Syria Becomes The Battleground Between The USA And Russia

San Marcos, CA
October 5, 2015

Syria War News

by Rich Scheck

Things are moving fast in Syria, folks!

It looks like Russia is having success in taking out IS:
Putin Has Been Exposing The U.S. Battle Plans Against ISIS
In Syria As A Complete And Total Fraud

Russian forces destroy IS communications centre in Homs command
post in Hama

Unlike Hillary, Bernie Sanders agrees with Obama that it is best to avoid a
unilateral no-fly zone at this time:
US Back Off: Bernie Sanders Opposes Unilateral No-Fly Zone in Syria

Now that Putin has gone into Syria—echoing what Trump said recently—
the two appear to be close on how best to move forward:
Did Putin Steal Trump’s ISIS Strategy?

With the other Republican candidates all sounding like super hawks and
McCainiacs, especially Fiorini, Trump is distinguishing himself in the
foreign policy arena to the surprise of many who were gleefully dismissing
him as a non-serious joke.

Perhaps my fantasy of a Trump/Sanders (or Ventura) third party candidacy
may somehow unfold in the weeks ahead.

However you want to slice it, things have taken a dramatic turn in the last
few days that some can claim is consistent with the predictions associated
with the Super Shemitah and Blood Moon Tetrad of late September.

Hold onto your hats: the ride is about to get very bumpy!

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