“Houston, we have a problem.”

Actually, it’s more like the Right has a
HUGE problem come 2020!

Submitted by The Armchair Political Analyst

There is truly something very wrong with the way that the Republican Party is approaching the 2020 POTUS election.

This analysis especially concerns the way in which President Trump is approaching his re-election campaign.

Massive Censorship of the Right

First, there is the problem of the Right being censored like there’s no tomorrow by Big Social Media and Big Tech.

Were it not for the Alt Media working 24/7 in the run-up to the 2016 POTUS election, Donald Trump would never have won.

Why, then, has Trump completely ignored the patently unlawful and unconstitutional censorship of the Alt Right?  Yes, he tweets about it, but he does absolutely nothing to reverse the increasing censorship taking place all over the Internet.  Why?

Election Reform

President Trump talked a LOT about election reform right after his victory but, again, has done nothing to carry out the reforms necessary to avoid a train wreck in 2020.  Why?

Given the obvious defects of the election system infrastructure and inherently flawed electoral process, the Democrats will easily steal more elections in 2020 than they did during the 2018 midterms.  And that’s a LOT of stolen elections!

In point of fact, the U.S. Presidential Election Process is so easily hacked and manipulated that the Democrats will not resist the temptation to steal the POTUS election anyway they can.

Trump’s nationwide constituency has shrunk

There is no question that the longer President Trump is in office, the more his voters in 2016 have become disappointed…some of whom feel profoundly betrayed.

In fact, a large segment of the electorate who voted for Trump will simply not show up in 2020.  Even though most feel his campaign promises were sincerely made, they now see how ineffectual he is in MAGA.

The Trump voting demographics have consequently shrunk considerably.  For instance, the Independents and political center will not vote for him like they did in 2016.  Many will not show up at the voting booth; others will vote third party.  Then there are those who will flip back to a Democrat like Beto (the purposeful white Obama) if he’s nominated.

All anyone has to do is read the comments on any of the large Alt Media websites like ZeroHedge to see that the vast majority of those folks have gotten off the Trump train— FOREVER!  This specific shift represents a disaster-in-the-making for Trump.  How he addresses this particular challenge means the difference between victory and defeat—case closed right there!

War Cabinet

First and foremost, Trump has appointed a war cabinet in direct violation of his oft-repeated campaign promise to stop the warmongering.  Why did he do that?

In fact, he has surrounded himself with a hardcore warmongering cabal of Neocons who started all the wars since 9/11.

His highly misguided forays into Venezuela have only thrown LOTs of fuel on this fire of voter dissatisfaction.

Full Repeal of Obamacare

Obamacare is still in place and was promised to be terminated often during the 2016 campaign season.  Why is it still here?

The nation continues to be crushed by healthcare costs that the ACA only increases as time goes on.  Soon it will be too long established to be gotten rid of.

Voters are still paying the repugnant ACA mandate tax for 2018 as Trump was unable to make its repeal retroactive.  Why?

The Wall

The wall is still not built even though massive amounts of time and energy and resources have been directed toward the prospect of its construction.  Why?

Mexico will not be paying for the wall as was promised.  Why not?

More importantly, the border wall and security system will never be built while Trump is in office.  The Democrats will not permit it as long as he’s President.  So how will anything change during a second term in office for Trump’s wall?

Iran Deal

This is one promise that Trump did keep and he did so at the expense of world peace.  Why?

If there was one promise that was really made to Israel and not to the American people, revoking the Iran Deal was it.  What purpose did breaking such an important agreement serve?  How was it advantageous for the U.S. citizenry?

In no way did leaving the Iran Nuclear Deal help MAGA.  What it did do was make the United States a much less trustworthy partner in the world community of nations.  This single foreign relations fiasco has further alienated America from friends and foes alike.

Tax Cuts

Here is one of the very few so-called accomplishments that Trump did pull off in his first 2 years.

However, to hear the middle class taxpayers tell the story, the tax cuts did not show up in 2019.  Why?  In fact, the tax bill has gone up appreciably for most, and they are NOT happy about it.

On the other hand, the wealthy have benefited substantially from that bipartisan tax bill.  Really, will the Democrats and RINOs ever approve a tax bill that does not enrich the wealthy and powerful… at the expense of the America’s working class?!

North American Free Trade Agreement

Yes, where NAFTA was effectively cancelled, it was replaced by the USMCA.

Those who are initiated in the arcana of trade agreements know that the USMCA only facilitates the establishment of the North American Union.  This reality alone spells disaster for the American people.  Why did Trump push the USMCA and sign it?

The best way to understand how perilous the USMCA truly is is to understand who it was that forged the new deal with both Canada and Mexico.  CLUE: It was the banksters, first, second and third.

Border deal to avert government shutdown

Back to the border wall.  Very few patriots are aware, but the border deal approved by Congress and signed by President Trump in February contains language that goes in direct contradiction to what was promised during the campaign season.  Why?

In fact, so many concessions were made to the Democrats regarding the border wall, illegal immigration, DACA and anchor babies that the fight is now lost for all practical purposes.  The POTUS folded and very few even know it.  The initiated have called that legislation a gross betrayal of Trump’s base.

And, because that 1,159-page bipartisan border compromise was so long, it’s quite unlikely that it will be revisited or researched by the congressional intelligentsia so that the layman is properly informed about the giveaways by the prez.


President Trump gives no indication that any of these major hot-button issues is a big deal for 2020, and yet they are.  And, he will likely avoid each of them at his peril.

Whereas the 2016 election cycle was about two things primarily, 2020 will have a completely different voting dynamic.

First, the Right was never so deeply determined to defeat a downright dangerous, demented and deranged candidate in the person of Hillary Clinton.  This 2016 ingredient triggered massive voting participation by conservatives everywhere.  Not only is Clinton not running in 2020, the Democrat nominee will be a real centrist who will not enrage half of the electorate.

Secondly, Candidate Trump will be front and center right up until November 3, 2020.  The Left hated him in 2016, hates him more today, and will move Heaven and Earth to see him gone—YESTERDAY!.  His every day in the White House will only intensify the efforts by the Left to get him out of the Oval Office.  Hence, this ever-seething hatred will translate to a massive vote in 2020 by liberals everywhere.

These two weighty circumstances will work decisively against Trump, and conversely for the Democrat candidate in a big way.

Furthermore, President Trump will have four long years to prove what he can do… and show what he cannot do.  The more he struts his stuff, the more successes he may have, but the more failures will also occur.  Because of the unparalleled governmental paralysis, the message being sent to the body politic is that there will be no collaborative governance between the Trump administration and the Democrats in Congress.

Why, pray tell, will voters — on the left, right, and center — support such an abysmal state of affairs, particularly when the country is in such desperate condition.

ANSWER: They won’t!  At least the necessary plurality will not.

Yes, Trump’s base will vote for him no matter what.  But that base is shrinking by the day.  And Trump has done essentially nothing substantive to stop the hemorrhaging of vital disaffected Trumpsters.

There are critical initiatives that both President and Candidate Trump must take now that we are closing in on a year and a half before Election Day.

Quite unfortunately for the Right, it’s quite likely that none of those measures will be taken.  And if they are, they will be a day late and a dollar short.

There is one last crucial alternative that may be in the offing.  What happens if President Trump does not run in 2020?

The Political Armchair Analyst

Editor’s Note

The SOTN editor can attest to the seriousness of President Trump’s re-election predicament.  A conservative Mainstream Media website just published a concerning article about a possibly legitimate poll that was just conducted here in Florida.  Here it is:
Q-Poll: Just Over Half of Floridians Won’t Vote for Trump

Now, see the screenshot below that was taken from today’s Drudge Report. Take a close look at the headlines and see how they stack up with the bullet points in this op-ed.

Drudge Report — appeared on 3/15/20

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