Here’s What Everyone Can Do to Stop 5G




Today, man-made electromagnetic fields (EMF ) are at astronomical levels.
Our health is deteriorating.  Some people even have what they refer to as
Electro-hypersensitivity syndrome (EHS) and we all do to some degree.

Now, to make things worse, there is an immediate plan to install the next generation of
wireless technology which is called 5G — meaning the “Fifth Generation” — which is the latest generation of cellular mobile communications. The crucial fact to comprehend is that 5G is not just one number ahead of 4G, the fourth generation which we now use for our computer and smartphone.  5G is in another realm, providing speeds over 100 times faster than current data speeds.

This 5G technology which is, at once, immune weakening, carcinogenic, genotoxic, a neurotoxin, and is being sales-pitched as “faster and better.”  And so it is, but at great expense to human health and the local environment.

In reality, we humans and all life will be compromised to the point of being extinguished.
For a clear and scientific discussion of the proven health hazards, please read this International Appeal signed by 63,000 scientists and experts from 168 countries, with over 100 references.

INTERNATIONAL APPEAL: Stop 5G on Earth and in Space

Let us proceed with the “Precautionary Principle” as our guide; since the conclusive evidence so far points to extreme danger.  Then we need to take caution and aim to stop the misguided 5G roll-out—POST-HASTE.


*** Print this post as a flyer, or email the link, and share it with family and friends, elected representatives and government officials.

*** Watch this free, very impressive video on the Internet which explains the hidden realities of 5G as no other does.

5G Apocalypse: The Extinction Event 

*** Learn about a legal method to bring accountability to corporate business directors who are implementing the deployment of 5G.   The following video explains how to do this. This method was used to deal with smart meters where the premise and law described prevail.

InPower Episode #1: A Mass Action of Liability

*** The following article describes various actions for citizens, including sample
letters to city, county, state and federal officials.  It’s especially focused on 5G cellular
antennas which are coming soon everywhere.

Ten Actions to Help Stop 5G

Let’s all terminate 5G, before it terminates us.

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