Man Made Global Warming: Dubious Doctrinal Basis of Global Cult!?!

Irvine, CA
December 16, 2015

by Rich Scheck

The theory of Man Made Global Warming remains dubious.

It is the basis of much pontificating…….literally.

Many have pointed out its weakness as a scientific doctrine.

Others are claiming it is now the basis of a global cult.

A new report from Russia states that rather than global warming, we are facing a mini ice age.

The recent Paris Summit provided some true believers reason to be optimistic that the problem is being addressed while many of those supporting the theory claim the agreement  is inadequate.

With so much riding on who has it right, we must wait for time to demonstrate what is truly happening with our climate and
the fate of man’s future on planet Earth.

One thing is for certain and that is that as long as chemical
geoengineering programs are being implemented around the
globe, the true causes of climate change will be difficult to
determine with any degree of certainty.

Meanwhile, we as a polity continue supporting more wars around
the globe in the name of peace, freedom and national security.
This drains our vital resources and allows the country to deteriorate.

The competition between the Global Warming cultists, Neocon hawks
and ISIS warriors is leaving little room for normalcy, balance and the
prospects for peace in the days ahead.

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