Impeachment Obsessed Democrats Poised To Pick Hillary Despite Gorbachev Warning of Colossal Danger!

Newbury Park, CA
November 6, 2019

by Rich Scheck

Despite warning of “colossal danger” from Russian leaders like Mikhail Gorbachev, the impeachment obsessed Democratic Party along with Republicans like Mitt Romney continue to broadcast the dubious “Russia did it” meme at great risk to our national security and world peace.

That’s because the Democrats appear to be deranged regarding all things Trumpian including his efforts to improve our relationship with Russia which has sadly morphed into Cold War II.

Remember it was Hillary who campaigned by saying: “Putin is the new Hitler!” Current leaders like Putin and Lavrov as well as Gorbachev are paying close attention to the madness swirling in the US. They have made no secret of their deep concern where
this is going especially if Hillary is president in 2020. As a result the Russian president will not meet with Trump in Chile next week.

Tulsi Gabbard is going nowhere despite her public spat with HRC! Amazingly, it is Hillary who has benefited it what has to be seen as a counter intuitive (deranged?) phenomena among Democratic voters who fancy themselves as the peace party.

Tulsi is in the wrong party! She appears to be a true leader in search of a following within her chosen political affiliation. But it has failed to materialize. Gabbard should either leave the one she is in to form a new one or become a supporter of Trump who campaigned on the theme of ending the madness created by his predecessors with respect to Russia!

Otherwise she is wasting her time and doing what Bernie did in 2016! The country has never been in such danger. The Democrats are conducting a partisan Kangaroo Court based “impeachment” that is a continuation of the Russiagate intelligence operation led by Obama Administration officials like John Brennan.

It is their latest effort to destroy Trump’s presidency while hiding their own massive corruption as documented by George Webb, Robert David Steele, Charles Ortel, Peter Schweitzer, State of the Nation and many others.

As Chris Hedges expresses so eloquently: The impeachment of Trump marks a new and frightening chapter in American politics. The deep state has shown its face. It has made a public declaration that it will not tolerate dissent, although Trump’s dissent is rhetorical, mercurial and ineffectual. The effort to impeach Trump sends an ominous message to the American left. The deep state not only intends to prevent, as it did in 2016, Bernie Sanders or any other progressive Democrat from achieving power, but has signaled that it will destroy any politician who attempts to question the maintenance and expansion of
empire. Its animus toward the left is far more pronounced than its animus toward Trump. And its resources to destroy those on the left are nearly inexhaustible.

It’s time for Progressives to wake up and smell the stench in the Democratic Party. Their projecting their own hatred and dysfunction onto Trump and his “deplorable” followers.

Yes, he makes for an easy target. But their failure to take responsibility for their own perfidy may well be catastrophic as Gorbachev and others have warned.


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