What happens if President Trump does not run in 2020?

If Donald Trump does not run in 2020,
then here’s my plan.

I’m a Conservative INDEPENDENT Candidate Running for POTUS in 2020—Here’s my team!

What follows are proposed appointments to cabinet-level positions and other key department directorships:

Vice President of the United States: To be determined

Secretary of State: Pat Buchanan

White House Chief of Staff: Laura Ingraham

White House Chaplain: Rev. Dr. Chuck Baldwin

White House Press Secretary: Tucker Carlson

White House Communications Director: Mark Levin

Secretary of the Treasury: Ron Paul

Secretary of Defense: Dana Rohrabacher

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: General Mike Flynn

United States Attorney General: Joseph DiGenova

Special Counsel: Jeanine Pirro

Director of National Intelligence: Trey Gowdy

Director of the Central Intelligence Agency: William Binney

Secretary of the Interior: Steve King

Secretary of Agriculture: Mark Meadows

Secretary of Commerce: Peter Thiel

Secretary of Labor: Michele Bachmann

Secretary of Health and Human Services: Rand Paul

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Steve Scalise

Secretary of Transportation: Thomas Massie

Secretary of Energy: Mike Lee

Secretary of Education: To be determined

Secretary of Veterans Affairs: Tulsi Gabbard

Secretary of Homeland Security: Jim Jordan

Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency: Ron DeSantis

United States Trade Representative: Matt Gaetz

OMB Director: David Stockman

Administrator of the Small Business Administration: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Surgeon General: Dr. Len Horowitz

Federal Communications Commission Director: Michael Savage

Special Pro Second Amendment Liaison: Dana Loesch

Special Renewable Energy Representative: Michelle Rehwinkle Vasalinda

First SCOTUS Nominee: United States Circuit Judge Amy Coney Barrett

Special Advisor to the POTUS: Newt Gingrich

West Wing Political Strategist: Anthony Scaramucci

*President Donald Trump will be granted a special honorary advisory role to be mutually agreed upon should he decide not to run for POTUS in 2020.  The main focus will be the temporary government takeover of the Mainstream Media to include Big Social Media. There will also be a special oversight board formed to monitor and regulate Big Tech.


Under no circumstances will any Neocon warmongers be appointed to any positions anywhere within the Executive Branch under my administration. The Neocon Zionists Must Be Arrested And Put On Trial For The State-Sponsored 9/11 False Flag Terrorism

Candidate Key Points: The many unprovoked wars of naked aggression by the United States proceeds at breakneck speed.  The military support of Saudi Arabia’s invasions of Yemen and subsequent humanitarian crisis began under the current administration.  So did the massive buildup of U.S. military weaponry in the Ukraine in preparation for a renewed civil war.  The U.S. is also leading a full-blown coup d’état in Venezuela at this very moment.  Why the USA still has a major air base in Iraq to monitor Iran is as unacceptable as are the many unjustified and provocative threats constantly made against Tehran.  The U.S. military and Intelligence Services still occupy Syria in opposition to the democratically elected Assad government and even continue to arm notorious terrorists groups.  Illegal and deadly attacks on Somalia take place whenever the U.S. Armed Forces are directed by who?  This list of American warmongering activity is actually much longer but the other theaters of war are being conducted by proxy and stealth.  All of these acts of military aggression are completely unacceptable and constitute war crimes by the Deep State.

Under no circumstances will any US-Israeli dual citizens be permitted to serve in my administration.  All self-declared Christian and Jewish Zionists will be barred from holding public office—PERIOD. See: The Zionist-Created Scofield ‘Bible’

The entire Mainstream Media will be held to account from day one for participating in a soft coup against the Trump administration.  Every seditious news organization in the USA will be shut down.  Each co-conspirator will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, no matter who they are. THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!

George Soros will be arrested, prosecuted and incarcerated for life for high treason along with the many other high-profile foreign agents and enemies of the USA.  Likewise, every member of the Obama administration and Democratic Party, who conspired with Soros, will be held responsible for the ongoing conspiracy to overthrow the American Republic. See: Soros Must Be Arrested, Prosecuted and Imprisoned to Prevent Civil War

Military Tribunals will be formed with all deliberate speed in order to prosecute every elected representative and government official who has committed acts of sedition against the United States of America. MILITARY TRIBUNALS: Why They Are Absolutely Necessary

Order of Presidential Business
(to commence on Inauguration Day, 2021)

First, the border wall / fence / security system will be built and established as quickly as possible.  A NATIONAL EMERGENCY will be declared by Executive Order to bypass the U.S. Congress and to allocate the appropriated funds necessary to complete this imperative project.  No expense will be spared to totally secure America’s borders, whether it requires $5 billion or $50 billion or more.

DACA, anchor babies, illegal aliens, war refugees, and economic immigrants will each be legally dealt with as they are defined by federal immigration law.  They will all be treated with respect and compassion, but also with the full force of law when appropriate.  The status quo across the board is currently unacceptable and will be addressed post-haste.

The U.S. Election System will be completely overhauled so that only U.S. citizens can vote and so that every vote is properly counted.  Paper trails and digital records among many other essential measures will be employed in order to prevent voter fraud and election theft.  There will never again be a stolen election in this country.

Obamacare will be systematically repealed and replaced with a well thought out  National Healthcare Act that serves all the people.  The new Americare will be phased in over years and adequately funded at every critical point of expansion and development.

The United States will withdraw from NATO as it has morphed into the “North Atlantic Terrorist Organization”.

The United States will withdraw from the United Nations and begin the process of forming a new international union that respects the sovereignty of each and every nation on Earth.

The United States will withdraw from every international Alliance and Treaty that represents a foreign entanglement potentially leading to war.

The United States will withdraw from every Trade Agreement that is unfair to American corporations and companies, farms and home businesses, entrepreneurs and workers, within reason of course.  New trade agreements will also be negotiated wherever the U.S. enjoys unconscionable enrichment at the expense of foreign labor.  The entire system of tariffs will also be evaluated for desired effect, fairness and efficacy.

The Iran Deal will be re-signed and re-activated.  The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action will be put back to where it was and honored before the U.S. officially withdrew on 8 May 2018.  No action will ever again be taken to solely Make Israel Great Again.  From now on, it will be MAGA and only MAGA where no other nation is hurt by our gain.

Our relationship with Russia will be expeditiously repaired and open lines of direct communication with President Vladimir Putin restored.  Every opportunity will be taken to normalize relations with the Kremlin so that the USA and Russia will embark on a new path toward fostering world peace and true collaboration.

Our trade differences and commerce grievances with China will be talked out in a fashion that is no-nonsense, open-minded and fair to both parties.  Negotiations will take place in a neutral venue and moderated by a trusted third party who has the proven expertise and experience to bring about a set of durable economic and financial agreements.

Pax Americana and American Exceptionalism will be discarded as foreign policy paradigms.  The United States will no longer function as the global policeman.  North America is our home and where we will focus our attention and resources, especially meeting the needs of the citizenry.  Infrastructure will be rebuilt and repaired; healthcare improved and education delivered to ensure well-balanced human beings and responsible citizens.

The United States will no longer project its military force and political power, economic might and financial prowess across the planet as a weapon.  Neither will America’s superpower strength be used to coerce nations to bend to our will.  In other words, the traditional “might makes right” approach and constant gunboat diplomacy are a thing of the past.  From now on it’s real diplomacy, first, second and third.

Environmental and health matters will take center stage.  A nation that does not seriously care for its environment and territorial waters is destined to collapse—fast and hard.  Toward that end, a transition away from the highly destructive energy paradigms and over to truly green and renewable energy source is imperative.  Where will America go without clean air, water and land?!  Likewise, extremely serious health and medical issues will be addressed like never before—the super vaccination agenda, water fluoridation, GMOs, chemtrails, toxic pharmaceutical drugs, aspartame use, recreational marijuana legalization, non-essential abortions, and the 5G roll-out will all be terminated with all deliberate speed.  Artificial intelligence, and especially the unchecked drive to perfect Autonomous Superintelligence, will be halted.  And this is just a fraction of initiatives that will be taken immediately. See: Extreme Dangers And Escalating Risks Humanity is Facing Today

Most urgently, on the domestic front, the swamp inside the Beltway will be drained.  The fate of the American people and future of this Constitutional Republic greatly depend upon it.  This all-important endeavor will begin on January 20, 2021.  All enemies, both foreign and domestic, operating within the 50 states and territories, will be pursued and neutralized until they no longer pose a threat.  Terminating child trafficking and exploitation will be number one on this particular agenda.

This list of “Order of Presidential Business” is just a start and will be added to as new agenda items are developed and finalized.

As for exactly who I am?

That’s for you to find out.

Surely there’s an individual who will read this “job description” who has all the right stuff to get this job done right—once and for all.  YES!

If you think you’re the one, please email us ASAP to the following email address.


All others can feel free to recommend a VPOTUS candidate or CIA Director.

You may also send us valid reasons why any one of our suggested candidates should NOT be considered.

We are open to any and all feedback, but please keep it civil and constructive.  Our time is extremely valuable as we proceed with this urgent initiative.  If President Trump does not run — FOR WHATEVER REASON — the Right will have to work extremely fast and effectively.

After all, 2020 is a winner take all situation.  Both sides know it and will do whatever it takes to win.  The Democrats, quite predictably, will attempt to steal every election in sight as they did with the 2018 midterms.  Therefore, the Right must galvanize a herculean effort to keep the White House.  Failure is simply not an option in 2020.

CAVEAT: Because of the delicate balance in both houses of the U.S. Congress, no appointments will be considered that will decrease the number of Republican seats UNLESS IT’S CERTAIN THEY WILL BE OCCUPIED BY THE GOP. The Democrat hold on power MUST be broken in every branch of government and at every level—municipal, county, state and federal.  The Democrat Party has morphed into the Communist Party and can never again be permitted to control the U.S. presidency.  Eventually my administration will work to permanently dissolve the Democrat Party for the good of the country.

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