5G REJECTED: New Movement Emerges Bent on Incapacitating 5G Towers, Antennae and Equipment

5G NIMBIES Go Ballistic

Toppled AT&T cell tower in Denison, Texas

“We will do whatever it takes to irreparably
neutralize 5G infrastructure!  5G will not be
allowed in our neighborhoods.”

—  Anti-5G Protestor

Submitted by Concerned Citizens Against 5G

The burgeoning citizens movement to stop the 5G roll-out is taking a page right out of the French Yellow Vest’s playbook.

Some of these folks are fierce and furious and ferocious.  They will do ANYTHING to stop 5G.

And they come from all walks of life.

What they share is an unshakable conviction about the extraordinary dangers of 5G technology.

They also all agree that the government has let them down in a big way.

These American “Yellow Vests” firmly believe government at all levels are conspiring with the Telcom companies to roll-out 5G without informed consent.

They also know that zero testing of 5G on human health and safety has been conducted as required by law.

Because of this unacceptable predicament, anonymous “Yellow Vests” throughout the USA have announced they will be taking aggressive measures to thwart the 5G deployment.

Cellphone towers have already been disabled in targeted areas.  These incidents have not been reported by the media for fear of copycats rapidly multiplying.

However, there’s no stopping this angry movement from growing.  Their goal is to inspire every community to target the local 5G infrastructure by whatever means necessary.

The government has betrayed the people they have sworn to protect.  So, they have left the vulnerable and injured with no other alternative.  If they don’t protect themselves from 5G harm, no one else will.

Those who have studied this technology know that 5G does not discriminate.  And that it will gravely undermine the health of every American.

Many people will die slow and painful deaths due to over-exposure to 5G frequencies and radiation.  This cannot be permitted.  It will not be permitted.

As a result, communities everywhere will be challenged to stop the deployment of 5G by any means required.

Eventually, the Telcoms will realize the futility of proceeding with the 5G roll-out.

Neighborhoods everywhere will be ‘removing’ 5G equipment faster than it’s installed.  The notorious 5G boxes will be put out-of-commission before they can be activated.

Who can blame these 5G protesters for protecting the citizenry wherever the government has failed to?

If the government had not imposed this highly unsafe technology on cities and rural areas everywhere, these courageous 5G protestors would never have had to resort to such extreme measures.

After all, premeditated and inhumane acts which cause harm and/or death to a populace are in clear violation of international law, among several other criminal and civil law codes legislated by federal, state, county and municipal jurisdictions across the USA.

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