The New Silk Road vs. Disclosure and Global Warming

Oceanside, CA
December 26, 2015

by Rich Scheck

Despite the impressive work of those promoting Disclosure along
with the new paradigm associated with the Pope and Global Warming,
I continue to have my doubts.

By Disclosure I mean the end of the truth embargo regarding the
presence of non-human, highly intelligent sentient beings on Earth
usually described as ETs, i. e. extraterrestrials.

Below is the vision of the future most consistent with what I see
as “reality” in the days ahead, namely the New Silk Road
promoted by the BRICS nations lead by Russia and China.

As Escobar states in his unique style, the West will do everything
it can to sabotage progress by anyone not under its domination.

The Neocons and their Neoliberal allies from both parties have
succeeded in demonizing Russia and promoting Cold War II
with all the potential danger—including the possibility of nuclear
war—that that entails.

I do not see Disclosure or Global Warming playing a significant
role in the immediate future as events continue to unfold as
described here:

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