Zaid It Isn’t So: Whistleblower Attorney’s Dubious Impeachment Role

N.B.: I wrote the article below 2 hours ago. I came on line to see that Trump is echoing my exact sentiments:
Remember, I do not work for or support Trump, other than to the extent that I believe he is entitled to be treated fairly under the Constitution and that this is a first draft. RHS

Thousand Oaks, CA
November 8, 2019

by Rich Scheck

I met Mark Zaid in Chicago in early April, 1993 at a JFK Assassination Conference. We did not know each other but shared a room to cut expenses.

It turned out that we had more in common than being lawyers who were interested in finding out who killed President Kennedy in Dallas, 30 years earlier.

We didn’t speak much since we were both focused on the Conference Agenda which was one of many that took place after Oliver Stone’s JFK film. (Stone was in town and made a brief appearance but did not participate).

As best as I can recall, Mark told me he was from Great Neck, New York better known as West Egg to those familiar with the Fitzgerald classic, The Great Gatsby. I grew up there and graduated North High School 5 months before the tragic events in Dealey Plaza.

Zaid has made quite a name for himself in DC as a “super lawyer” who defends free speech and Whistle Blowers.  Those familiar with current events will recognize his name as one of the attorneys representing the person whose actions are the basis of President Trump’s possible impeachment.

But both the case and Mark’s role in it raise lots of red flags regarding the legitimacy of what appears to some as a Kangaroo Court run by tainted Democrats who are projecting their own impropriety unto the president.

Adam Schiff has committed what can be called prosecutorial abuse in the way he has conducted the process. He met with the WB prior to the inquiry and then lied about that. His “parody” of the case against Trump was more than disingenuous: it tainted the process at its inception. Leaks and lies plus links to CIA operatives and those like himself
with ties to Ukraine undermine the appearance of fairness and do the nation a grave disservice.

Schiff, Pelosi, Biden, Hillary, Romney and other key players in this drama have major conflicts of interest that make their impeachment role suspect and subject to charges of partisanship.

So the question naturally arises: why would someone like Mark Zaid who has a history of exposing government lies and dubious official narratives like the one claiming Oswald shot Kennedy……..why would Zaid associate himself with a group of professional liars, leakers and conflicted politicians like those named above?

It’s a serious question that unfolds from his active role in championing the quest for someone to come forward and help his merry band of partisan activists take down Trump. Lawyers can be political activists but this conduct may have gone a step too far!

Rather than wait to defeat Trump at the polls in a year or bring solid impeachment charges against the incumbent for his Maladministration (a High Misdemeanor);or for abusing his power by bombing Syria based on lies and now stealing its oil; or massively arming 9/11 suspect nation Saudi Arabia, Zaid opts to collude with the participants in the continuing
RussiaGate intelligence operation now rebranded as UkraineGate.

I find his comfort level with liars, leakers, intelligence agency assets and the disgruntled mischief-making NSC holdovers from the Obama Administration deeply troubling and incongruent with his image as a “super lawyer” truth merchant!

Nor can I find any indication of outrage by Zaid at Trump’s failure to faithfully execute the laws when the president withheld release of all the JFK assassination files in 2017 as mandated by law……..a law both he and I promoted back in 1993.

In my opinion, that failure was an impeachable offense. Yet the DC Swamp Creatures let it pass without comment, the same way most of them save Tulsi Gabbard continue to let all Commanders-In-Chief get away with their illegal regime change wars.  Such actions are clear violations of the Constitution yet folks like Zaid and the Members of Congress remain mute.

I find it unacceptable for those who label themselves as “Progressives” to participate in this spectacle that is tantamount to a coup designed to destroy Trump and his presidency. The hypocrisy of their actions is only exceeded by their complicity in the massive corruption by the DC Swamp warmongers who benefit so handsomely from foreign interventions like the one masterminded by Obama’s State Department team led by Hillary Clinton and Victoria Nuland that led to the overthrow of the pro-Russian government in 2014.

True, Trump is no “innocent” whose personal baggage and controversial conduct as president make him an apt target by the opposition. But Eliot Ness and J. Edgar Hoover were able to take down Al Capone without inventing phony charges against him, abusing the criminal justice system to convict him, improperly manipulating the public through leaks or colluding with witnesses and their attorneys to take down the Chicago mobster.

Impeachment is a solemn constitutional process designed to remove government officials who abuse their power and violate their oath to faithfully execute the law. To do so by sanctimoniously wrapping oneself in the mantle of legitimacy and pretending to rely on the truth while engaging in flagrant violation of the sacred norms used to justify the process is so abusive as to destroy the very fabric of authenticity they purport to evoke.

These people are putting the nation at risk. The actions of Zaid, Schiff, Pelosi, Clinton, Biden, Romney, Brennan along with the complicit Main Stream Media are in my opinion, as or more reprehensible than anything Trump may have done.

As things now stand, this cabal of coup-plotters may well prevail in removing the president from office. They certainly have the momentum on their side with Trump proffering a timid defense. That may all change depending on what is in the Barr/Dunham
Report, when (if) that ever gets released.

The public is caught in the Crossfire of this ugly confrontation with little recourse other than to watch in amazement as this spat intensifies in the run-up to the 2020 election. How it will all play out in the intervening 12 months remains to be seen. But history
is likely to record the role of its leading participants, including that of Mark Zaid, as deeply troubling in an era that is starting to make the McCarthy period look tame by comparison.


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*Mark S. Zaid is a Washington DC attorney, with a practice focus on national security law, free speech constitutional claims and government accountability. He was named as a 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 DC Superlawyer for his work on behalf of national security whistleblowers. He founded the James Madison Project in 1998, an organization dedicated to reduce government secrecy. It is interested in the Freedom of Information Act and government whistleblowers. He is the co-editor of Litigation Under the Federal Open Government Laws.

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