This Is Why They Staged The Oregon Shooting Hoax

Putin Has Been Exposing The U.S. Battle Plans Against ISIS In Syria As A Complete And Total Fraud

State of the Nation


The Obama Administration, and those who control it from within the World Shadow Government, have suffered the greatest embarrassment in modern military history. Russia’s entry into the Syrian theatre of war completely exposed the U.S. military’s fraudulent non-attacks on ISIS, ISIL, IS, etc.  The French have also NOT been conducting any serious airstrikes against real ISIS positions.  In fact the whole coalition is a complete sham and was only created to depose President Bashar al-Assad in order to unlawfully replace his legitimate government.

President Vladimir Putin accomplished in 72 hours what the US-led coalition could not achieve in a year of coordinated airstrikes against ISIS & ISIL, aka Fric and Frac.  The revelation of the United States’ obviously fake war on terrorist groups inside Syria had to be covered up.  It is in times like these that Washington has employed false flag operations and mass shootings in order to distract the American people and divert their attention.  The sheer embarrassment that they have suffered at the hands of Putin is simply too much for them to bear.  Such shocking revelations about coalition duplicity will also doom their agenda toward the creation of Greater Israel.

In fact, Russian warplanes have inflicted more serious damage on ISIS in just three days of bombing — with quite limited intelligence — than the Western powers have since they engineered this civil war.  Russia’s Air Force already has the ISIL terrorists fleeing their positions never to come back.  The inside story is that USS ISIS is now a fast-sinking ship.  Perhaps the recent sinking of the cargo ship El Faro carrying an American crew and serving U.S. interests during the very same time is yet another sign that the Obama Administration is under water. El Faro cargo ship with American crew sinks the Bahamas

How is that so?

How did the far superior U.S. Navy and Air Force, with battleships and aircraft carriers parked all over the Mediterranean, not summon the necessary force to execute a one-two punch like Russia just did?

Because they were set up to fail purposefully so as not to destroy their critical ISIS assets which would be used to take down Assad.

This is where the Oregon Shooting Hoax comes in.

First and foremost the Oregon false flag operation was designed to distract the American people right after Putin’s Russia was successful at unveiling their ongoing war sham against ISIS.  This was the primary purpose of the TIMING of the Oregon shooting hoax.

By hoax, it is understood that the staged shooting was conducted specifically to change the national conversation.  Whether anyone was actually shot or killed will be revealed in time, no thanks to the mainstream media (MSM).  Regardless of the number of deaths or injuries, there is only one thing that matters — the mere perception that another shocking and brutal mass murder took place on a college campus in America.

Each one of these fabricated events also ultimately serves to annul the 2nd Amendment.   Therefore, regardless of how many of these diversionary hoaxes they perpetrate, each mass shooting brings the American people closer to the point of turning in their guns.  IT’S CALLED MANUFACTURED CONSENT!

The most deliberate long-term goal that the globalists do have is 100% gun control throughout the USA.  Until that happens, they can never really control the American people.  And, they must be completely controled if there is to be a New World Order.


Each mass shooting has multiple goals. Some of those goals are impossible to know. Others, such as gun control and/or serving as a distraction from Obama’s biggest failure yet (that would be the U.S. military hoax in Syria) are very easy to understand.  Intimidating the local sheriff was another premeditated goal.

The ‘Killing’ of Osama bin Laden: Another Instructive and Perfectly Timed Distraction

Because the news was so big in its day, very few caught the fact that the fictitious killing of the fake Osama bin Laden occurred only four days after Obama was forced by Donald Trump to post a forged and fraudulent copy of his fake birth certificate on the official website. Understand that Trump had Obama on the ropes like no one else during the election season.  So cornered was Obama that he was advised to published the obviously fabricated copy of his non-existent birth certificate.  A sitting president only resorts to committing such a crime when absolutely forced to.  Trump’s aggressiveness compelled Obama to take the unwanted and illicit action, in spite of it being an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor.

What’s the point?

The staged assassination of Osama bin Laden occurred 4 days later with a veritable explosion of media which completely pushed the forged birth certificate story off the front page and out of the network evening news lineup.  The fictitious ‘story’ of the OBL assassination was simply too big for even the fraudulent BC copy to compete with.

End of story!

Here’s an excellent exposé which clearly delineates the timeline and events of the birth certificate–Osama bin Laden execution hoax. Did Obama Really Kill Osama?

As it was noted, these hoaxes have a way of serving multiple purposes as the following article well illustrates.

Oregon Massacre Sheriff Called Sandy Hook A Hoax, Blasted Obama’s Call For Gun Reform


The countless false flag attacks and assassinations, never-ending mass shootings and bombings are a sign of sheer desperation on the part of the globalists who only want to establish their One World Government by which to enforce their New World Order.

In order to accomplish this totalitarian objective, national sovereignty must be removed from every nation, just as personal sovereignty must be stripped from every person in the world.  Only in this way can the NWO cabal achieve their goal of complete command and control of every resource on planet Earth.  And that includes all human resources.

State of the Nation
October 4, 2015

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