Trump’s in serious trouble with the SDNY, fails to understand he’s been set up—BIG TIME!

Comey’s daughter works for SDNY — federal prosecutor going after Trump?

The American Mirror

Does fired FBI Director James Comey’s daughter work for the powerful New York’s prosecutor’s office that has waged war against President Donald Trump? It certainly appears so.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Maurene Comey has served as the Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York since 2015.

She reportedly interned at SDNY as a law clerk in 2014 before being hired full-time as a powerful lawyer for the prosecutor’s office.

Assuming she stills works for the SDNY, there are certainly several questions about whether she is overseeing any cases or matters involving Trump.

Given the president fired her father in May 2017 — and Trump has slammed James Comey several times in public — has she recused herself from cases involving the president?

In a series of tweets, Twitter user “Rosie memos” shared screenshots showing that Comey certainly appears to work for SDNY.

In another tweet, Rosie Memos shared a link to Open Data NY, which is a database that allows users to search for information on businesses, schools, lawyers, and so on in New York.

According to a search on this website, Maurene Ryan Comey is listed as working for the “U.S. Attorney’s Office, SDNY.”

SDNY, which is essentially replacing Robert Mueller’s Russia probe after the special counsel’s office found no evidence of collusion and did not bring any indictments against the president, will have much more leeway to go after Trump over his tax returns, the Trump Organization, and other aspects.

“Prosecutors in Manhattan’s Southern District aren’t saddled with a limited mandate like special counsel Robert Mueller in his Russia probe; they can follow the trail wherever it leads,” NBC News reported.

“With a staff of about 220 assistant U.S. attorneys, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York is one of the largest in the country. But that prosecutorial firepower isn’t the only reason why it has become among the most sought-after assignments for aspiring federal prosecutors,” NBC News added.

To date, the SDNY is currently trying to look into Trump’s tax returns and has been probing the Trump Organization and Trump’s inaugural committee.

With all of this considered, one has to wonder what role Comey’s daughter is playing in all of this.


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