Sarin Gas in Syria = False Flag Operation

Really, how stupid do these war criminals think we are?!

Obama, Kerry, Cameron, Hollande et al. have each knowingly lied to their respective constituencies about the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian Government.
They have also deliberately misrepresented the case to the entire world … with the explicit intention of launching unlawful attacks against a sovereign nation.

Who should really be on trial here — Assad or Obama?
Who should be accused of perpetrating a false flag operation – Saudi Arabia, Israel, the USA, UK, France? Perhaps they are all complicit to varying degrees.
Just knowing about it in advance and doing nothing to stop it is misprison of felony.

The Al Qaeda-backed rebel leadership certainly has some knowledge of what actually happened at the scene of this horrific crime. However, you never really know who planned and coordinated it unless a whistleblower steps forward. And if one did they would be treated exactly as Dr. David Kelly was in the UK during the Iraq War.

What’s the point of this discussion? It’s now common knowledge that many of the world’s government leaders either participate in or willfully take advantage of false flag operations for their own selfish ends and often nefarious political advantage.

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 Obama distracts the electorate from scandals and economic problems

Now you might ask why is Obama so interested in using this false flag atrocity for his own benefit. Look around — this president is in deep trouble. We’re not even talking about the NSA scandal … or the Benghazi scandal … or the AP/WashPo/Fox scandal … or the IRS scandal … or the Birth Certificate scandal … or the Obamacare fiasco … or his blatant attempts to start a race war via the Trayvon Martin affair. We’re talking about what matters most to the average American, and that is the state of the economy.

The USA is now in the 5th year of an essentially jobless, inflationary recession and this president has done everything but address this economic apocalypse in any meaningful way. It actually appears that he looks for things to distract the American public from this ongoing, slow motion collapse (see Detroit). And there is no better distraction than war, especially when rumors of war can be so easily disseminated where false flag operations are perpetrated on a naive, gullible and misinformed citizenry.

If you look closely at the photo above, you will see that each one of those US presidents had very good reason to become entangled with military involvements when they did. All of them were predicated on false flag operations. Fast forward to 2013 and we see that each of the three current national leaders who are pushing for war are in serious political trouble at home.
• Hollande’s tenure has been an unmitigated disaster marked by the lowest approval ratings in memory.
• Cameron can’t do anything right and is barely tolerated by his own party.
• Obama, well, he appointed John Kerry as his attack dog — can it get any worse?!

Much Speculation About Staged Photos

There is one aspect of this Sarin Gas false flag that many have found to be unusually suspicious. And that is the preponderance of photos which have been circulated in the wake of the attack that appear to many as being staged and highly suspect. Both political commentators and writers, onlookers near and far, have ventured into this territory by asking if those photos are real.

Quite frankly, this alternative news platform thought the same thing before anyone else was crying afoul. Therefore, it is highly recommended that some highly skilled forensic testing be performed on those photos since some appear to be a dead giveaway. A thorough investigation of this matter will no doubt reveal the perpetrators and their motivations.

We mean no disrespect to those who have truly suffered from these heinous acts of murder, but it is in their interest as well to know who perpetrated them.
It is the only way that justice can be done. And, an unnecessary war can be averted.

False Flag operations have been used reflexively for centuries by nations and political leaders during times of domestic upheaval and political turmoil.  Nothing extricates a highly unpopular leader from their failed policies quicker than a well-timed, expertly executed false flag.
Staged events like Syria have proven to be the most effective way for Obama to short-circuit a number of downward trends that he has faced at the polls.  He has often used them to take the attention away from various scandals and seems to have no consideration for those who have been injured or killed as a result of them.
Perhaps it is time for the American electorate to pay close attention to events of this nature so that lives can be spared and money can be saved for much more urgent needs.

Michael Thomas
State of the Nation 2013
September 3, 2013

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