Democrat Party is in the 4th Stage of Self-Destruction

Comment submitted by Jackprong

Remember, the Democrat Party is in the fourth stage: Slavery, Secession, Segregation, Socialism. Socialism always brings one back to Slavery because it’s the Road to Serfdom.

Who were the slave owners in the 1800’s?-Democrats
What was the party of the assassin of President Lincoln?-Democrat
Who started the KKK after the Civil War?-Democrats
Who marched the Cherokees on the Trail of Tears?-Democrat president against the ruling of the Supreme Court
Which party wrote Chinese Exclusion laws and cooperated with unions in Chinese massacres in the western US?-Democrat
What party was Woodrow Wilson who didn’t like the Constitution?-Democrat
What party was the President that segregated blacks in the federal government after integration in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s?-Democrat Woodrow Wilson
What party was Margaret Sanger who in her biography and speeches to the KKK spoke of eliminating the Negro race?-Democrat
What party celebrates Margaret Sanger (founder of PP) with commemorative awards?-Democrat
Which party was the president whose family wealth came from the illegal cocaine trade in China?-Democrat President FDR
Which party was the president who sold the gasoline (against desire of American citizens) used by Japanese airplanes to attack Pearl Harbor?-Democrat President FDR
What party was the president who rounded up people based on race and put them in camps during WW2?-Democrat
What party still uses race in politics?-Democrat
What party was the president who dropped A-bomb?-Democrat
What party was the president who got us involved in Vietnam?-Democrat
What party was the president who escalated Vietnam into a bloodbath?-Democrat
What party heavily supports killing the unborn?-Democrat
Which party celebrates the eugenicist and racist Margaret Sanger?-Democrat
What party was the governor who stood in the school door to keep black students out?-Democrat
What party wrote the ‘Jim Crow’ laws?-Democrat
What party stands behind destroying the traditional values of family?-Democrat
Which party was the president whose family wealth came from bootlegging alcohol and manipulating the stock market?-Democrat President Kennedy
What party voted against the Voting Rights Amendment most?-Democrat
What party gave the humanity crushing welfare state?-Democrat
What party thinks it’s ok to have an ‘invasion’ of illegal immigrants?-Democrat
What party is proposing changes to the First Amendment?-Democrat
What party was the Senator who conspired with the USSR to affect the 1984 presidential election?-Democrat (Hint: Left a young woman to drown in a river.)
What party was the president who said passing the voting rights amendment would give them the N-word vote?-Democrat president Johnson
What party was the president that facilitated the fall of Iran in the 70’s?-Democrat
What party is the president who frees terrorists from Gitmo?-Democrat
What party is destroying the carbon energy industry?-Democrat
What party voted to destroy the US healthcare insurance system?-Democrat
What party is the president facilitating the current fall of Iraq?-Democrat
Which party is spying on Americans via NSA?-Democrat
Which party booed the idea of including a mention of God in its party platform during its 2012 national convention?-Democrat
Which party is spying on reporters via NSA?-Democrat
Which party is suppressing the vote by harassing people with the IRS?-Democrat
Which party thinks it’s ok to take money from working people and giving it to “undocumented immigrants”?-Democrat


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