Marianne Williamson: NeoCon, NeoLib or Misguided Fool?

Abbotsford, British Columbia
August 22, 2019

by Rich Scheck

Who is advising Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson on
foreign policy?

According to Kevin Barrett, she’s supposed to be a 9/11 Truther and thus
hip to the fact that the attack on NYC and DC 18 years ago was a false flag
event designed to be a pretext for endless Middle East wars.

Nearly two decades later at a cost of perhaps $7 TRILLION and hundreds
of thousands of innocent lives across the region, as well as about 5,000
US killed and many more seriously injured, we are still fighting these
endless wars of aggression based on lies.

Now comes the supposedly enlightened and spiritual Williamson, advocate
of Love and Light with her Course In Miracles philosophy, to pronounce it
is “unacceptable” for President Trump to keep his campaign promise of
ending our foreign interventions because America needs to protect the
women of Afghanistan.

Yup, politically correct, Feminist, Williamson believes we must keep on
slaughtering the women, children and old men of that beleaguered nation
in order to insure that some day, little Afghani girls can wear a bikini instead
of a burka as demanded by their Taliban oppressors.

This erstwhile occupant of the White House seems oblivious to the incredible
damage perpetrated by NeoCon advocates of Pax Americana and their allegedly
Progressive NeoLib comrades on the Left who support “humanitarian interventions!”

I am particularly saddened by this turn of events because I personally suggested
to Ms. Williamson back in 2009 that instead of running for Congress in a vacated
District in the East Bay area of San Francisco, she manifest her own proclaimed
abilities to be “powerful beyond measure” to deal with the urgent crisis in American
politics by seeking out the presidency.

Had I known then that she would succumb to such limited thinking in the name of
some abstract Feminist ideal that may lead to even more loss of life in the years
ahead I would never have encouraged her to run for higher office.

This gratuitous policy statement on her part deals yet another blow to the agenda of
the always brilliant, always creative and almost always wrong Robert David Steele
who has recently shown interest in her spiritually based candidacy.

Steele needs to finish up his work this weekend in Ventura CA at the Dimensions of
Disclosure Conference he organized and contact Ms. Williamson regarding his fabulous
9/11 Document so she can re-evaluate her advocacy for more war in Afghanistan.

After that he might consider finally yielding his role as a Trump apologist who dreams
of our incumbent relinquishing his Zionist credentials and puppet like agreement to all
things Bibi, Sheldon and Jared.

For Steele to keep stating that Trump will soon terminate his total support for Israel and
its Zionist leaders is a level of wishful thinking that is completely incongruent with his
otherwise keen insights into what can help restore our Republic as well as Trump’s
record as the “greatest president for the Jews and Israel in the history of the world.”

I pray I am wrong but waiting for Trump to put America First instead of Israel First is almost as delusional as Williamson’s belief that staying in Afghanistan supports Feminism.

We are living in extremely troubling times. When arguably sane voices such as Steele’s and
Williamson’s falter so egregiously in their policy pronouncements, we know that “the best lack all conviction and the worst are full of passionate intensity!”

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