Did Obama Really Kill Osama?

Or was a fake killing staged of a bin Laden doppelgänger to
divert America’s attention from Obama’s fake birth certificate controversy stoked by Donald Trump?

Did he have any legal or ethical basis to assassinate Osama bin Laden?
Or is Obama just okay being a cold-blooded murderer?

Really, what’s wrong with this picture?

Obama et al. watching the live staged execution of the supposed Osama bin Laden

Here you see the President of the United States of America witness the murder of a man which he himself ordered while the rest of his executive team watches the live, fabricated event. Of course, this staged killing could only take place after the global hegemon (that would be the USA) took the unlawful step of entering a sovereign nation and conducted the assassination without the slightest notice to Pakistan, the harboring nation.

Can it get any more surrealistic than that?! Or, cynical when you consider the timing of this gruesome and illegal killing?

Let’s see, the cold-blooded murder of Osama bin Laden was executed literally 4 days after his forged birth certificate was fraudulently posted on an official White House website on April 27th, 2011? Which was done only because of the extraordinary pressure exerted by Donald Trump on Obama to show the country his real birth certificate. Notice the April 27th date on the news release below.  

Obama releases original long-form birth certificate

Now notice the date of Obama’s announcement of his assassination of Osama bin Laden — May 1st.

Bin Laden Is Dead, Obama Says

The point that many political analysts and knowledgeable commentators have made is that this unlawful assassination of a fake Osama bin Laden was carried out with the explicit purpose of diverting attention from the biggest challenge facing an Obama re-election. As short as the attention span of the American electorate is, this illegal assassination was a big enough distraction to completely divert the public’s focus away from Obama’s fake birth certificate and over to the fake killing of Osama bin Ladin. And so it did.

You know how photos can speak a thousand words. Well, in this particular case, an enlarged picture of Obama reveals his true emotional comportment and psychological profile during the premeditated murder. Just look at his body language, and especially his eyes. Photos cannot hide the genuine feelings of a man, especially when there is fear in the eyes.

Click on the photo to enlarge.

Now, after enlarging the photo, look at Obama’s posture and the relatively small profile he cuts compared to everyone else in the room. Clearly, his posture has been cut down to the real size of his true capacity to make such decisions. The extremely odd black jacket that Obama is wearing also presents something to consider regarding the message that is subliminally being sent to the viewing public.

The Most Horrible Part Of This Whole Story

Since Osama bin Laden wasn’t killed on that day, then who was. If an actual execution did take place, and it wasn’t all staged in some Hollywood studio as the US Military often does, then was some innocent bin Laden look-a-like murdered in cold blood? Truly, the ramifications of such a brutal and cynical act are too great to even consider. Perhaps this is why a Navy Seal has been ‘allowed’ to publish a book on this sordid affair, so as to ‘corroborate’, at the very least, the killing of an ‘Osama bin Laden’.

When even the photo of an alleged dead Osama bin Laden is faked and published by major newspapers around the world you know something is very amiss.

Osama bin Laden corpse photo is fake

Even the WashPo admits the photos are fake. In the same article they attempt to give credence to the DNA testing that was performed to identify the alleged bin Laden body.

Osama bin Laden DNA confirms death, but photos are fake

However, as we see from the following article even that process was profoundly flawed and easily manipulated.

Osama bin Laden’s Death: DNA Testing Fraud

The only way to look at the Osama bin Laden narrative is the same way as one would look at the real Lee Harvey Oswald story. Osama was the proverbial patsy used as a bogeymen to justify the carrying out of all sorts of nefarious deeds against the world by those who hijacked his image and identity. Quite frankly, the Osama bin Laden charade makes Lee Harvey Oswald setup look like a garden party. After all, look at how the entire world has been transformed into a global police state since September 11, 2001 using the Osama bin Laden-AlCIAda conspiracy.

For those who still need a little more explanation as to why this fake assassination of Osama was staged, the following informed commentary provides some penetrating insights:

OBAMA DEATH FAKE (found at http://wikilekz.blogspot.com/2011/05/osama-death-fake.html)

Insider Exposes Bin Laden Death Book Hoax

The latest chapter in this faux saga includes a book expose purportedly written by a Navy Seal who says he was a pivotal part of the mission to capture and/or kill OBL. Does the Seal even know where he was sent? Does he really know who it was that he was sent to capture and/or kill? What does he know except what his masters tells him … which is virtually nothing when a black op is going down and where none of the operatives are told anything except what they need to know to carry out their mission?

This whole engineered ruckus between DOD and the Seal is almost laughable. As if CIA, NSA, FBI and company could not have prevented the publishing of the Seal’s book on the grounds that it threatens National Security. All they do is invoke National Security, and get away with bloody murder everywhere on Planet Earth to ensure it. On that basis alone the Navy Seal drama is not making any sense whatsoever, and therefore quite suspect as another attempt by the Obamabots to polish his foreign policy rep and military initiative … … … right in the middle of the Republican National Convention.

So, what we see in the Seal’s tale is an extraordinary PR initiative to reassert the credentials of Obama “right in the middle of the Republican National Convention”. This occurred right after Isaac the hurricane was forecasted to make a brush with Tampa, which was really never predicted by the true forecasting models. As Rush Limbaugh accurately pointed out, Isaac was never showing that close to the Convention Center to have any meaningful impact, but someone at Hurricane Central did not want to see it that way.

Anatomy of Rush Limbaugh’s Hurricane Isaac Conspiracy

The staged death of an innocent man appears to have been perpetrated in order to distract the American public from the posting of Obama’s false birth certificate. This trumpeted assassination was also used to burnish Obama’s anti-terrorism credentials for an upcoming election.

When cynical acts of murder like this so flagrantly disrespect the rule of law, they sadly serve to encourage the ignorant and naive electorate to allow for even greater abuses of power. When the government arrogates power unto itself which permits unchecked state-sponsored terrorism such as the extrajudicial execution of an ‘Osama bin Ladin’, there is perhaps no greater threat to world order and peace.

When the President of the USA can act as judge, jury and executioner with absolute impunity, something has gone completely awry in the world of men. When the same individual perpetrates these crimes against humanity with a smiley face, whereby most are cajoled into accepting such criminal behavior as perfectly acceptable, we have an even greater problem for the whole of civilization. Such spiritual depredation can only be addressed by a Power much greater than us all. And so It will.

State of the Nation 2012
August 31, 2012

Author’s Note:

“Lastly, we just wonder — we really wonder — how you, dear reader, would feel if some foreign country started sending their lethal drones into the skies of the USA, picking off patriots as they saw fit.
Really, how would you feel?!
And what would you do about it?”
— from “An Open Letter To Every Voting Democrat

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