Global Crises Expanding

Windsor, CA
February 11, 2016

 by Rich Scheck

The 2003 invasion of Iraq has led to unending wars across the planet.

As the global economy continues to implode, the prospects for more fighting

in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East continue to increase.

Now, with banks failing, debt increasing and many countries experiencing

serious economic problems, this dire situation demands the distraction of

the public from this harsh reality to something external.

This is the classic pattern for demonizing a foreign entity as a pretext for

war.  Right now, Russia and Putin are filling that role now that ISIS has

been marginalized, Saddam hung and Gadaffi dispatched in Libya.

This was all predicted years ago by pundits who railed against the Bush

intervention based on Neocon fabricated lies.

We are faced with a very uncertain future with the high likelihood of much

hardship for untold millions across the planet as existing wars are expanded 

and new ones set in motion by rival powers.

Yates said after WWI:  “The worst lack all conviction and the best are full

of passionate intensity!”  That is even more true today.

With a virtually meaningless election going on to further deflect public outrage

while the candidates pontificate with false promises and outright lies, civilization

itself is poised for a major transformation far more dubious than the optimistic

visionaries are describing.

The meeting in Cuba tomorrow of Pope Francis and his Russian counterpart,

Patriarch Kirill, provides a ray of hope on an otherwise bleak horizon.

In the days immediately ahead, we are all to be tested in ways most of us

never dreamed possible.  Prayer and preparation are essential tools that

must be relied on if any of us are to survive.


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