or GAY or TRANS — like that’s really cool ? ! ? ! ? !   

What a bad joke this is!  And most don’t get it, which is really scary.  Actually the masses are slowly but surely being corralled into the utterly depraved and degenerate world of the new Sodom and Gomorrah.  If you don’t believe this, please refer to the many headlines found in the following link.  If these authentic stories don’t scare the pants off you again, then … … …

Phil Robertson’s Suspension: Scariest Message Ever Sent In America

This plot to corrupt the American society began many years ago.  It has been painstakingly implemented by all the usual suspects that are hellbent on foisting an agenda on the body politic which will ultimately tear the very fabric of society.  Once that happens, a critical point of no return will have been exceeded.  Those in power know full well the necessity of succeeding in this arena, because of how easy the people will be to control once they come under the LGBTTTT-Spell.

They used every means possible to insidiously disseminate the homosexualized message everywhere they could get away with it.  The Mainstream Media (MSM) provides countless platforms and vectors of dissemination their LGBTTTT messages.  Many of these are now totally “in your face”; others are very subtle, and some are downright subliminal.  The primary vector, of course, is the extremely offensive TV programming, which many quite ignorantly still expose themselves to.

The motion picture industry also does its level best to promote the LGBTTTT agenda, wherever and whenever possible.  Neither of these thoroughly depraved media miss an opportunity to offend the sensibilities of the entire nation.  Remember Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction during the Super Bowl halftime show in 2004 known as Nipplegate.  They even labeled it so as to push the edge of the envelope.

Barack Hussein Obama is the Chief Pitchman Promoting the LGBTTTT Agenda Worldwide 24/7

There is perhaps no greater political platform in the world than the US Presidency to advance the LGBTTTT agenda.  Obama has done just that with more energy, time, resources and political capital than any other politician in US history.  That he has allocated so much time to this social initiative is quite shocking while the nation suffers through a relentless and middle class-destroying recession.  You would think that the implosion of Obamacare would have somewhat diverted the limited influence and precious time available to a lame duck president away from the LGBTTTT agenda and back to fixing the most disastrous piece of legislation in American history.  But, no, Obama has his LGBTTTT political priorities exactly where they have been put for him by his handlers.

Let’s be real, American society has fallen victim to the greatest moral bankruptcy over these past 5 plus years than at any other time of its existence.  Truly, the social fabric has been torn under this extremely divisive president like no other.  What isn’t known is that this state of affairs is part of a much more complex and purposeful social engineering process.  Were the truth really understood by the USA electorate, this president would have been impeached years ago.  Quite unfortunately, the Republican side of the aisle is just as complicit in the execution of the LGBTTTT clandestine implementation plan.

Now that Obamacare has knocked Obama off his game of incessant prevarication, his MO has been laid bare for all to see.  The transparent and audacious falsehoods that he repeatedly uttered in the crass promotion of the ACA should now put the body politic on notice.  This ‘president’ cannot be trusted.  He especially cannot be trusted regarding any political endeavor surrounding the LBGTTTT programming initiative.  His shameless catering to this morally degenerate and socially destructive agenda must be unveiled for the snake oil salesmanship that it truly is.


NEWSFLASH (Coming in the immediate future): 

All references to the LGBTTTT Agenda will now be made without any biting satire, hilarious humor or dry wit .
All references to the LGBTTTT Agenda will be made without genuine religious conviction or factual scientific proof … lest you run afoul with the Political Correctness Police.

This is where we are folks.  It is literally one minute to midnight before the LGBTTTT cabal has the whole place in lockdown.  Therefore, if ever there was a time, or a place, or an issue to rally around, this one is it.

The very existence of this constitutional republic is in grave danger; the institutions of government and social integrity of the nation are at great risk.  Where they will remain until people of good will play their part is derailing this LBGTTTT train.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
~ Edmund Burke

Concerned Citizens of the USA
December 23, 2013

Author’s Note:
We grew up listening to a mother who spoke passionately against the accelerating permissiveness of society. She warned us in the 60s about what was coming around the corner so that we would be prepared to deal with it when it showed up in the 70s and 80s.
We also grew up hearing a father speak directly to the real consequences associated with ROE V. WADE. He, too, spoke of the moral degeneracy which would result when a nation so casually kills the unborn. He reiterated that the true calamity of legalized and state-sponsored abortion was that it opened the floodgates to the promotion and exacerbation of every other type of social ill and depravity. And so it has.

On a more personal note, the author grew up in a milieu where there was a burgeoning and unabashed homosexual community. It was very clear back in the 70s that this movement was, at its heart, about numbers, unity and strength among its many recent ‘converts’. Believe it or not, most the main advocates at the local level, as well as the leaders at the national level, were about one thing. Corralling as many into their LGBTTTT pen as possible, irrespective of one’s genuine sexual orientation.

The reader needs to understand that the LGBTTTT grouping simply became a HUGE political umbrella. This strategy was absolutely necessary to capture as many bodies as possible. In this way they became a humongous support group for the many rejected and shunned , downtrodden and dispossessed, sexually insecure and  sexually curious, morally bereft and ethically challenged, inconfident and doubting souls in need of a shoulder to cry on. That’s not to say that many of these folks did not receive some direly needed attention that really helped them out, because many have been assisted during particularly vulnerable periods of their lives.

However, the dynamic that we observed time and time again, was oriented around recruitment. The movers and shakers were about recruiting as many souls to their misguided mission as quickly as possible. It was always clear that the recruit didn’t even have to be gay or lesbian, bi or transexual, as long as they were somewhat sympathetic to the core LGBTTTT cause. In other words many individuals, who never had a homosexual bone in their body, converted to the LGBTTTT agenda because of this overarching strategy to increase their numbers to the point where they could mobilize a formidable political force.  Upon joining the LGBTTTT-affiliated group, they received immediate protection from the LGBTTTT community and the acceptance they never found anywhere else in society.

In numbers there is strength, especially at the election polls.  They have known all along that to attain a critical mass of adherents was all that was necessary.  As dumbed down as many sheeple are now, the LGBTTTT controllers may be quite close to their recruiting targets.  Regardless, they have already taken over the primary organs of government and mainstream media, which allows them to leverage their money and power and political influence in ways that the “Duck Dynasty” can firmly attest to.

Can there be a more profound way of corrupting the youth than to mislead them regarding their physical sexual orientation and psycho-sexual development?

Young children are highly impressionable as we all know.  Society can perform no worse a service than to expose them to such sexually confusing, morally unsound and socially unfit ideas as many of those expressed by the LGBTTTT movement.

State of the Nation
December 23, 2013


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