Putin Demolishes Neocon Mouthpiece Charlie Rose On 60 Minutes

President Putin Exposes MSM Propaganda And Embarrasses Their Amateur Shills

State of the Nation

As much as Charlie Rose attempts to bring some journalistic gravitas to an interview with President Vladimir Putin, he fails miserably every time.  It’s almost as though he is a glutton for punishment.  Putin never fails to refute all of Rose’s deceptively sculpted falsehoods.  Each obvious untruth uttered by Rose is only repeated for repetition’s sake, especially taking advantage of a major news platform.

For those who missed it, 60 Minutes hosted the interview between Putin and Rose.  It was not a pretty fight at all, as Putin as Muhammad Ali knocked down Rose as Sonny Liston every time he got up off the mat.

These MSM journalists cannot even fake it very well anymore.  Now that their fraudulent reporting has been so definitively exposed, they simply lose their veneer of respectability.

Charlie Rose appears to be at the very end of an extremely unsuccessful career.  When any journalist feels compelled to utter so many proven lies and misleading statements in one short interview, one wonders just how much lying he has done throughout his long career in journalism.  That would amount to a whole lot of lying to the American public — year after year, decade after decade.

The following interview is offered for every truth-seeker’s enjoyment.  Clearly, President Putin is not one to suffer fools gladly.  As for the fake journalist Charlie Rose, through his unseemly conduct he has demeaned his profession — PROFOUNDLY  — as very few MSM interviewer ever have.

Don’t these deliberately provocative and transparently manipulative reporters know that it is journalism just like the piece below that started World Wars I and II?  Yes, in fact they do know … which is exactly what Charlie Rose was paid to do.  Perhaps his viewership will be sensible enough to vacate the audience so that the advertisers will have no one to sell to.

[youtube_sc url= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbuJsmDjrGc&w=560&h=315]

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