China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station: The Epicenter of the California Earthquakes and Hub of Geoengineering is Exposed by a Former Insider


Weather Mod & China Lake Connection: Part 1 – The Secret City

by Anthony Etienne Jaime
The Truth Denied

Weather Modification & The China Lake Connection

Part 1 – The Secret City  by Anthony Etienne Jaime

“Neither the Bible nor the prophets; neither Freud nor research; neither the revelations of God nor man can take precedence over my own direct experience” Carl Rogers

An Introduction

For those who are aware of the Chemtrail phenomenon and are actively involved in researching the aerosol spraying programs in an effort to ascertain their purpose and determine the agencies involved, there are two main schools of thought that have come into existence.  Just as America has been divided into Red states and Blue states, the Chemtrail movement has become just as divided. On one hand, there are those who ardently wave the geo-engineering banner declaring that the aerosol spraying programs fall under the guise of solar radiation mediation.  And on the other hand, there are those who just as firmly believe that the purpose of the chemtrails are more sinister in nature and are the result of exotic space based weaponry developed under the far reaching umbrella of the military industrial complex.  And to a lesser extent, there are some who believe in an alien and UFO connection to the Chemtrail phenomenon and some who believe that the Chemtrails are a part of Project Bluebeam, that fabled conspiracy theory that says the world governments will fake an alien invasion with holograms as a pretext to imposing martial law and a one world order.  Some believe that the Chemtrails are preventing us from seeing the approach of Niburu or a second dwarf star.  The possible explanations are wide-ranging and often speculative but there is no doubt in my mind that the aerosol spraying programs and chemtrails are real for I see them everyday. Like the X-Files, the truth is out there somewhere. The cold hard reality is that we need to assemble enough clues and evidence to piece together that puzzle that is the truth into the bigger picture that may just include many of the aforementioned puzzle pieces.

My particular puzzle pieces are the result of experience, much research and amassing a fairly large body of photographic evidence in addition to having undergone what I can only say were extremely profound experiences that shook me to my very core and forever altered my perceptions of the world.  It is often said that “the truth is stranger than fiction” and since I began my journey down this particular rabbit hole, the lines between empirical truth and science fiction have become extremely blurred at times.  As you journey with me through this strange and complex narrative, it is my sincere hope that that the factual details I provide will connect and support the anecdotal portions of my narrative and that this article will help encourage others to speak up and provide whatever information or knowledge they may have.

As with any narrative, there needs to be an introduction, the narrative itself, and an end or conclusion.  As many of my college professors were fond of informing me, essays, articles, and speeches should be all be assembled on Lincoln’s three part model for a speech: First, tell them what you’re going to tell them; Second, tell them; Third, tell them what you told them.  With that thought in mind, let me introduce myself and “tell you what I’m going to tell you” and then lay out the factual and historical background because much of what I am about to relate to you borders upon the surreal.

Since this article is primarily about China Lake, I will start by informing you that I am a former employee of the China Lake Naval Weapons Center (NWC) as it was known when I worked there.  During my time there, which spanned nearly 9 years beginning in 1973 and ending in 1982, I was employed in several different capacities.  I started off as an apprentice electrician in the Public Works Department in 1973 and after completing the program and making journeyman, I wound up transferring to the Range Department and the Supersonic Naval Ordinance Research Track or SNORT, as it is commonly known.

Copy 05-29-2007 11_29_44AM

Fig. 1 – The Track Crew (1978) at SNORT w the Sierras in the background – L to R: Anthony Etienne Jaime , Dan Krausman, Cleve Warren, Eddie Mierta, Raphael Alvarado, Billy Brown. ~The Truth Denied


After leaving the base for a brief time in 1979, I returned to the Public Works Department as a power lineman in the high-voltage shop before leaving civil service again for good in 1982.  All of these jobs afforded me plenty of opportunities to travel all over the base in the performance of my duties.  In addition, I spent nearly 30 years working out of I.B.E.W. Local 428 in Bakersfield, Ca., including many DoD projects at China Lake, Edwards AFBFTC, Vandenberg, and spent several months working in the extremely secret and much speculated upon Northrup Tejon Ranch RCS facility located in the Tehachapi Mountains west of Rosamond, Ca.

For those interested, the following video provides an interesting look at the Tejon facility.

In addition to my civil service and construction time at China Lake, many of the construction projects I have worked on at Edwards include the B-1/B-2 hanger complex, the SR-71 hanger re-model at the NASA Dryden facility, the large Anechoic Chamber, the rocket stands and the Ridge Project at Boron (rumored to be the facility that produces fuel for the Aurora), the Airborne Laser Project, the bombing ranges, and the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter hanger.  The last projects I worked on in my career were at China Lake, refurbishing the HVAC controls in several facilities and on the construction of lab facilities at Hanger 5.  While by no means do I consider myself to be a scientist or engineer, my background is such that I have fairly good grasp of what facilities are designed and used for.  Moreover, as a long time resident of the China Lake area and employee at the China Lake/Edwards base complexes, I am very familiar with military aircraft and weaponry and have watched them fly through the skies here since my childhood.  It is therefore an understatement when I say that the sights I have been seeing for nearly the last two and a half years were and continue to be incredibly disturbing to say the least.

My journey began in the early morning hours of July 30th, 2012 with a UFO sighting that took place over the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station in California that lasted for several hours and led to continued UFO sightings and other strange sights in the sky for the next three days, including witnessing what I now believe to have been a full on holographic demonstration of Project Bluebeam.  After overcoming my initial sense of shock and disbelief, I became completely engrossed in a search to find rational explanations for the strange sights I was seeing in the sky.  At that particular point in time I had never heard of a chemtrail or many of the other terms I was to become so familiar with but that was rapidly to change.  For the next couple of months, I was much like the Richard Dreyfuss character in Close Encounters and chased strange lights in the sky around the countryside at night and observed strange and unnatural cloud formations during the day as well as pursuing research on the Internet.

As I struggled to wrap my mind around the incredible sights I was seeing in the skies, I compiled a short list of possible causes but I kept coming back to the Navy and the China Lake base as the most likely explanation.  The top three possibilities of that list were: 1) government research with military applications; 2) ET really is here; 3) a combination of 1 & 2, which is still my favorite theory.  Over time, my personal observations and experiences have allowed me, along with a great many other people who were accompanying me, to witness an incredible assortment of extraordinary sights in many different locations.  The one constant throughout my journey to date has been my proximity to the Naval Air Weapons Station at China Lake, California, which in turn is in close proximity to a large number of other related military facilities that I believe also play a role in what we are witnessing in our skies.

While many of us may hear some the names of some bases mentioned frequently, far too few really know or understand what goes on behind those closed gates.  I believe that it is through understanding what role these bases play that we will come to a much fuller understanding of the nature of the Chemtrail phenomenon and what is occurring in the skies.  The majority of activists documenting Chemtrails are looking up in an effort to understand what we are seeing, but let me assure you that there is most definitely a terrestrial connection to ground based facilities.

And it was at this early point in time during my journey and search for answers that a very fortuitous chance event occurred.  While surfing the net, looking for answers to my questions, through sheer luck I tuned into the Roxy Lopez Show while she was interviewing Sean Gautreaux regarding his research into the cloaked craft that are now being detected and seen by so many researchers world-wide.  As I listened in stunned amazement, it quickly struck me that someone else was seeing many of the same things as myself and the realization that I was not alone was an immense relief.  I immediately located Roxy on Facebook and asked her to put me in touch with Sean which she graciously did, and over the course of the next two years have become well acquainted with Roxy, Sean, Jim Kerr, plus a few other of her on air guests and a great many other people worldwide who are active in the movement to rid our once beautiful blue skies from the toxic heavy metal aerosol cocktails being sprayed into our atmosphere as Chemtrails.

Copy 62100_192527390910047_1985888487_n
Fig. 2 – Large facial chemtrail apparition that appeared over my home 7/31/2012

A History & Overview of China Lake

China Lake, the very name sounds like a placid tranquil vacation spot for tourists to visit but nothing could be further from the truth.  When it comes to uncovering the truth surrounding the incredibly compartmentalized secret government programs that are being conducted by the military-industrial complex, much can be learned by examining the bases and facilities where such work is carried out.  Understanding the nature of these facilities can provide many clues, especially for those who are seeking to get at the truth surrounding the aerosol spraying and weather modification programs.  The China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station is the Navy’s premier RDAT&E laboratory (Research, Development, Acquisition, Test & Evaluation) and a facility whose role in weather modification has been largely overlooked.  The term “Secret City” comes from a 1993 2-hour video of the same name made by the China Lake Museum Foundation that is a history of the Navy at China Lake that was made in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the base and the unique community that sprang up in the middle of nowhere.  Unlike AREA 51, which in spite of its extremely secret nature is a well-known installation frequently featured on television programs and in UFO circles, those in the know rarely mention China Lake outside of official circles and it receives very little undue publicity on a national level.

Copy of socal_recreation_cl
Fig 3 – Location Map

Comprising approximately 1.1 million acres or 1,735 square miles, the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station is an immense installation.  This sprawling complex is spread out across Kern, Inyo, and San Bernardino counties.  The installation is located in the upper reaches of California’s Mojave Desert, approximately two and half hours north east of Los Angeles near the intersections of State Highways 395 and 14 on the way to the eastern Sierra ski resorts at Mammoth Mt.  State Highway 178, which connects Bakersfield to Death Valley, runs through Ridgecrest, the small community outside the gates where the majority of the bases employees reside, including the transient contract work force that keeps the local motels continually filled during the week and emptied out on the week-ends.  With the growth of the Ridgecrest community, it has been easier to attract qualified employees to the base but in the early days, the remoteness of the area and the often-harsh weather conditions, especially the frequent high winds, made keeping employees extremely hard at times.

Constructed during the early 1940’s, the base originally began at the airfield located outside the small town of Inyokern, so named because of its proximity to the boundaries of Kern and Inyo counties, at the foot of the Sierra Nevada range.  After relocating ten miles east, the base was originally known as the Naval Ordinance Test Station or N.O.T.S.  It was during the early days of N.O.T.S. existence that it gained it’s pre-eminent fame in the military-industrial complex environment for the development in 1950 of the AIM 9 Sidewinder heat seeking air-to-air missile, named after the unique Mojave Desert rattlesnake that also targets its prey with heat seeking abilities.

China Lake~ The- Truth- Denied-

Fig. 4 – China Lake Main Gate in the early days. ~ The Truth Denied

Fig. 4 – China Lake Main Gate in the early days.

During the its existence, the China Lake base has been known by several different names including the Naval Ordinance Test Station (N.O.T.S.), the Naval Weapons Center (NWC), and today the main base located adjacent to the city of Ridgecrest is known as the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division, Naval Air Weapons Station (NAWS), China Lake, California.

China Lake is actually a dry lake located on the north range area, named for early Chinese immigrant workers who mined borax from the dry lakebed.  The entire region is dotted with dry lakebeds, including the large underground Searles Lake mining operation in Trona, Ca. located 25 miles to the east.  It is an arid desert region of little rainfall and a very harsh climate located about 100 miles west of Death Valley.  Winters can be bitter cold and summers frequently hit triple digits.  The main base facilities are located in the Indian Wells Valley, surrounded by the Sierra Nevada mountain range to the west, the Coso range to the north, the Argus range to the east, and the El Paso mountain range to the south.  The terrain of the base is diverse and ranges from flat desert land to volcanic lava flows and rugged mountain ranges.

DSCF6842 - Copy
Fig. 5 – The recently renovated main gate today. The original gate guard shack is visible on the left hand side of the newly constructed canopy.

Like AREA 51, China Lake was chosen for its remote location far from large population centers in order to safely conduct testing in relative secrecy.  In addition, the clear skies over China Lake affords an extremely good environment for unimpeded flying and to collect the necessary photographic, video, and telemetry data required in order to support the China Lake mission of weapons testing and development for the Navy.  As previously mentioned, China Lake is an enormous facility, most of which is comprised of sparse unpopulated tracts of desolate desert, and in the eyes of the visionaries who chose this location, perfectly suited for testing a wide variety of naval ordinance and weapons, including missiles, propellants, and bombs, with the list growing to include radar cross section testing, electronic counter-measures, laser/optics research and testing, aircraft survivability, ejection seats testing, and also weather modification.

For a good look at the capabilities of China Lake, this video provides a concise overall summary of the base mission and facilities available.

Heavily modernized after over 73 years of existence, the China Lake installation today is far removed from its austere beginnings when the fledgling rocketry program at Cal Tech was looking for a more suitable location in which to carry out the testing necessary for the development of the its rocketry program.

According to the official NAWS site, “In the midst of World War II, adequate facilities were needed by the California Institute of Technology for test and evaluation of rockets. At the same time, the Navy needed a new proving ground for aviation ordinance. Cal Tech’s Dr. Charles C. Lauritsen and then Cmdr. Sherman E. Burroughs met and formed a pact to find a site that would meet both their needs.”1

Thus began a long collaboration and partnership between the civilian sector, comprised of research scientists, engineers, technicians, and many skilled craftsmen and military personnel and defense contractors that led to a unique culture of civilians and military personnel working side by side.  It also led to the formulation of a policy known as the China Lake Way that established that the civilian scientists were working as equal partners and not subordinates to the military.2

Fig. 6 – The sign at the visitor center at the main gate.

“China Lake is the United States Navy largest single landholding, representing 85 percent of the Navy’s land for weapons and armaments research, development, acquisition, testing and evaluation (RDAT&E) use and 38 percent of the Navy’s land holding’s worldwide.  In total, its two ranges and main site cover more than 1.1 million acres, an area larger than the state of Rhode Island.  As of 2010, at least 95 percent of that land has been left undeveloped. The roughly $3 billion infrastructure of the installation is comprised of 2,132 buildings and facilities, 329 miles of paved roads and 1,801 miles of unpaved roads.  The 19,600 square miles of restricted and controlled airspace at China Lake makes up 12 percent of California’s total airspace and provides an unprecedented venue for integrated testing and training of today’s warfighter.  The workforce at China Lake is a mixture of military, civilians and contractors that are employed across multiple tenant commands.  There are currently 620 active duty military, 4,166 civilian employees and 1,734 contractors employees that work onboard the installation.”3

Copy1 of Let It Stay Here
Fig. 7 – Security admonition entering China Lake

As one might expect from a unique laboratory installation like China Lake, the ratio of civilian employees to military personnel is structured far more in favor of a civilian work force that handles the bulk of the research and development workload while the military personnel are primarily assigned as aviation and ordinance support personnel.  Despite the majority of personnel being civilians, security is a high priority at China Lake and rigidly enforced by N.C.I.S. and other agencies.  That fact I can attest to personally since I once had occasion to intervene in altercation in a local establishment located just across the street from the main gate. As an employee of the base at that time, I quickly ascertained that a breach of security had occurred between a contract employee of Hughes Aircraft and some local patrons with an exchange of money and a hand drawn schematic involved.  After securing the drawing and the combatants, I phoned base security and within two minutes the establishment was completely surrounded by local and base law enforcement vehicles.  Within a couple more minutes, two N.I.S. agents (pre-Gibbs it was the Naval Investigative Service) in suits entered and I explained the situation, handed over the drawing and the Hughes employee who was immediately taken into custody and ushered out the door. I was later called into the N.I.S. office for further de-briefing and was informed that while no criminal charges had been pursued, the Hughes employee had been discharged and his security clearance revoked.  It bears noting that while foreign espionage is always a concern at military installations, at an installation like China Lake industrial espionage between competing defense contractors is also a concern.

Divided into two major sections, there is the main base, which contains the North Range area and the South Range area formerly known as the Randsburg Wash Test Range and currently known as the Electronic Combat Range or ECR. The ECR also is home to the Navy’s Foreign Technology Branch that reverse engineers acquired foreign technology, which are primarily radars.

Copy of 130806_Navy-China-Lake-R2508-HRAIZ
Fig. 8. – This is a file photo of China Lake’s North & South Ranges plus R-2508 Complex & Nellis*  AFB – All are in close proximity. (Nellis*  AFB is otherwise known as Area-51)

Edwards AFBFTC is only an hour away; the Ft. Irwin National Training Center and NASA Goldstone adjoin the NAWS ECR on the south range, Nellis AFB, AREA 51, the Nevada Test Site, Tonopah Test Range, Pacific Missile Test Range, NAS Lemoore, and Top Gun at Fallon, Nv. are also located fairly close to China Lake in a large, intricately linked zone of military influence, research, and testing.  One of the many advances made at China Lake since my days there is the Integrated Battlespace Arena simulation facility through which “Facilities are linked worldwide with multiple fiber optic networks including SIPRNET, DREN, and range microwave telecommunication capabilities.”4

Located on the main site adjacent to Ridgecrest are an incredible assortment of laboratories and Armitage Field N.A.F. which is home to two different squadron commands, the VX-9 Vampires located in Hanger 1 and the VX-31 Dust Devils Test and Evaluation Squadron located in Hanger 3.  Hanger 2 over the years has housed visiting transient foreign commands from the R.A.F. and also the remotely piloted QF-86 and QF-4 drone program, which were re-built Korean War F-86 and Vietnam era F-4 Phantom aircraft designed as targets for missile testing.  Hanger 5 or the Advanced Warfare Lab whose construction was finished in 2007, houses China Lake’s F-18 program and the nearby Hanger 4, “the so-called “Black Hangar” that may or may not host the developmental (later cancelled) A-12 WSSA, was completed during 1990; the building is officially nonexistent for many years, prompting the long-standing canard, “What hangar?”5  This is where the Navy houses it’s version of the stealth aircraft that can occasionally be seen flying in the skies here.  I have performed work at both facilities but can tell you very little about Hanger 4 since the level of security was extremely high and escorts were with us at all times and the Hanger 5 AWL project that I worked on was primarily lab space and fenced off from the rest of complex.  That is quite different from the original three hangers at the airfield where access to the hanger decks was virtually unfettered and it was possible to walk right up to jet aircraft and helicopters.  As a member of the China Lake high voltage shop, I spent a lot of time at the airfield since it was also our responsibility to maintain the runway lighting.

Copy of x-47pegasus_3
Fig. 9. – This is a file photo of the Northrup Grumman X-47A at N.A.F., China Lake. Note the purple & pink chemtrail haze in background.

The laboratories at China Lake present some of the finest facilities of their type in the world from the huge Michelson Lab, with its over 9 ½ square acres of floor space which “is equipped for basic and applied research in physics, chemistry, aerophysics, metallurgy and ballistics, and for development work in propulsion, fire-control, and guidance systems for rockets and other missiles”6 to nearby Lauritsen Lab which “features a 56,000 square-foot structure that incorporates special features in three well-equipped wings with a focus on laser and optical work.  Specialized facilities include an 8-by 100-foot room designed for optical experiments; a rooftop facility provided for outdoor tests to the horizon; and provisions for lasing from inside the building to a 500 – meter eye-safe outdoor laser test range.”7   These two facilities are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cutting edge state-of-the-art research labs at China Lake but suffice it to say that the technological abilities present on the base are nothing short of phenomenal.

As I conclude the first part in this series, there are a few additional, relevant facts about China Lake that are important to note.  The first concerns the electrical power grid that supplies the base.  Since it’s inception, there have been three separate transmission lines from Southern California Edison that feed the base any two of which can go down and the installation still can function.  In addition, there are four separate geo-thermal power plants located on the north ranges, two that fall under the management of the Navy, (known as Navy 1 & Navy 2) and two that are under the management of the Bureau of Land Management (known as BLM 1 & BLM 2).  I also worked on the construction of Navy 1.  Between the four plants, there is approximately 260 megawatts of power produced aboard the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station8.   The reason I point out these facts about the electrical grid system is that very few military installations are this energy independent.  Since China Lake is not a deployment or otherwise strategic base but rather a research and development installation, this fact alone gives some emphasis to the importance of the Naval Air Weapons Station.

Fig. 10. – This is a file photo of Navy 1 Coso Geothermal Plant.

One other aspect of the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station that I would like to call attention to is the cultural and historical background associated with the lands comprising the installation.   Also located in the Coso region of the base is one of the largest known locations of petroglyphs left by indigenous Native American people in North America.   While the Coso rock art may seem to be a superfluous issue to what occurs at the China Lake base, it is my personal belief that there could possibly be a connection to some of the many anomalies I have discovered during my research.   As I said from the outset, this is to be a strange and complex journey down the rabbit hole in search of answers so it is first necessary to lay the groundwork of facts before continuing further down the road.  It is also necessary to be able to switch perspectives from the general to the specific and vice versa.  As can be seen in the following photograph (Fig. 10), there are at least a couple of figures that have heads that resemble other ancient rock art depictions worldwide of what are thought by many to be alien life forms.   Given that there is ‘some’ UFO lore surrounding areas of China Lake, notwithstanding my own personal experiences, it is a coincidence worthy of consideration and further exploration.

Fig. 11 – This is a file photo of the petroglyphs at China Lake (scanned from my personal album that was presented when I left NWC).

For those interested in further exploration of the Coso Petroglyphs rock art:


Before you say to yourself, “wait a minute, this guy is all over the place”, talking about weather modification and chemtrails, UFOs, airfields, laboratories, electrical power, and petroglyphs, recall my comment about being able to shift from the general to the specific and then back from the specific to the general.  This article is about the China Lake Naval Weapons Station in general but along the way, I have ventured into specific areas of interest that will be further explored and I will develop and document the many connections and anomalies I have discovered through my research and observation.

Summary & Conclusion

Thus far, it has been my purpose to provide you with a partial background that demonstrates my work history and background at China Lake.  In addition, a factual history and overview of the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station has also been provided, complete with photos and links to sources and videos.  From all of the foregoing information, what should become clear is that China Lake is a top secret base where not only weapons testing takes place but also much technological innovation, research, and development.  Given the size and location of the installation, it should be readily apparent that many secretive programs can and are taking place behind the security of the base perimeter.  Although what is presented here barely scratches the surface of the activities going on at N.A.W.S., my next installment on China Lake will begin the process of connecting the dots and start to fill in some of the blanks regarding “what is in our skies” as well as explore the ties to other installations and there are many.

Another facet to consider is that while many people have their attention focused on bases like AREA 51, there are activities occurring at China Lake, hidden in plain sight, which go unnoticed because of that fact.  Additionally, there is the BLM, which has closed off large tracts of public lands from vehicle traffic ostensibly to preserve wilderness areas from encroachment by the public. However, from my experience, it is my opinion that the BLM serves as a plausibly benign first line of security by keeping prying public eyes to a minimum since foot traffic only is allowed in some of the rugged areas of public land adjacent to the base where I believe testing or other activities are occurring.  It is important to know and understand that the government and its many agencies are very good at sleight-of-hand, just like any good magician, and the object in many instances is to make us focus on one object being displayed to divert our attention while the object being concealed is often in plain sight while we are being tricked.  The tactic is known as spreading disinformation or dissimilar information.

These are all activities that I will delve into in the next installment, but as I bring this one to conclusion I would like to bring the focus back to chemtrails and weather modification programs.  It is hard to believe now that I failed to make the connections but so many things that seemed to just be loose threads with no connectivity were right there in front of me for a long time.  The first big indicator for me was the regular increase in lightning storms during the summer months of July and August beginning around 1998.  And they always occurred over the base in the northeastern mountain ranges surrounding the valley here and much of it was point to point lighting and not ground strikes.  In addition, while there was a lot of lightning, there was very little thunder or rainfall.  During the early years of my life, earthquakes were far more common here than lighting storms and these lightning storms were something new.  The odd storm or two might have gone unnoticed but when they began to occur with such frequency over a long period of time I began to notice the change.  The weather seemed to be just a little out of the ordinary but nothing I could really put my finger on and the words “climate change” had not yet gained much traction in the public’s or my own perception.

Also, during my early years I can remember the Navy’s Hurricane Hunter Squadron flying in and out of China Lake on a fairly frequent basis which would seem to be a little out of their normal area of operation.  And from my years of employment aboard China Lake, I can remember the Earth and Planetary Sciences Department, which was headed up by Dr. Pierre St. Amand, an individual whose name is frequently mentioned in regard to the development of military weather modification efforts, most notably Project Popeye and Operation Stormfury which explains the Hurricane Hunters coming to China Lake since that project involved attempting to lessen the strength of hurricanes.  Project Popeye, the first wartime military weather modification operation took place during the Vietnam War and was Dr. St. Amand’s brainchild and really began the pursuit of weather modification as a weapon by the military.  And ironically enough, in both 1982 and 1984, there was some extremely bad flooding that occurred at China Lake that did some major damage to the facilities there.  Since I was working there in 1982, and was the temporary foreman of the high voltage shop, my hands were full directing crews that were restoring power to facilities all over the base that had been damaged by the flooding. In the years since then, I have been informed by more than a few friends is that the Earth and Planetary Sciences Department was experimenting with cloud seeding and it got away from them causing those floods.

Another individual that played an integral role in China Lake’s development of Project Popeye was Ben Livingston, whose interview with Alex Jones regarding weather modification can be viewed in this video, The Father of Weaponized Weather.

As with many government military programs, compartmentalization and secrecy rule the day, and weather modification is no different.  In fact, it may be more compartmentalized and secret than others for several reason.  First and foremost, would be the environmental modification treaties making weather modification illegal but when have treaties ever stopped the US government from doing what it wants to do.  The government’s history of breaking its treaties is well known and a quick look at the track record of broken treaties with the Native Americans illustrates that.  Second, if knowledge of weather modification programs ever became accepted widespread information, the financial repercussions and impact would be catastrophic for the disaster capitalists on Wall St., especially the insurance companies and the commodities traders who trade in weather-based derivatives.  Third, there are indications that not only are chemicals being dispersed through the aerosol spraying programs but that biological pathogens are also being sprayed upon an unsuspecting populace as well.  And the United States government’s track record of experimenting upon it’s own citizens is as deplorable as the manner in which it has treated Native Americans.
In conclusion, let me say that the unchecked proliferation of weather modification efforts by the military-industrial complex in all of it’s many forms and different programs in an effort to achieve “full spectrum dominance” may be the single greatest threat to the planet since the development of the atomic bomb.  China Lake also played a minor role in that world-changing event as it has in many other significant military operations carried out during the course of its history.  As the movement to end the ongoing spraying programs in our skies and atmosphere grows, it is vitally important that the locations of the installations involved and the people carrying out the work are identified.  The China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station is one such installation with a verifiable historical connection to weather modification programs.  That fact is acknowledged by the U.S. Naval Museum of Armament and Technology in their website article about The Secret City which states, “Fromweather modification to satellite-delivery systems, the contributions of NAWS have not stopped with armament.”9  Knowledge is power and only by becoming knowledgeable about the issues will people be able to decisively have an impact in ending the ongoing aerial assault occurring in our skies.

Next:  Weather Modification & The China Lake Connection: Pt.2 Connecting the Dots.

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Anthony Etienne Jaime

About the Author:  Anthony Etienne Jaime is a long time resident of Southern California in the China Lake area. He is a graduate of Cerro Coso Community College & Cal State Bakersfield and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a minor in Sociology. Mr. Jaime also spent nearly 30 years as a member of I.B.E.W. Local 428, Bakersfield, Ca., where he performed electrical construction work on many DoD projects and also worked for the China Lake Naval Weapons Center. Mr. Jaime is an honorably discharged Marine Corps veteran where he received training in communications-electronics and is a long time citizen activist in the area of motorcycle rights where he served for several years on the Board of Directors of ABATE of California. A well-rounded individual, Mr. Jaime is a published poet, writer and self-taught musician who has shared the stage with many performers including the Doobie Brothers, Gino Matteo, Harmonica Red, & Hotel California. For the past two and a half years, Mr. Jaime has been immersed in researching the chemtrail phenomenon and “what is in our skies.”

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Fig. 5: Copyrighted photo by the author.

Fig. 6:

Fig. 7: Photo provided by the author

Fig. 8: US Navy Energy, Environment and Climate Change China Lake Ranges Compatibility,

Fig. 9: Northrup Grumman X-47A,


Fig. 11: Scanned US Navy unclassified photo from the author’s personal album presented to him upon his resignation from employment at NWC, China Lake 1979.

Endnotes: PDF


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