No one get’s an icy glare from Greta the Grinch like Trump!

President Trump and Greta Thunberg were
filmed in the same location during the UN
Climate Summit

SOTN Editor’s Note: The videographer who filmed the sequence below must have been told exactly where to be to capture the priceless footage.  It’s becoming more clear by the day that Greta’s handlers carefully control her every move just as they write her every spoken word like it’s a Climate Chaos movie script. To learn more about who is really behind the complex conspiratorial deception now known as GRETAgate, please click on: GRETAgate: Crisis Actor Greta Thunberg Takes Climate Change Fear-mongering to a Whole New Level

Greta’s Icy Glare Might Have Frozen Trump on the Spot Had He Faced Her

Has Greta the Grinch been so mind-control programmed to reflexively detest Climate Change truthers* like Trump?

*Climate Change truth told at: Geoengineering Is The Primary Cause Of Global Climate Change, Not CO2

What follows is the “Greta glare” caught at the perfect time in living color and during prime time—WOW !

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