Sandy Hook Hoax Exposed

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The article posted below contains one of the most exhaustive and authoritative compilations of material related to the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Hoax perpetrated in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012.

Sandy Hook – Book BANNED

By “Barry Soetoro, Esq”

A stunning Documentary blew the lid off Newtown’s fake “school massacre.”

The film exposed the plot to disarm Americans via the fake “biggest school shooting in US history.” But immediately, the Regime began deleting this Documentary off YouTube – and terminating YouTube channels that reposted it. If the Documentary was “nonsense,” why was the Regime attacking everyone that shared it?

We covered censorship of the Sandy Hook Documentary here (VIDEO) and here. For the moment, you can watch the Documentary on YouTube:

[Film] We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook

But scrubbing that Documentary (late 2014) was just the first step. Now (late 2015), the Regime has resorted to banning books. This new Sandy Hook BOOK provides 400 pages of evidence that Sandy Hook was a pre-scripted hoax to take your guns:


The book’s photos show how Sandy Hook Elementary was carefully staged like a movie set – prior to the bogus “massacre.” Even Wayne Carver (the Medical Examiner) was photographed relaxing in front of the abandoned school, before the windows were shattered and the fake “shooting” was foisted on naïve Americans. Evidence of a Hoax was overwhelming – so apparently, the Regime took notice.

Nobody Died At Sandy Hook was selling well at until the book was suddenly BANNED. That’s right – to enforce their Big Lie, the Regime panicked and banned this Sandy Hook book.

But the Regime didn’t stop there. As folks reacted to Amazon’s book-banning, the Regime went a step further – attacking ARTICLES about the ban! Articles exposing this book ban are getting removed from the Web, including this INFOWARS article (scrubbed from the web):

INFOWARS tweeted their new article (about Amazon banning the Sandy Hook book):

But the INFOWARS article (itself) was quickly deleted from the Web – leaving readers wondering who removed it, and why.

This isn’t the first time Sandy Hook coverage was removed at INFOWARS. Earlier this year, we covered INFOWARS getting attacked by “Lenny Pozner” (Sandy Hook shill). After “Copyright Strike” attacks by Lenny Pozner against Alex Jones’ YouTube channel, INFOWARS removed their first video (showing BBC footage of Noah Pozner’s “Pakistan memorial”). But then, INFOWARS suddenly removed their second video too (of Alex Jones discussing those “Copyright Strikes” against his channel). Thus, INFOWARS was compelled to remove (fair use) BBC TV footage, then compelled to remove an additional YouTube video where Alex Jones discussed the FIRST removal!

Indeed, Lenny Pozner (purported father of “Noah Pozner”) attacks any site exposing how his “son” keeps dying at different “school shootings” around the globe.

That’s right – this same child (“Noah Pozner”) supposedly died at Sandy Hook CT (2012) – before he DIED AGAIN in another school shooting, two years later – in Pakistan! Since “Noah Pozner” dies every 2 years around Christmas, it remains to be seen where “Noah” will die in 2016 – perhaps Lenny will surprise Sandy Hoax fans by “killing Waldo” in an exotic locale.

Recently, that “father” was exposed as a shill when Lenny Pozner’s site was caught redirecting to NSA. Everywhere you look, Sandy Hoax falls apart. THAT is why you’re not allowed to look – because the Newtown HOAX cannot withstand scrutiny. Once you scratch the surface, fakery and gun-grab Treason are obvious. For example, guns were planted, then (fictional shooter) Adam Lanza’s house (plus the school) were demolished to hide the lack of DNA/Fingerprints.

Bottom line? The Regime cannot afford to have folks wake up and realize Sandy Hook was a treasonous HOAX. Because once folks realize Sandy Hook was fake (and nobody died), they will realize other “shootings” are nothing more than gun-grab scams – staged by the Regime to demonize guns and disarm you. At that point, the Regime will face a hostile population – aware of Treason by the White House, DHS, CT Governor Malloy, Michael Bloomberg’s pack of convicted-felon Mayors (MAIG), CT Senator Blumenthal, lying CT State Police and (bribed) local cops.

That’s why the Regime is desperate to keep you fooled – by banning the Documentary, and banning the book. But they realize they can’t fool you forever. So before you awaken, the Regime is rushing to disarm you. That’s why the Regime’s list of Fake Shootings grows every week. Fake Shootings appear to include Charleston SC (Black Church), Aurora CO (Batman cinema), Columbine CO (High School), Ferguson MO (Mike Brown), Marysville WA (High School), Houston TX (Cassidy Stay) along with new hoaxes staged to terrorize and disarm you. Some of these hoaxes (eg. Marysville) happen days before voters step into the voting booth to find Bloomberg “gun laws” on the ballot.

These hoaxes are building toward the day guns will be restricted/banned “to stop” these FAKE mass-shootings.

Moreover, after China had a school stabbing the SAME DAY as Newtown, bizarre China/Newtown connections were found, suggesting a plot between China and the Obama Regime to disarm citizens.

INFOWARS sent correspondents to cover Wolfgang Halbig’s CT FOIA hearings – where witnesses turned purple and forgot how to speak.

But more needs to be done. If the Regime can intimidate and censor INFOWARS, it can censor anyone.


America is waking up to gun-grab Treason by this pack of criminals in Washington. Please show folks the (FREE PDF) banned book. Share the Documentary. Everyone’s got a friend who is fed up with this Regime. Please share these links with those friends:

[Film] We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook

[FREE PDF Book] Nobody Died At Sandy Hook

Wolfgang Halbig (Sandy Hook) PPSimmons Interview

Sandy Hook TREASON: Why They Did It

(Forensic Proof) Sandy Hook = Inside Job

The Sandy Hook Elementary “school evacuation” was FAKED in Photoshop. Here’s the “silver bullet” photograph, to wake up your friends. Locate this “iconic” image on the Web, then zoom in. How many Photoshop screw-ups can you find?

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Sandy Hook was a low-budget “made for TV” miniseries.

Eric Holder (1995 on CSPAN): We must “BRAINWASH PEOPLE” against guns:

To keep Police quiet about the Newtown Treason, CT Police received $2.5 Million in hush money for “healing,” followed by $2.9 Million in “overtime pay.” Other Newtown Policemen “dropped dead” and “committed suicide.”  Another two Newtown CT cops (Dispatcher; Sergeant) were “arrested for dealing drugs out of the Police Station” and taken away. When the Regime resorts to VANISHING A POLICE DEPARTMENT, it means Sandy Hoax is collapsing. Ask this Missing Person – CT State Trooper “William Podgorski” (if you can find him). He “dropped dead” on the floor, halfway thru his Sandy Hook investigation. He was 49. There’s no death certificate for Podgorski (no death certificates exist for anyone connected to Sandy Hook, because nobody died).

Lieutenant Paul Vance (CT State Police; possible DHS Agent) made threats on LIVE TV to terrorize Sandy Hook skeptics, and enforce the Newtown Treason. Two years later, as citizens exposed Sandy Hoax, LT VANCE was suddenly removed from his 16-year job as CT State Police Spokesman and reassigned away from the public eye – to the Traffic Division (February, 2015). The Regime MUST maintain the illusion of Sandy Hook’s fake massacre – to scam Americans out of our guns. Lieutenant Vance KNOWS Sandy Hook was fake – that nobody died – but he won’t come clean because wealthy politicians (eg. Governor Malloy) would go to prison for Treason.

After Sandy Hoax, Governor Malloy joined Hollywood stars (and the Chinese Government) in calling for American citizens to be DISARMED.

David and Francine Wheeler are PROFESSIONAL ACTORS (film & TV) who claim their “kid died” at Sandy Hook.

Folks are asking: Who persuaded Lieutenant Paul Vance to become Front Man for this historic Newtown Treason? Was Vance threatened? Bribed? Blackmailed?

Barry Soetoro, Esq is a syndicated columnist focused on Fake Shootings and State Terror. Recently, Barry explored the Newtown CT “massacre” and the background of “Barack Hussein Obama.”

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