John Boehner: The Ultimate RINO Who Advances Obama’s Agenda While Betraying The Conservative Caucus

Citizens United’s Bossie: Boehner Must Go

By Greg Richter

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(Getty Images)

House Speaker John Boehner has failed to advance conservative policies and allowed President Barack Obama to drive the agenda and, therefore, must be driven from his position of power, Citizens United President David Bossie writes in an op-ed on

Boehner was given his position of power by conservatives, but his inaction is showing dissent among the grassroots, Bossie said, pointing to a recent Citizens United survey  showing its members don’t want their member of Congress to re-elect Boehner as speaker.

“Of the 4,025 polled, less than 6 percent would want their Representative to re-elect Boehner as House Speaker if the election were held today,” Bossie wrote. “Grassroots conservatives are through being patient with John Boehner.”

National polls show congressional approval ratings at only 15 percent, the Citizens United poll showed that the group’s grassroots conservative members gave Congress just more than 2 percent approval, while 95 percent disapproved.

The Boehner-led Congress has done nothing to combat the general distrust in government institutions or to contrast Obama’s agenda, Bossie said.

“It is his inaction, incompetence, and utter lack of a conservative agenda that has created the undercurrent visible in Donald Trump’s rise in the polls,” he said.

Boehner should be forcing President Obama to use his veto pen on the reforms being demanded by the public, Bossie said, and he then “would be forced to explain those vetoes as the economy limps along, families struggle, illegal immigrants flood our southern border, and aborted baby parts are sold by Planned Parenthood.”

Boehner should help Republicans restore trust in government by voting on a balanced budget amendment, congressional term limits, ending congressional pensions and simplifying the tax code, Bossie argues.

“Conservatives could put their stamp on these reforms like Speaker Newt Gingrich’s ‘Contract with America,'” he wrote.

Boehner instead “lashes out” at conservative Republicans who question his decisions to fund Obamacare and amnesty, and passing trade promotion authority.

“As Americans who watched Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) call the Senate Majority Leader a liar can attest, there is little difference in his mind between the way [Harry] Reid and [Mitch] McConnell and [Nancy] Pelosi and Boehner run Congress,” Bossie said.

Grassroots conservatives put Boehner in power, but haven’t seen a positive conservative agenda yet, he said.

“Because of Boehner’s failure of leadership and a track record of broken promises, conservatives are ready for new leadership in the U.S. House now,” Bossie wrote. “Maybe newly empowered conservatives like Congressman [Mark] Meadows will lead a revolt and finally take back the people’s House.”

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