Epstein’s Island Temple: Satanic worship and child sacrifice and what else?

More Than Just Pedophilia? Insights Into Epstein’s Island Temple and Its Purported Use for Satanic Worship

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Editor’s Note: Jeffrey Epstein has a temple-like structure on his 72 acre private island — “Little St. Jeff’s” – in the US Virgin Islands.

Our correspondent, Paul Seran, offers an insight on the island temple, in light of the QAnon theory. 

QAnon is the theory that there is a plot by the “deep state” against U.S. President Donald Trump and his supporters. Trump is a threat to a secretive, worldwide cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles who control politicians, the media, and Hollywood.  Trump is their enemy.

Rather than merely dismiss this as unhinged right wing conspiracy nut job theory, why not take a moment to at least hear what someone who has researched this from the QAnon perspective has to say? Even if you don’t believe a word of it, in light of the mysteries surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s purported death, it might be worth your time to examine since there are many who do believe these things are possible.

There are certainly things which are not what they appear to be surrounding the Epstein case. Could he have been part of a secretive group of powerful people who believe in Satan, pedophilia and child sacrifice? Do they employ blackmail? Or was Epstein just a lone pervert with a bunch of pervy friends? Was he into blackmail? Was this organized or was Epstein just an aberration, a rogue monster?

Here we are getting a unique insight from the world of QAnon that suggests that Epstein was part of something larger than a wealthy man with his own island and a penchant for underage girls.

Frank Report takes no position on this other than to request that readers who are interested take a moment and listen to an alternate view. 

Paul Serran is a journalist, writer, and musician. He lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

By Paul Serran 

OK. Grab your tinfoil hats! I’m about to take you into a deep rabbit hole, where perhaps some of your illusions about the world around you may be shattered.

Look, QAnon is the real deal.

Q is an intelligence source linked to the Trump administration, that has been weaponizing patriots for almost two years with disturbing intel that Main Stream Media and the world elites do not want you to have.

When it comes to the Jeffrey Epstein case, everything we found out in the last few weeks was known to Anons for about a year and a half. Every single thingEvery single bad player. All the main victims.

Doing what is arguably the best coverage of the Epstein case, the British paper Daily Mail no longer refers to QAnon followers derisively. Not that they are well informed about us – they still are not. But evidence has arisen that is so compelling that they can’t overlook it anymore.

The QAnon community also knows that there is ANOTHER side to this story that has not hit the headlines, yet. A darker, much more terrible side. This is what I came to tell you.

In the Island. In the Temple. In the Tunnels. Yes, we will stick our hands into this beehive. Without further ado, Q drop 3:

Yes. I know it’s unsettling, so you’ll want to dismiss it right away. As Q has stated, “the choice to know will be yours.”

Q drop 133:

Whatever your thoughts on Satan’s existence, it is a well documented that Satanism and Satanists do exist. A cult is a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister. A temple (from the Latin word templum) is a building reserved for religious or spiritual rituals and activities such as prayer and sacrifice.

The Epstein Island temple is on top of a mountain because there are tunnels and underground levels below. The puppet masters have traveled to this Island many times, on special satanic celebrations.


When we started this fight, some two years ago, we didn’t have Rusty Shakelford’s HD Drone images scanning every inch of the Island, so we could not fact check the misinformed people who tried to shame and ridicule us. But now, we do.

Don’t forget: just a few short months ago, to suggest that there was a big international web of child trafficking for the elites revolving around Epstein would be the proverbial “Conspiracy Theory”. And now we know this to be a fact.

So, just take a look at these images, (I edited a sample of 2 and a half minutes of footage) and tell me if there is any reasonablenormal explanation for that.

The season is open to the “WTF is wrong with this temple?” crowd.

The prevailing theory among well-informed Anons is that we are – unfortunately – looking at a resurgence of the Canaanite cult of child-sacrificing Moloch. BAD.

I understand that it feels absurd to state that a satanic worship is shaping so much of the life of the world’s super elites – who in turn are shaping our own lives. Well, all I can say is the world is turning out to be a pretty absurd place.

Child sacrifice is the most profound taboo in the great monotheistic religions of planet Earth. In a sense, our civilization is born when Abraham does not kill Isaac, using the sacrificial lamb, and instituting a symbolic alliance via the circumcision.

You probably still do not want to believe the satanic angle. I understand. I took a lot of screenshots from Rusty’s videos. He has filmed everything. Let’s take a look at this island. Maybe you will change my mind.

In the center of the island there’s a symbolic Sundial. Look at the imagery. Look at the sacrificial stones at the “open”, “magic” hours.

By all means, do come up with a reasonable, secular explanation for all that.

The hunting grounds. Yes. What else do you figure that seemingly “pre-historic plaza de toros” is meant for?

The island is all rigged for video, not only the pedophile compounds, but also the temple.

Look how massive the temple is. And how strange, with its gilded dome and the bird statues on top.

What in the world can the purpose of this be?

It is believed that the temple has an entrance to the underground tunnels, but at least two other such entrances are plainly visible from the air.

On the lower parts of the island there is this building that appears to be some air exhausting/filtration for the tunnels.

Rusty filmed the FBI raid on the Island, after Epstein was “suicided”, and found that they left an open door on the temple for us to look inside. There does seem to be a trapdoor on the floor, and also a Salomonic column – need a even clearer sign of the symbolic usage of this building?

Q Drop 1 made us a promise, yet to be completely, publicly fulfilled. Drop 1000 showed the “smoking gun” that’ll bring her down. The underground tunnels were filled in, at great cost, but material evidence and witnesses do exist.

Drop 1001: all roads lead to Rome. Human sacrifice and blood collection.

“Each prince is associated with a cardinal direction: north, south, east and west.”

I had the sad task of researching, and found that the four princes of hell are: Satan rules the North, Belial rules the South, Leviathan rules the East and Lucifer rules the west.

There correspond four major building centers on the Island.


It’s not completely aligned in terms of Cardinal points, but it would look a bit like that.

April 6th, 2018: drop 1055 begins the takedown of former president Clinton. He is depicted with a then-unknown underage girl, Rachel Chandler, on the Lolita Express, Epstein’s plane.

Chandler became the object of many Q posts. Immediately, it became extremely likely that her social media was used to advertise sexually-trafficked kids. Q tells us to report this to the authorities.

And report we did, at the same time where we found more and more disturbing content of trafficked kids openly flaunted in social media. She was the C(hild)HANDLER.

Her social contacts, and her persona, were slowly being uncovered.

Anons reporting the disturbing content “en masse”.

April 7th, 2018: Q gave us a horrible glimpse on the satanic underground under the temple, by simply linking a picture that Chandler openly flaunted in her Instagram account.

This is the CCTV monitor with feeds from all rooms and hallways of the underground “facilities”. Think about that: she was openly posting this on social media.

Apart from putting Anons on the trail of the Epstein flight Logs, Q gave this detailed explanations of the 2 sides to this horrifying story:

So far, only [1] has entered the arena of public knowledge.

[1] – Sex Resort >>> trafficked & drugged underage girls
[2] – Occult / Worship of Evil (temple)

This is stated clearly, with no ambiguity. That is what we will be faced with. I’m sorry to inform.

Chandler is said in the drops to have disguised her work posing as a “talent scout”. Where are these kids now?

After we went through the NXIVM trial, and understood the disturbing role of actress Allison Mack procuring branded sex-slaves for her master Keith Raniere, JUST IMAGINE:


More disturbing content by RC keeps being unveiled. Things we so wish we did not see. So Q keeps pushing for Anons to notify the authorities. You can be sure this has had an impact on the resurgence of the charges against Epstein.

It has to do with this.

HRC video ***and a child***

[Impossible to defend].

It has to do – I’m sorry to add – with this.

The fact that Q dropped this post does not necessarily mean that this is entirely accurate, but it does mean the Q team wants us to be aware of that.

Q drop 3396 is another long post. Here we go: we are ready to take them down.

Is that normal? A temple symbolizes sacrifice. An owl means Moloch. 16 channels of CCTV were photographed by RC and posted on her Instagram. There are hallways, and stairs, too. It indicates 4 floors, and a lot of depth.

Rachel Chandler has been “interviewed” by FBI/DOJ. Public awareness of her role started in April 2018 when Q posted her pics, Anons started sleuthing like they do, and afterwards started notifying the authorities “en masse”.

Ray was 15 in the photo with Bill Clinton on the Lolita Express. Chandler herself posted the picture. She also posted the internal security cams of the temple. People involved in this trafficking ring had an “untouchable” mindset, because they felt they had blackmail power, and top-down protection.

Q tells us that Ray Chandler, Epstein and the Moloch temple have been highlighted in the past so the Patriots and Anons could arrive at this point in time ready to take them down.

Our mission is way more profound than just cleaning corrupt players in Washington. It’s a planetary fight against the Elite Satanists.

The fight is just beginning. However long and difficult the struggle ahead, let me give you a nice spoiler: GOD WINS.


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