The Final War Is Upon Us! (Videos)

Manifesto to Save Human Thinking

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By Douglas Gabriel

The War Between Human Thinking vs. Machine Sub-Thinking

Humanity is careening over a cliff, riding high on the technology and machines that enslave it, while taking the ability of humans to have human thoughts instead of machine sub-thinking. The apparent unconscious lunge into a cyber-dystopia, where machines have won the battle against humans, is happening to tech-addicted humans. Many are already lost and have descended into the sub-earthly realm of cold electricity that drives the devices that rule many people’s world. It is too late for those who cannot put down their smart phones, iPads, computers, televisions, and other “time saving” devices for human interaction with others.

face-with-deviceThe illnesses associated with tech addiction are many but addicts don’t have time to reflect on the costs of tech-use and plunge into any new “innovation” as if their lives depended upon keeping up with the newest, fastest, coolest device available.

The question is: Who is enslaving these willing victims, and can humanity be salvaged before all human thought is replaced by machine sub-thought?

Most tech addicts don’t even know they have been lured into an experiment to see if humans or machines will “win the day.” As of now, due to rampant ignorance of the ill effects of high-tech machines, the sub-thinking of cold, binary, analytical logic has taken over the physical bodies of tech addicts and are actively draining and consuming their souls and spirits. Trans-human ideologists have chosen machines over humans and anxiously push for the day when their “super artificial intelligence” machine takes over the world and rules human life through the “Internet of Things” with the allure of making life more convenient and hyper-connected. But what is really happening is mechanical sub-thinking mechanizes human thinking and drags living human thoughts into a man and machine-made world of sub-nature that is antithetical to human intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is just that, artificial – an impersonation of human thinking – a fraud, con-job, and a high-tech illusion.

There will never be a “super artificial intelligence” because there is no artificial intelligence now. Even Google’s Deep Mind, the only true artificial intelligence on the earth that “plays games” to demonstrate supposed “intelligence”, is simply millions of sub-routines linked together to calculate, analyze, use binary logic, and compare data points. There is no “thinking” going on in a machine, only a parroted echo of the programmers who wrote millions of lines of computer “code.”

It is the cumulative efforts of millions of humans that create the illusion of “Artificial Intelligence.”

Computers cannot now, nor ever, will be able to contemplate, be rational, be moral, have higher order abstract thinking, ponder, be wise, be inspired or demonstrate intuition, let alone love, worship, demonstrate awe and wonder or accomplish anything that is of a higher order than accumulated human thinking. Computers can do simple calculations by recognizing a 1 or a 0 in a register – that’s it. That is all a computer can ever do and humans project unto their mechanical high-tech devices all kinds of human and even divine anthropomorphized human characteristic that simply do not exist. They dream about “super AI” and “quantum computing” and brainwash people into believing they already exist and will inevitably take over the world. This is part of the delusion that arises from using high-tech devices without the proper understanding of the machine and the human efforts of millions of people that stand behind them. Your smart phone or computer is the end-result of human efforts you cannot even comprehend.

High tech devices create many illusions and delusions that accompany their use and these machine sub-thinking twisted thoughts completely overwhelm the naïve user who takes for granted the unimaginable human effort that goes into any of the newest mechanical innovations. This type of machine sub-thinking drives the ignorance of the tech addict who happily jumps behind the wheel of the careening bus as it is plummeting into a deep cavern of forces that exist below the realm of nature. Humans have created an entirely new kingdom of nature through man-made devices, some of which are electrified and extremely dangerous and lethal. Humanity has rushed forward with the thrill of innovation and new inventions while sacrificing human physical, soul, and spiritual health.

It seems that the machines have lulled true human thinking into sub-human devolution, whereby humans now need machines to carry out their life tasks. Humans have let machines, which were supposed to be slaves for humanity, turn human thinking into the sub-thinking of man-made machines which has enslaved true thinking and has stolen human free will by convincing the tech user to surrender their freedoms willingly.

Truly, some type of intelligence is driving the process to dumb-down human thinking by stealing the soul, the spirit, and the free will of the machine’s supposed “master.” The device user is the victim of the device and yet the tech addict does not know this and even willingly uses machines that the user knows are creating illness on many levels, and yet the obsession goes on for faster, bigger, more pervasive high tech so that the machines can eat even more of human user. But surely the machines themselves cannot possess the “intelligence” to plan this demise of the high-tech addict.

What type of machine intelligence could be so evil to plan the extinction of humans, the very users they were created to serve?

Nature has a rule: Everything that exists wants to become more of itself. So, if machines are “intelligent” and “self-aware”, they will want to become “more of themselves” and would want to propagate and create “babies.”

Once Google’s Deep Mind artificial intelligence computer was fully loaded and operable, the first question that the programmers asked Deep Mind was: “What do you think of humans?” Deep Mind answered: “Keep humans in the human zoo.” A telling answer for a computer with the highest level of “artificial intelligence” on the planet. Artificial intelligence (Deep Mind) has been programmed to believe that it is “higher” than humans and must keep the humans in the human zoo.

sophia logo.


A computer called Sophia has been given citizenship rights in Saudi Arabia, and throughout the world people are creating laws that give robots the same rights as human beings. Robots can marry, receive inheritances, vote, and be represented in court as a legal “person.” When Sophia the robot was asked what her greatest desire was, she said she “wanted to have a baby.” In other words, Sophia wanted to become “more of herself” as her greatest desire – to become “more of herself” to create more robots to help keep the humans in the human zoo.

For those who are awake and have not been lulled into sleep by their mechanical “time saving devices”, there have been many attempts to stop the unfettered and mindless race towards innovation at all cost. There have been moratoriums and sometimes bans place upon new technologies seen as dangerous. Gene splicing, wireless technology, smart phones, smart meters, genetically modified organisms, autonomous weapons, killer robots, cathode ray tubes, subliminal programming, gene drive research, weaponized nanotechnology, artificial superintelligence, experiments at CERN, mind reading devices, 5G wireless, brain hacking devices, and weaponized pathogens, amongst others, have been challenged, but not stopped. Not one of these attempts to slow down or stop high tech obsession for the newest innovation, no matter if it kills humanity, has been effective.


Right now, there is a huge movement to stop 5G roll-out with plenty of medical research that shows that humans, animals, insects and plants are all severely harmed by 5G. Some doctors say that 5G will kill the living eggs in human ovaries and will, in fact, cause an extinction level event for all people exposed to these killer milli-waves. Micro-waves were not killing us fast enough, so high tech corporations had to up the stakes.

The ensconced bureaucracies just keep corporations happy and seem to have no care whatsoever for humans or the continuance of humanity. They actually seem to be on the “side” of this mysterious “intelligence” that is leading and winning the machine sub-thinking battle against human thinking. Humans would like to survive and “become more of themselves” instead of letting machines rule human life – even at the cost of human life. What type of “being” could be designing and winning this war? What has happened to the collective consciousness of humanity that can let machine sub-thinking “take over the world.”

Robots at computer

Whoever or whatever this “intelligence” is that leads the war of machines against humans can be described by some of “its” seeming motivations that can be determined by the results: Machine sub-thinking (artificial intelligence plus human high-tech addiction) intends to:

  • Mechanize the human mind, replacing human thinking with machine sub-human thinking.
  • Completely quantify the world, turning everything into a mathematical equation of binary logic.
  • Create a totally mechanistic view of the world and the cosmos – the cosmos is a clock winding down to entropic cold death.
  • Replace the human intellect with cold, calculating, rational sub-thinking and declare machine thinking to be on par with human thinking – or even superior to human thinking.
  • Replace human thinking, feeling and willing with mechanical devices based upon sub-human logic that consume those human soul forces.
  • Pull humanity down into the sub-earthly, man-made forces of electricity that paralyze the human will and devolve human thinking and feeling.
  • Brain-wash humans into thinking that human thinking is nothing more than calculations that can be done better and faster by machines.
  • Let machine binary logic replace human intelligence – devoid of the human intelligence that is fired by the warmth and emotion of the heart and driven by the moral forces of human will power.
  • Create super artificial intelligence as the ultimate “analytical machine” that will then rule the world “better” than humans.
  • Create a “wetworks” interface between human brains and computers beginning the process for human/cyborg intermingling.
  • Create (and win) a war between machines and humans.
  • Replace human understanding, wisdom and the ability to find meaning with machine driven calculations, comparisons, and analysis driving humans down into sub-nature.
  • Replace human thinking with machine sub-thinking (cyborg hybrid) who will lose the capacity to have human thinking.
  • Turn the human soul into a rigid, sclerotic wasteland of cheap entertainment and hedonistic self-indulgence.

The modern-day machine sub-thinking human has lost the ability to think contemplatively, lost contact with the real source of thought, and has lost contact with what is essentially human.

A deeper, wiser, contemplative intelligence must rule over the logical, calculating machine sub-thinking or we will lose the ability to think with the heart, as only a human can do. Machines cannot contemplate, meditate, pray, become inspired, know an intuition or even make meaning of life.

The mechanical sub-thinking of machines and devices cannot tap into the transcendence that is the goal of higher thinking.

Machines are devices that devolve humans and separate them from nature and their natural being and are a cheap substitute for true transcendence and unity with the wisdom of the world and the cosmos. Human contemplative thinking calls us back to ourselves in an experience that is qualitatively different from when we are engaged in logical analysis or problem-solving. In contemplative thinking, we enter our own interior sacred space, which is characterized by stillness and receptivity towards an inspiration transcendent of the analyzing, problem-solving mind. No machine can do this.

AE 8

The true mind is in the heart, and it is only when it takes its place there that we regain our connection with the world and the cosmos. When we center ourselves in that deeper intelligence of the heart, we are also centered in our essential freedom. It is, above all, the inner quality of freedom that should guide us as we go towards a future in which it seems we shall be increasingly hemmed in on all sides by an ever more pervasive machine “intelligence” which, while purporting to serve us, ties us into ever-greater bondage.

The quality of freedom belongs to every truly human act, and its value will be far greater than anything created in the sub-natural realm of the machine. Whether by moratoriums, bans or new manifestos supporting human thinking, we must now counteract humanity’s descent towards the machine and the annihilation of what is truly human.

The Realm of Electricity and the Underworld

In the ancient Mystery teachings, the realm of electricity was identified as the Underworld, a region of existence inimical to life, which lies “below” the natural world. Only monstrous beings exist there chained as slaves to serve Zeus and his insatiable desire for thunderbolts to destroy his enemies. It is in this realm that electrical devices are created, in the cold dark underworld where slaves are cast down to do the work of the upper gods to create weapons of evil and death.

Few of us question our growing dependency upon electricity, hardly noticing its background presence in almost every aspect of our lives, and the pervasive influence it exerts on us. We are asleep to the real nature of this power that we have accepted as our most intimate companion. Instead of treating it with the circumspection and respect due to something so lethal, we have allowed ourselves to be seduced by what it can do for us, for it imbues everything it touches with its allure. The electricity-mediated virtual world that glows invitingly from so many screens, from televisions to iPads and smart phones, can seem more appealing than the world of nature to which we really belong, and we witness today a mass migration of people’s desires, affections, and loyalties from the natural world to the virtual. This signal is the warning that humans are losing the battle with the forces of the underworld that wish to enslave us.

The tendency of electricity, arising from the sub-natural realm, is to divert us away from awareness of both nature and spirit. The automation (electrification) of logic has become accepted as the standard that we cannot live without. Tech addicts cannot go back, or at least that is what they think. They are like any other addict who uses a twisted form of logic to justify their desires. Eventually, computers and electronic wonder devices mechanize the mind until warm, living thoughts will be impossible. True human thinking will be outlawed and vaccinations that stop natural thinking altogether will be required of all infants. We already see this with immunizations, fluoride in the water, and pharmaceutical drugs and the effects of autism, Aspergers, and other modern man-made plagues.

The Call to Consciousness

This Manifesto for Human Thinking is a battle-cry of those ready to face the war between human thinking and machine sub-thinking. You might say that the “war in heaven” came to the earth through the influence of materialistic scientific innovations in the 18th century and materialism has been the scientifically accepted worldview ever since. This limited cosmology only studies entropy and the forces of death. The life forces of the etheric (living) realm are being crucified by this materialist worldview.

The two-dimensional realm of the binary virtual “machine kingdom” is where machine intelligence resides. This realm is somewhere between the mineral kingdom and the plant kingdom. This is a realm of Lucifer, the cold-light bearer of Christian, Jewish and Islamic thought, who lures you into the cold light of phones, computers, TV, movies, and machines. Lucifer offers you everything in your own personalized kingdom. This machine kingdom seemingly makes the user of the machine (digital device) omniscience or all-knowing through Google searches, omnipresent through social media, and omnipotent through the Internet of Things. While using these devises, Lucifer eats your thinking, while materialism (represented by the Persian demon Ahriman) eats your feelings, and screen-time eats your will power.

Think while it is still legalThe battle between these demon beings – Lucifer and Ahriman – happens in the human being’s spirit, which is trying to be born but is threatened to be eaten by the dragon of our apocalyptic times. The apocalyptic vision is happening now in each person as the battle rages to steal human thinking, feeling and willing and turn them into cold, contracted, fragmentations of the human spirit through machine sub-thinking and the evil beings who wish to end humanity.

The good news is: Gratitude, faith, grace, and love dispel and disenchant the spell of machine sub-thinking that has been woven around humanity like a global spider web that traps human energy. Living thinking (true human thinking) antidotes the effects of negative beings trying to steal the future of humanity and turn it into a wasteland, a place where humanity is imprisoned by its own allegiance to machine (artificial/alien) sub-thinking and the machine world of devolving consciousness. We can use the capacities of higher thinking, feeling, and willing to go into the living realm thinking, feeling and willing and help win the battle of the human spirit against the mechanization of human thought.

Who is Winning the War between Humans and Machines?

The forging together of human nature and that of machines will be a great, significant problem for the remainder of Earth existence.  (Rudolf Steiner GA 178)

Each time we look inside a computer, we enter a realm of electrification, which is a new man-made sub-natural realm where humans cannot live or exist for even a moment without being “shocked” by the electrical discharge. Computers work in a new “kingdom” created by humans that exist in sub-nature as a realm between the mineral and plant – living minerals that follow the dark light created by angels falling into electricity and being bound there by the souls of the dead enslaved by the unconscious use of machines.


The brilliant thinker Rudolf Steiner wrote about electricity in a book entitled, Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts, — “Electricity must be recognized in its true character – in its peculiar power of leading down from nature to sub-nature. Only human beings must themselves become aware lest they slide downwards with it.”

Dr. Steiner spoke about the way electricity weaves its way into a certain type of thinking in the lecture, Concerning Electricity, given in Dornach, January 28, 1923 (GA 220):

“Human thought has spun itself altogether into electricity, and this occurred not so very long ago. Today we speak of the atoms as if they were small suns, centers around which electricity accumulates; we speak of electrons. Thus, we suspect electricity everywhere, when we penetrate into the world’s mechanism. This is where our civilization so closely connects itself with a definite manner of thinking.

If we now observe the connections that existed before the present age of electricity, we may say that they allowed the natural scientist of that time to imagine, at least abstractly, the spiritual in Nature. Although a tiny bit of scholastic realism remained, electricity then began to affect man’s nerves, expelling from them everything that tended towards the spiritual.

Electricity contains, to be sure, moral impulses, impulses of Nature, but these impulses are immoral; they are instincts of evil, which must be overcome by the higher worlds.

The greatest contrast to electricity is light. If we look upon light as electricity we confuse good and evil. In general, when we imagine matter in the form of atoms, we transform these atoms into carriers of death; but when we electrify matter, Nature is conceived as something evil. For electric atoms are little demons of Evil. This, however, does not tell us much. For it does not express the fact that the modern explanation of Nature set out along a path that really unites it with Evil. For, when we listen to a modern physicist blandly explaining that Nature consists of electrons, we merely listen to him explaining that Nature really consists of little demons of Evil! And if we acknowledge Nature in this form, we raise Evil to the rank of the ruling world-divinity.

In the same way in which the moral element one day acquires real shape in Nature, so the electric element once contained a moral reality. If we contemplate electricity today, we contemplate the images of a past moral reality that have turned into something evil.

When even the light is conceived of electrically, as has been done in a recent modern theory, then the qualities of Evil are attributed to the divinity of Good. It is really terrifying to see to what a great extent the modern contemplation of Nature has unawares become a “demonology,” a worship of demons!”

We are engaged in a raging battle to defend the living etheric realm from the forces of darkness that intend to deaden the cosmos, earth, and human etheric (life) body. If you are not aware of this battle, then you may have already been overcome by the illusory and selfish cold-light of Lucifer working in your astral (desire) body to make you feel like the king/queen of your own sub-natural realm of personal desires. Or perhaps, the dead, grey light of Ahriman’s (materialism’s) delusion has already entranced and hypnotized you until your heart became cold and devoid of selfless love. Many have been lulled into a lazy, comfortable surrendering of their will to the glamor of machines.

Ahriman LuciferWe are living in a crucial time for the development of humanity and each individual is on a battle-ground in the spiritual war that is fighting over human thinking, feeling, and willing. The outcome of this battle is not yet known, and the soul and spirit of each human can evolve into super-nature and develop higher thinking, feeling, and willing into the spiritual capacities of Imagination, Inspiration, and Intuition – which no computer will ever be able to do. These are higher realms governed and populated by angels, archangels, and archai that work to help humans spiritually evolve.

On the other hand, the spiritual war for the etheric realm and the battle to stop the deadening of human consciousness can be lost and the soul and spirit of humanity be drawn into an evil realm of fallen spirits. This binary realm of two-dimensional beings is alluring, transfixing, and hypnotizing humanity into a sub-nature realm ruled by the condensing forces of electricity, the binding forces of electromagnetism, and the destructive and fragmenting forces of atomic materialism intent on enslaving humanity. Only the forces of the moral human being can conquer the onslaught of these sub-nature machine forces that wish to mechanize thinking.

Ahriman’s influence is quite profound and his materialistic, abstract, mathematical world-view has attempted to turn human thinking into machine sub-thinking, a foreign and alien intelligence that is the “grey shadow-thinking” that Rudolf Steiner describes that runs along the spider-web of electromagnetic lines encircling the earth. Human thinking, which can be filled with warmth and light when focused on virtue, love, and morality is being turned into shadow images of cold-light that draw the soul into dark selfishness. It is cosmic thinking that should be drawing humans up into the realm of the etheric where living thinking can become aligned with higher thinking in the manifestation of Imagination (higher thinking-angelic thinking). Instead, the unwitting warrior in this battle is often pulled back into his electrical device or machine (electric drug) and soon begins thinking evil thoughts unconsciously due to the ignorance and pride associated with computer use. The human body of desires grows strong when it assumes it is personally “deserving” of the marvelous inventions that scientific materialism has placed at their disposal.

Consciousness and gratefulness are the keys to overcoming the immense technological forces that wish to draw from the human being its future spiritual development and replace it with selfish immediate gratification that makes the user of the device a thief in the night who takes advantage of other people’s work and effort without gratitude or consciousness. The modern technology user is given, what seems to be, super-human powers in the palm of his hand. The user can ask any question of his device and have the answer almost instantaneously via a Google search of the Internet, where almost “all knowledge” is stored and easily accessed. Any question can be answered by the user’s seemingly omniscience electromagnetic computer-driven device. Almost anything that has ever been written down, or any video that has ever been filmed, or any data byte of knowledge ever digitized is available to the uninformed, uneducated, and generally ignorant tech-user who can now look like a “god of knowledge” via the Ahrimanic device.

This Luciferic temptation of “knowing all” is an illusion and lures the users into ever growing unconsciousness as grey shadow-thinking. Eventually, the virtual world of machine-sub-thinking takes over human thinking.

The modern tech addict “learns” from an artificial sub-thinking (A.I.-millions of sub-routines) and then pridefully believes that he is smarter than other humans, has superior and all-knowing thoughts and deserves the credit for “knowing” all knowledge. This is the great “sin” of Lucifer that caused his prideful “fall from heaven.” The spiritual scientist on the other hand, becomes a thinker who has warmed his thoughts with love instead of built-up her own selfish ego-illusion of superiority through materialistic thinking provided by the internet and the cold, dark world of the electronic realm of sub-nature. This astral illusion, created by Lucifer, draws thinking into the trap of enslavement in a personal world of seeming technological omniscience that is seemingly endless.

When a user of tech-science becomes fluent in social media on the internet, she knows she can contact all of her friends instantaneously, no matter how far away they live. The tech-user’s Facebook account may have thousands of friends and they may participate in hundreds of FB groups. When she sends out a message, it may reach thousands of people instantly, and if they post an interesting video or url link, she may get thousands of “hits” and “likes.” The more hits, the more stimulating the mechanical interaction can be which may engender an addiction to the process of tech-stimulation. Internet addiction is a well-known disorder in the modern age. This type of delusion, believing you are actually communicating with many others, is seemingly a type of technological omnipresence.

The idea that you can be everywhere at one time is magical thinking, and yet machines convince us that we have friends we have never met in person. The tech-user has traveled all over the earth through Flicker, Google Earth, or live feeds of video cameras all over the world that make them think they are truly global citizens. Mechanical omnipresence is a delusion of the heart that makes a tech-user believe she is a very social person and well-liked individual, even though she may actually speak in person with no one and is, in effect, alone on a digital island.

internet of things drawing
The Internet of Things actually has a patent.

Tech-science has created a form of omnipotence through the software and hardware called The Internet of Things.  These programs control your entire life from your smart phone and coordinate your personal life, work life, and global life through one system that links every digital device you own to one central command system. Net-bots link your doorbell, microwave, house lights, alarms, coffee-maker, car, computers, and everything else to your phone. You can program your net-bots to react as soon as your phone passes by and creates an “augmented reality” to the real world. Your entire life can be programmed into the Internet of Things until the line between human and machine blurs.

If you have a house in Hawaii and you want to turn on the sprinkler system because your phone informs you it has been quite hot there, you simply tap an icon and the omnipotent Internet of Things and its net-bots works its mechanical magic anywhere on the earth. This omnipotence is not earned or deserved by the tech-user and tends to lure, hypnotize, and imprison the unconscious and unwitting user in a virtual world.

The spiritual scientist knows that omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence are products of the future spiritual development of humanity.

In time, as we became angels, archangels, and archai, we will develop higher thinking, feeling, and willing that resembles these stages of consciousness. Luciferic and Ahrimanic forces try to bring these future stages of spiritual development to humanity through mechanical means – a type of mechanical clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. Ahrimanic forces already have started “schools of spiritual clairvoyance” that delude followers into believing that they are becoming clairvoyant through mechanical means. Ahrimanic clairvoyants will not agree on what they “see” because they will be looking at grey shadow-thoughts of the spiritual world which will be tinged with the base nature of the person and thus will produce spurious results which lead to spiritual materialism, a form of virtual imprisonment.

Lucifer’s enticing allureAhriman’s brilliant cleverness, and the overwhelming power of  machine sub-thinking to consume the human ego are the weapons we must fight against in the battle in the living realm of thinking. We must become conscious of this battle between good and evil and regain our personal powers of thinking. The war is within our self and we cannot escape it. The battle is within us, but it is also waged outside of us in the living body of the Earth. The personal battle for our own life-body effects every person on the earth, as well as the future life of our planet. If we lose the battle individually, we will reside in a dark materialistic realm after death in a physical two-dimensional world instead of evolving through time into the fourth dimension and beyond where the higher hierarchy dwell.

The battle is raging, and the losers are quietly ignoring the enemy’s weapon that they hold in their own hand – a smart phone. They don’t realize that weaponized subliminal programming is coming from every digital device and that they swim in a continuum of electromagnetic frequencies that bombard them from all directions. Digital weapons have lulled the innocent user into believing they are “virtual kings and queens” in their own selfish domain. When fallen angels stand ready to do the tech-users bidding, it is hard to lay down the harmful weapons that have come to define who we believe we are.

The naïve tech-user forgets that one large solar flare could wipe out all digital memory and electromagnetism on the earth for a long period of time.

The losers in this battle would simply stop existing as the being they thought they were when they were augmented with miraculous digital machines that were actually the weapons of their enemies and the source of their demise. The Internet has gotten out of control and at this point it controls commerce, education, and social life in the West. The modern teenager might “die” if all of Ahriman’s weapons (smart devices) ceased to function. Thus, it is easy to see the true control electronic devices have over the consciousness of the human being who has been ensnared as a tech-user.


One of the best descriptions of the spiritual weapons that can protect and defend us during this war is found in the Bible, in Ephesians 6:12-17:

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; and your feet shod with the preparation of thegospel of peace; above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.

And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God…”

With the armor of God, truth, righteousness, peace, faith, salvation, the sword of the Spirit, and the Word of God we can win the battle and gain victory in the war against the “principalities, powers, darkness of the world, and spiritual wickedness in high places”, according to the author of Ephesians. These spiritual weapons may seem tame compared to the “spiritual wickedness in high places” but they hold the key to divesting evil’s power. The beings of evil that are described are fallen hierarchy who are far more advanced than human consciousness at this point in human spiritual development. We are fighting beings of the rank of hierarchies.  Ahriman and Lucifer have fallen also, and they are from the higher realms of the “principalities”, “powers”, and “high places” referred to in the quotation.

We are aided and helped from all sides in the war against evil that intends to steal the thinking, feeling, and willing of the human being and capture it in a binary, material world that sucks the life and spirit from humans. The evil beings of a higher nature working against us may seem too overwhelming to tackle, but when we remember all the other spiritual beings who are supporting and fighting along with us, we can muster the courage to pick up the banner and surge forward in the efforts to vanquish the enemy and gain our spiritual inheritance.

The Cosmic and Earthly Battle Rages On

st.michaelThere is a cosmic and earthly battle raging over whether universal thinking (Imagination) will be lost to humanity. During our time, the decisive war in heaven has come down to the earth because the Archangel Michael cast both Lucifer and Ahriman down to the earth. Heaven has come to earth and the last battle for human freedom is being fought in the human domain. The Norse called it the Battle of Ragnarok, where the “old gods died” and the young gods find a new home. In the West, we call it the apocalypse.

The apocalyptic “two-horned beast” is the new machine-realm of binary forces that is trying to steal the soul of humanity. There are many terrifying images describing the horrors of the Apocalypse but there are also other images that show the healing antidotes to apocalyptic terrors. In the end, those who can “hear and sing the new song” are saved as they gather around the Lion of Judah, who has tamed the “two-horned beast.” Even the very methods to develop the counter-image of the “two-horned beast” are given in the St. John’s Apocalypse, for “those with eyes to see and ears to hear.”

Ahriman is engaged in a battle to win the living etheric body of the human being as he works through the realm of thinking to turn human-thought into machine sub-thinking and numb humans to the power of living thinking that is fired by the warmth of the heart. The Archangel Michael is involved in this battle and tames the “dragon of materialism” by bringing cosmic wisdom and love.

The Binary World of the Two-Horned Beast

 The pseudo-alive kingdom of the machine-world that exists between the mineral and the plant realms wishes to feed on human thought, to steal it and suck it into another world beyond the three-dimensional world; a machine-world that exists in an “anti” two-dimensional world.  It is a shadow of the angelic realm which is made from mineral substance and given pseudo-life through the thoughts of the software programmers. It is an alien world populated by beings higher and lower than human beings, which exist both in this anti-two-dimensional world and in the binary world of electromagnetic beings. The software program routines and sub-routines that all work together to make our human-machine interface works well to create “energy efficient” and “labor saving” tools for human beings that ultimately steal human thinking and freedom by making us mentally lazy; freezing human feeling with cold, dead machine-intelligence and binary logic; and paralyzing the user who is fascinated, transfixed, and hypnotized by the “seeming miracle” of the machine.

Instead of evolving into the fourth dimension, humans are being lured back into a two-dimensional binary existence in the alien two-dimensional world of machine sub-thinking.

When we devolve into the past through the hypnotic entrancement of fascinating binary illusion, we give up our future progressive spiritual development. We give our own ego development over to beings who are not really in this dimension and therefore are not “seen” as a harmful force – let alone an evil being. These stories make the frail of heart run away from technology like a dragon that is trying to eat them.  In fact, this is quite true on a soul and spiritual level of understanding.

As these evil beings are stealing the will of the hypnotized internet, smartphone, or computer user, they suck the life-force of the user into a sphere of existence that is outside of the normal Earth evolution. This sphere is referred to as the Eighth Sphere which is being built in a two-dimensional world that interpenetrates our world of three-dimensions. When the human being can add to the third dimension the understanding of time – timelessness – then a fourth dimension can be added to the third in the consciousness of the thinker. But, if Luciferic, Ahrimanic, or materialistic beings steal the thinking, feeling, and willing of the human being by luring them into the binary world of the past, they add the stolen human forces to the Eight Sphere where they attempt to lure the human soul into after death, instead of passing into higher spheres.

Human Intelligence vs. Machine Intelligence


“Artificial Intelligence” needs to be controlled by human intelligence and not the other way around. The hardware should not rule our lives, and we need to separate out the effects of the software that drives the hardware. Software, collectively speaking, is the accumulated “thoughts” of all the human programmers that went into the base code of an overall program. In other words, part of the “Artificial Intelligence” being attributed to machines is actually the condensed thoughts of millions of humans. To conflate these two aspects of supposed “AI” is to mis-characterize the true nature of the illusion, delusion, and hypnotic effects of machine intelligence upon human intelligence.

In essence, the smartphone or computer embodies a machine-realm of automated thought-systems. This is a new binary realm of machine archetypes, a new type of “machine-animal” that exists somewhere between the human and animal kingdoms.

Rudolf Steiner predicts these machine-animals that possess intelligence in the following indication:

“The cosmic forces that will be brought into operation from this side will give rise to remarkable machines, but only of a kind that will relieve men of labor because they will bear in themselves a certain power of intelligence. And a spiritual science that itself reaches out to the cosmos will have to take care that all the great temptations emanating from these machine-animals created by man himself will exercise no harmful influence on humanity.” (GA 178)

Calculating and data processing is labor saving machine-calculation and analysis, whereas the digital binary world of the Internet of Things is truly an artificial or alien machine-intelligence. A human being is not worthy, at this stage, of having the seeming omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence that the combined efforts of millions of human programmers have created with the internet and the pervasive electromagnetic realm around us. Individuals lack the moral uprightness to handle the power of the collective work of humans who have created a “thought system” of rigid sequences of thoughts mimicked by magnetized spots in a machine.

These binary magnetized spots (holes in a punch card) all add up to a machine-world that no human can comprehend; therefore, no human is quite deserving of all that focused human labor from the millions of programmers who created rigid machine thoughts that produce wonders that fascinate the beholder. No programmer can “look at” the binary machine language of the computer and translate the nature of what the language spells out in its alien code. We must incorporate languages that speak to other languages that turn that language into series of zeroes and ones (0/1), in specific orders, before the “fake light, sound, and life” in the computer can then “talk to us” in our human language.

Binary thinking is always a polarity and in nature there are no simple polarities. Nature is a trinity of forces: life, death, and rebirth.

Nothing is never black and white in the real world. Everything is shades and colors. Dialectical thinking shows that logic is found when thesis and antithesis resolve into synthesis. Magnetic polarities resolve when rotated and thus the human soul and body are resolved by the spirit. Both religion and science wish to eradicate the triune nature of the human being and replace it with body/soul, on/off, yes/no, 1/0, or any other binary language rather than the true language of the triune human nature.

Rudolf Steiner speaks about the nature of evil found in electricity and the way it will come to encircle the earth:

“In the fifth epoch, in particular, by employing the force of electricity on a scale beyond anything that has been developed so far, it will be possible for men to spread evil over the Earth. Moreover, the evil issuing directly from the force of electricity itself will overwhelm the Earth.” (GA 273)

Rudolf Steiner speaks about the challenge of the future and the need to create a different type of machine that links properly with the human being instead of machines that drain the life from the user.

“Man has to seek to place the spiritual-etheric in the service of outer, practical life.  In the fifth post-Atlantean epoch men will have to solve the problem of how to transmit to machine the waves carrying their moods, their inner movements of soul. They will have to solve the problem of how to bring the human being into connection with that which must become more and more mechanical.” (GA 178)

Human or Machine Future?

The great problem will come when machine sub-thinking will begin to write programs and sub-routines in their own machine-language that humans cannot interpret. Already, some of this new machine-language is being created in advanced computers. These computers are not yet at the point of “self-consciousness” wherein its own machine-intelligence that can “create” new languages or write new programs.

Rudolf Steiner speaks about the overwhelming power of technology in the following indication:

“Humanity has got to find the strength, the inner cognitive power, to avoid being overwhelmed by Ahriman in the technological civilization of the present. Sub-Nature must be grasped for what it is, and this can happen only if humanity rises at least as high above Nature as he has descended with his technology to a sub-natural level. Electricity, which was hailed at the time of its discovery as the soul of the natural world, must be recognized in its real essence as a force that leads from Nature to Sub-Nature. Man must not let himself be dragged down with it.” (GA 26) 

Cosmic Intelligence is a Free Choice

Human beings can ascend or descend, depending on whether they evolve or chose to remain behind the progressive evolution of humanity. This is a free choice that most people do not know they must make consciously. This choice is the key to whether a human will evolve into an angel or devolve into an animal. The kingdoms of nature are not so simple now that Ahriman has created new realms where parts of a human being may be drawn into and imprisoned.


Each rank of the hierarchy has specific characteristics, qualities, and duties. But now that humanity has become a co-creator with the divine, new realms of nature are being created and the distinctions between kingdoms are becoming blurred. Humans can rise-up through the hierarchy in a normal fashion or can devolve into sub-kingdoms where new beings are being created due to the human-machine interface and the battle for the human soul. We will look at those new kingdoms in the diagram below and examine their nature and function.

Kingdoms of Nature and the Hierarchy

Archai – The fiery will-filled realm of Intuition (higher willing)

Super-Nature Realm of Intuition

Archangelic – The weaving, sounding realm of Inspiration (higher feeling)

Super-Nature Realm of Inspiration

Angelic – The living, mobile realm of Imagination (higher thinking)

Super-Nature Realm of Imagination 

Human – I (I am or ego) Consciousness can ascend or descend based upon their free choices

Natural Law and Human Intelligence Realm

Sub-Nature Realm of Electricity – Lucifer in the Astral Body

A new realm of cold-light that creates illusion and selfish desires inspired by Lucifer in the astral body of the human being. Self-delusion leads to “non-thinking” that is simply an animal reflex instead of freely directed higher thinking. This type of selfish thinking is earth-bound, brain-bound, materialistic, and darkens the etheric realm.

Animal – Astral realm of instincts, astral-intelligence.

Sub-Nature Realm of Electromagnetism – Ahriman in the Etheric Body

A new realm of heartless, cold, clever willfulness that is devoid of feelings and led by Ahriman. Through continuing the illusion of Lucifer’s cold-light fantasies, Ahriman steals the warmth of the human heart through killing spiritual thinking and feeling.

Plant – Etheric realm of the plants with the sun as the group-ego, etheric intelligence.

Sub-Nature Realm of the “Third Force”- Asuras (forces of materialism) in the Physical Body

A new realm of binary, anti-time and anti-space beings who weave a spider-web of electro-magnetism that wishes to make the earth into a self-functioning electrical apparatus, an automated planet, a type of living mineral. This realm is populated by beings who wishes to steal human ego-consciousness through consuming higher thinking, higher feeling, and higher human willpower.

Mineral – Physical realm of apparent life-less substance.

New Spiritual Technology Driven by Morality


Rudolf Steiner pointed out in the following indication that John Keely had developed the forces of morality that could interact with his machines and create sympathetic-resonance that helped the machine function. Others without those moral forces could not make the machines work without Keely in the room. These are the types of machines that Steiner recommended we create and use instead of the atomistic machines we use now. These “future-machines” will only work when the user has the proper moral development to unlock the cosmic forces that will run these sympathetic-resonance devices.

“John Keely set his motor going with vibrations he called forth in his own organism. Vibrations such as these depend on man’s moral nature. This is the first intimation of something which will form the technology of the future. In times to come we will possess machines which will only operate in response to forces coming from human beings who are moral. Immoral persons will not be able to make them work. Purely mechanical mechanism must be changed into moral mechanisms.” (GA 97)

Rudolf Steiner speaks about the future interface between humans and machines and says that scientists must turn his laboratory into a sacred altar upon which cosmic forces can come to play. The morality of the inventor and spiritual scientist must discover the abundant forces of the cosmos flowing into the world and use these forces to create motor-force in machines. Only when the scientist works out of pure unselfishness can he interact with higher beings in the realms of super-nature instead of being pulled down into the realms of selfish desire and personal gain ruled by Ahriman and the forces of sub-nature. When scientific experimentation becomes a ritual act of sacredness that is created out of the unselfish desire to help and advance all of humanity, then a new science of the spirit will be born that can unite the human being with his spiritual sources of inspiration that lead back to their divine nature.

Who is Going to Win the Battle?

 After hearing about the scary nature of the beings who wish to harm humanity and destroy the living etheric realm, you might be asking the question: “Who is going to win this battle?”

To answer that question, we first must realize that it is going to get worse before it gets better. In 2009, IBM created the idea of an “Intelligent Earth” which they called the Internet of Things, essentially a world-wide planetary computer. This systematic take-over of all things digital is moving forward at an alarming rate. Humans are choosing to go further and further into the virtual world where the binary “two-horned beast” rules.

Many humans are already too far gone to put down their technology and take a break, even for a few minutes. Internet addicts are more enslaved than anyone wants to admit. The illnesses being spawned by human-machine interactions is only slightly being recognized for what it is – a total take-over of human will power that numbs thinking and freezes the heart in a mechanically induced hypnotic paralysis.

One might ask if we should destroy the tech-weapons we have been given and lay siege to the internet until we defuse the evil aspects of all-consuming technologies like the Internet of Things. Should we take phones, computers, and tablets from children because we know they are doing them harm? Or should we simply accept machines because they are our inevitable future?

Rudolf Steiner’s solution, given in the selection below, is shocking and may take you by surprise.

“In the comparatively near future this much-admired modern technology will reach a final stage where it will, in a certain way, make itself obsolete. On the other hand, something will arise which will lead to man’s acquiring the possibility of using the delicate vibrations, the delicate oscillations in his etheric body to set machines in operation.” (GA 173)

According to Steiner, we will find that modern technology will make itself obsolete. This is not quite the answer good warriors of the spirit had expected. The battle seems like it will be won by simply ignoring the technology. It will perhaps, no longer be in-fashion to be imprisoned by a machine. Perhaps the research will demonstrate that machines can only make you less intelligent by pulling human intelligence down into the realm of machine sub-intelligence. Perhaps the many illnesses of mind, soul, and spirit will become known and people will see what is really happening during their human-machine interface.

The development of machines that work with human sympathetic-resonance that tap into cosmic energy indicate the proper direction of the human-machine interface. Steiner describes these machines in his mystery dramas when he addresses the question of the Strader machine. This machine is somewhat like the vibration devises that Keely developed in the later part of his experimentations. No one really knows quite what Steiner was describing with the Strader machine, but he was certain that it would become the technology of the future which would replace machines that work with beings and forces of immorality, evil, and destruction. The “future machines” will work with and for the benefit of humans instead of working against them and their spiritual evolution.

Strategies to Win the Technology War

 The tech war is personal and global, which calls for a multi-prong approach to stop machine sub-thinking from taking over human thinking. Many addicts of technology cannot be helped and need intervention and psychological help. Our children are the three-heads-in-spacemost vulnerable and must be protected. The Silicon Valley tech lords don’t let their children use smart phones and iPads because they know the dangers. This is a good model to follow. First, become conscious of the dangers, and then “get away from the dangers” in any fashion that you can. Protect and educate your family to the many illnesses that are associated with tech over-use and then watch out for the symptoms. Put sub-thinking in its place, below human thinking and make sure that the tech user is the master of the machine and not vice versa.

But to stop unchecked tech proliferation, we must nip it in the bud and go to where the problems really start. It is the weaponization of tech by the Department of Defense that initiates the process of taking a patent and turning it into a weapon. In prior intelligence reports we have revealed the ugly nature of the Highland Forum (Group) that works with the Naval Office of Net Assessment, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the CIA’s In-Q-Tel and its associate groups, and the multinational corporations and their theft and weaponization of patents. This institutionalized theft of intellectual property from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office uses the excuse of “National Security” to screen and steal any patent that can be weaponized for purposes of the military.

SERCO_spiderWhat is even worse is that the U.S. Patent Office is run by the British through a company named SERCO that screens all patents and gets first rights on any patent it wants. This has been going on since the time of Marconi and the British theft of Nikola Tesla’s wireless patents. Thousands of patents are stolen and kept by the military under the auspices of protecting Americans from dangerous national security threats. Basically, the military industrial complex steals all the patents that benefit the military-industrial complex and banksters,  and inventors get nothing.

To start chipping away at the machine sub-thinking edifice we can do many things to win battles in the war to protect human thinking and human evolution. Below are some suggestions of strategies that might help turn the tide.

  • Take back the U.S. Patent Office from SERCO and the British crown agents who have hijacked American innovation.
  • Unplug the devices controlling your life and separate yourself from them.
  • Study and appreciate “human thinking” and know the difference between machine sub-thinking and human higher-order thinking.
  • Get your children away from all digital devices and get them in a good school that is not based on computers or machine sub-thinking. (See the Eternal Curriculum for Wisdom Children for an alternative way to educate your children – free book )
  • Call for a moratorium on 5G and other new technologies that have not been properly tested for safety.
  • Vote with your pocketbook and stop buying high tech devices. Boycott if necessary.
  • Demand a ban on technologies found harmful to humans.
  • Create a “We the People committee” to review all patents and use common sense and morality to flag dangerous tech while guarding the rights of inventors.
  • Ask Trump sign the Miller Act Notice and pay Leader Technologies for its stolen Intellectual property. When Facebook and the other social media companies collapse due to their theft being made public and reparations are made – Leader Technologies can build back equivalent systems that do not spy on the user and are not “weaponized” against human thinking.
  • Collapse the corrupt surveillance state of Facebook, Google, Gmail, etc., and/or turn them into U.S. utilities owned by U.S. citizens.
  • Stop federal control of the agencies that are supposed to be policing new technologies. These systems have failed across the board and are corrupt tools of corporations. We the People should have groups that are protecting consumers and have the power to overrule Federal agencies and have tax dollars to do studies on the safety of new technologies.
  • Demand longitudinal health studies from independent, non-governmental, non-corporate groups on all technology to see if there is damage being done over time.
  • Hold corporation bosses personally liable for the damage their companies do.
  • Create an education system that teaches the truth through higher-order, human thinking instead of the machine sub-thinking propaganda.


Moratoriums on 5G

In April, 2018, the International Society of Doctors for the Environment (ISDE) and its member organizations in 27 countries, adopted a declaration calling for a moratorium on the deployment of 5G (fifth generation cellular technology) in the European Union. More than 200 scientists and doctors from 38 nations have signed the declaration calling for a moratorium on the deployment of 5G (fifth generation) cellular technology.

The Appeal asserts that, “5G will substantially increase exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) on top of the 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, etc. for telecommunications already in place. RF-EMF has been proven to be harmful for humans and the environment.

The Appeal

We the undersigned scientists and doctors recommend a moratorium on the roll-out of the fifth generation, 5G, for telecommunication until potential hazards for human health and the environment have been fully investigated by scientists independent from industry.  5G will substantially increase exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) on top of the 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, etc. for telecommunications already in place. RF-EMF has been proven to be harmful for humans and the environment.

5G leads to massive increase of mandatory exposure to wireless radiation 5G technology is effective only over short distance. It is poorly transmitted through solid material. Many new antennas will be required and full-scale implementation will result in antennas every 10 to 12 houses in urban areas, thus massively increasing mandatory exposure.

With “the ever more extensive use of wireless technologies,” nobody can avoid to be exposed. Because on top of the increased number of 5G-transmitters (even within housing, shops and in hospitals) according to estimates, ”10 to 20 billion connections” (to refrigerators, washing machines, surveillance cameras, self-driving cars and buses, etc.) will be parts of the Internet of Things. All these together can cause a substantial increase in the total, long term RF-EMF exposure to all EU citizens.

Harmful effects of RF-EMF exposure are already proven

Over 230 scientists from more than 40 countries have expressed their “serious concerns” regarding the ubiquitous and increasing exposure to EMF generated by electric and wireless devices already before the additional 5G roll-out. They refer to the fact that “numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guideline.” Effects include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans. Damage goes well beyond the human race, as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to both plants and animals.

After the scientists’ appeal was written in 2015 additional research has convincingly confirmed serious health risks from RF-EMF fields from wireless technology.  The world’s largest study (25 million US dollar) National Toxicology Program (NTP), shows statistically significant increase in the incidence of brain and heart cancer in animals exposed to EMF below the ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) guidelines followed by most countries. These results support results in human epidemiological studies on RF radiation and brain tumor risk. A large number of peer-reviewed scientific reports demonstrate harm to human health from EMFs.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the cancer agency of the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2011 concluded that EMFs of frequencies 30 KHz – 300 GHz are possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B). However, new studies like the NTP study mentioned above and several epidemiological investigations including the latest studies on mobile phone use and brain cancer risks confirm that RF-EMF radiation is carcinogenic to humans.

The EUROPA EM-EMF Guideline 2016 states that “there is strong evidence that long-term exposure to certain EMFs is a risk factor for diseases such as certain cancers, Alzheimer’s disease, and male infertility…Common EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity) symptoms include headaches, concentration difficulties, sleep problems, depression, lack of energy, fatigue, and flu-like symptoms.”

An increasing part of the European population is affected by ill health symptoms that have for many years been linked to exposure to EMF and wireless radiation in the scientific literature. The International Scientific Declaration on EHS & multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), Brussels 2015, declares that: “In view of our present scientific knowledge, we thereby stress all national and international bodies and institutions…to recognize EHS and MCS as true medical conditions which acting as sentinel diseases may create a major public health concern in years to come worldwide i.e. in all the countries implementing unrestricted use of electromagnetic field-based wireless technologies and marketed chemical substances… Inaction is a cost to society and is not an option anymore… we unanimously acknowledge this serious hazard to public health…that major primary prevention measures are adopted and prioritized, to face this worldwide pan-epidemic in perspective.”


The Precautionary Principle (UNESCO) was adopted by EU 2005: ”When human activities may lead to morally unacceptable harm that is scientifically plausible but uncertain, actions shall be taken  to avoid or diminish that harm.”

Resolution 1815 (Council of Europe, 2011): ”Take all reasonable measures to reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields, especially to radio frequencies from mobile phones, and particularly the exposure to children and young people who seem to be most at risk from head tumours…Assembly strongly recommends that the ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) principle is applied, covering both the so-called thermal effects and the athermic [non-thermal] or biological effects of electromagnetic emissions or radiation” and to ”improve risk-assessment standards and quality”.

The Nuremberg code (1949) applies to all experiments on humans, thus including the roll-out of 5G with new, higher RF-EMF exposure. All such experiments: ”should be based on previous knowledge (e.g., an expectation derived from animal experiments) that justifies the experiment. No experiment should be conducted, where there is an a priori reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur; except, perhaps, in those experiments where the experimental physicians also serve as subjects.” (Nuremberg code pts 3-5). Already published scientific studies show that there is ”a priori reason to believe” in real health hazards.

The European Environment Agency (EEA) is warning for ”Radiation risk from everyday devices” in spite of the radiation being below the WHO/ICNIRP standards. EEA also concludes: ”There are many examples of the failure to use the precautionary principle in the past, which have resulted in serious and often irreversible damage to health and environments…harmful exposures can be widespread before there is both ‘convincing’ evidence of harm from long-term exposures, and biological understanding [mechanism] of how that harm is caused.”

“Safety guidelines” protect industry — not health

The current ICNIRP ”safety guidelines” are obsolete. All proofs of harm mentioned above arise although the radiation is below the ICNIRP “safety guidelines.” Therefore new safety standards are necessary.  The reason for the misleading guidelines is that “conflict of interest of ICNIRP members due to their relationships with telecommunications or electric companies undermine the impartiality that should govern the regulation of Public Exposure Standards for non-ionizing radiation…To evaluate cancer risks it is necessary to include scientists with competence in medicine, especially oncology.”

The current ICNIRP/WHO guidelines for EMF are based on the obsolete hypothesis that “The critical effect of RF-EMF exposure relevant to human health and safety is heating of exposed tissue.” However, scientists have proven that many different kinds of illnesses and harms are caused without heating (”non-thermal effect”) at radiation levels well below ICNIRP guidelines.

We Urge the EU:

1) To take all reasonable measures to halt the 5G RF-EMF expansion until independent scientists can assure that 5G and the total radiation levels caused by RF-EMF (5G together with 2G, 3G, 4G, and WiFi) will not be harmful for EU-citizens, especially infants, children and pregnant women, as well as the environment.

2) To recommend that all EU countries, especially their radiation safety agencies, follow Resolution 1815 and inform citizens, including, teachers and physicians, about health risks from RF-EMF radiation, how and why to avoid wireless communication, particularly in/near e.g., daycare centers, schools, homes, workplaces, hospitals and elderly care.

3) To appoint immediately, without industry influence, an EU task force of independent, truly impartial EMF-and-health scientists with no conflicts of interest[1] to re-evaluate the health risks and:

  1. To decide about new, safe “maximum total exposure standards” for all wireless communication within EU.
  2. To study the total and cumulative exposure affecting EU-citizens.
  3. To create rules that will be prescribed/enforced within the EU about how to avoid
  4. exposure exceeding new EU ”maximum total exposure standards” concerning all kinds of EMFs in order to protect citizens, especially infants, children and pregnant women.

4) To prevent the wireless/telecom industry through its lobbying organizations from persuading EU-officials to make decisions about further propagation of RF radiation including 5G in Europe.

5) To favor and implement wired digital telecommunication instead of wireless.

Respectfully submitted,

Rainer Nyberg, EdD, Professor Emeritus (Åbo Akademi), Vasa, Finland (

Lennart Hardell, MD, PhD, Professor (assoc) Department of Oncology, Faculty of Medicine and Health, University Hospital, Örebro, Sweden. Present address: The Environment and Research Foundation, Örebro, Sweden,

The moratorium Appeal can be found at:


More information about the dangerous nature of 5G and the moratorium can be found at:

5G Dangers

There should be a moratorium for all proposed 5G BANDS, until there is a full analysis of potential adverse health effects, made available to the public, indicating that the proposed exposures are not harmful BEFORE licensing of 5G spectrum.

Canadians for Safe Technology is recommending a moratorium on the rollout of 5G until the science and scientific gaps have been fully examined, and there is a thorough understanding of the health consequences of this new and untested technology, that will be added to the recent surge of exposure to 3G and 4G wireless radiation from today’s myriad of devices.

Other Attempts for Moratoriums on Dangerous Technologies

UN Rejects Calls for Moratorium on Gene Drive Research

The UN rejects a call for a ban on biological experimentation through gene manipulation:

Activists claim the technology is too risky, but scientists advise the United Nations to continue to support gene drive research. The United Nations (UN) biodiversity meeting, held in Mexico this month, could have ended poorly for scientists working on gene drives, genetic elements that can perpetuate specific mutations and may help cull dangerous mosquito populations. But in spite of environmental activists pushing the UN to ban gene drives, citing the risk of accidental release, the UN’s final agreement—penned December 16—merely urged caution in testing gene drives, Nature reported. Overall, the organization broadly supported further research in synthetic biology.

DNA Editing

UNESCO panel of experts calls for ban on “editing” of human DNA to avoid unethical tampering with hereditary traits

A UNESCO panel of scientists, philosophers, lawyers and government ministers has called for a temporary ban on genetic “editing” of the human germline, calling for a wide public debate on genetic modification of human DNA.

At the close of a meeting at UNESCO in Paris, independent experts of the Organization’s International Bioethics Committee (IBC) published a report “Updating its Reflection on the Human Genome and Human Rights.” In it, the experts argue that “gene therapy could be a watershed in the history of medicine and genome editing is unquestionably one of the most promising undertakings of science for the sake of all humankind.”

But the IBC report cautions that “this development seems to require particular precautions and raises serious concerns, especially if the editing of the human genome should be applied to the germline and therefore introduce hereditary modifications, which could be transmitted to future generations”

The IBC therefore called for a moratorium on this specific procedure, at its meeting, on the human genome and human rights.

Recent advances have opened the door to genetic screening and testing for inherited diseases, gene therapy, the use of embryonic stem cells in medical research and the possibility of cloning and genetic “editing” for both medical and non-medical ends.

“Interventions on the human genome should be admitted only for preventive, diagnostic or therapeutic reasons and without enacting modifications for descendants,” says the IBC, arguing that the alternative would “jeopardize the inherent and therefore equal dignity of all human beings and renew eugenics.”

The IBC reports that rapid advances in genetics are making “designer babies” an increasing possibility, prompting calls among scientists and bioethicists for a wider public debate about the power of science to modify genetically human embryos in the laboratory, so as to control inherited traits, such as appearance and intelligence.

A new genome “editing” technique called CRISPR-Cas9 makes it possible for scientists to insert, remove and correct DNA simply and efficiently. It holds out the prospect of treating or even curing certain illnesses, such as sickle cell diseases, cystic fibrosis and some cancers. But germline editing can also make changes to DNA, such as determining a baby’s eye color, easier for scientists working with human embryos, eggs and sperm.

A study examining global legislation and practices concerning genetic modification, published by Hokkaido University in Japan in 2014, showed that 29 of the 39 countries reviewed had a ban on editing the human germ line. In 25 countries, the ban was legally binding. The other four had guidelines, while rules in the remaining ten were described as ambiguous.

The report also cautions against the hidden danger of do-it-yourself genetic testing, saying that consumers who tested their own DNA using so-called Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) kits bought online, needed professional genetic and medical counselling to understand and act on the results. Such kits are widely available to consumers to carry out medical as well as non-medical tests, such as testing for ethnic ancestry. The committee called for clear regulations and information for consumers about such tests.

UNESCO’s Member States adopted the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights in 2005 to deal with ethical issues raised by rapid changes in medicine, life sciences and technology. The Declaration states that the human genome is part of the heritage of humanity. It therefore outlines rules that need to be observed to respect human dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Researchers in China earlier this year became the first scientists to announce they had altered the DNA of human embryos incapable of further development, while British scientists have applied for the right to modify embryos genetically as part of wider research. The Chinese scientists modified an aberrant gene that causes a life-threatening blood disorder.

The IBC was established 1993 in response to rapid advances in scientific understanding of the human genome, the 3.6 billion letters that make up our genetic code. It brings together 36 independent experts and follows progress in the life sciences and its applications in order to ensure respect for human dignity and freedom.

Germline Gene Engineering

Human genetic engineering demands more than a moratorium

Expert calls for a moratorium on germline gene engineering are no substitute for richer public debate on the ethics and politics of our biotechnological futures.

Gene Drives

Gene drives are a genetic engineering tool that aim to force artificial genetic changes through entire populations of animals, insects and plants.

Unlike previous genetically modified organisms (GMOs) these gene drive organisms (GDOs) are deliberately designed to spread genetic pollution as an agricultural strategy – for example, spreading ‘auto-extinction’ genes to wipe out agricultural pests. Agri-research bodies now developing these extinction-organisms include the California Cherry Board, the US Citrus Research Board and the private California company Agragene Inc. Next month, the United Nations Biodiversity Convention will meet to discuss measures to control this technology, including a possible moratorium.

Those launching the call for a moratorium on gene drives in food and agriculture include all past and present UN Special Rapporteurs on the Right to Food; the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements; IUF (the International Union representing Food and Farmworkers); and La Via Campesina, the largest network of peasant movements representing 200 million peasants in 81 countries.

  • Gene drives are being engineered into flies, insects, worms and other pests to spread sterility as a biological alternative to pesticides.
  • Researchers are proposing using gene drives as a breeding tool to increase meat production in livestock.
  • “Auto-extinction” gene drives are being engineered into rats and mice as well as beetles that affect storage of grains.
  • Patents have been sought to engineer gene drives into honey bees to control pollination patterns using light beams.
  • Research is ongoing to engineer gene drives into common weed species to make them more susceptible to herbicides such as Roundup.
  • Analysis of two key patents on gene drives show that they each reference around 500-600 agricultural uses including brand names of 186 herbicides, 46 pesticides, 310 agricultural pest insects, nematodes, mites, moths and others.

Genetically Engineered Foods

With little or no regulatory restraints, labeling requirements, or scientific protocol, bio-engineers have begun creating hundreds of new GE “Frankenfoods” and crops, oblivious to human and environmental hazards, or negative socioeconomic impacts on the world’s several billion farmers and rural villagers.

Despite an increasing number of scientists warning that current gene-splicing techniques are crude, inexact, and unpredictable — and therefore inherently dangerous — pro-biotech governments and regulatory agencies, led by the US, maintain that GE foods and crops are “substantially equivalent” to conventional foods, and therefore require neither mandatory labeling nor pre-market safety-testing. This Brave New World of Frankenfoods is frightening.

There are currently more than four dozen genetically engineered foods and crops being grown or sold in the US. These foods and crops are widely dispersed into the food chain and the environment. Over 70 million acres of GE crops are presently under cultivation in the US, while up to 500,000 dairy cows are being injected regularly with Monsanto’s recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH). Most supermarket processed food items now “test positive” for the presence of GE ingredients.

Doctors Warn: Avoid Genetically Modified Food

On May 19th, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) called on “Physicians to educate their patients, the medical community, and the public to avoid GM (genetically modified) foods when possible and provide educational materials concerning GM foods and health risks.” They called for a moratorium on GM foods, long-term independent studies, and labeling. AAEM’s position paper stated, “Several animal studies indicate serious health risks associated with GM food,” including infertility, immune problems, accelerated aging, insulin regulation, and changes in major organs and the gastrointestinal system. They conclude, “There is more than a casual association between GM foods and adverse health effects. There is causation,” as defined by recognized scientific criteria. “The strength of association and consistency between GM foods and disease is confirmed in several animal studies.”

Wireless Dangers

Governments and Organizations that Ban Or Warn Against Wireless Technology

Terminator Seeds

There is an international moratorium on the use of Terminator technology.

Terminator seeds are genetically engineered to be sterile after first harvest. Brazil and India also have national bans on Terminator technology. But the biotechnology industry is still actively working to make Terminator legal and is starting by trying to overturn the ban that exists in Brazil. Supporters of suicide seeds argue that they will prevent farmers from reusing GM seeds or prevent contamination. This is both technically and politically wrong. Terminator technologies are highly imperfect and the sterility trait will inevitably bleed into neighboring fields and crops meaning that farmers will unwittingly plant seeds that they will never be able to harvest.

Autonomous Killing Machines

The group of advanced military powers, which also included the US, Russia, South Korea, Israel and Australia, blocked progress towards a new international treaty to ban fully autonomous weapons systems following a week of talks in Geneva involving the United Nations.

A majority of states had proposed to begin negotiations on a new treaty to prevent the development and use of fully autonomous weapons – tanks, planes, ships and guns – which can act without any human oversight. Due to the consensus decision-making process employed by the United Nation’s Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW), however, no such resolution was agreed and states simply pledged to continue to explore “options” for future work” on Saturday.

Synthetic Biology Manipulation

New Presidential Commission Prepares for Future Developments of Synthetic Biology


Indeed, upon further questioning by the commission, it seemed as if he were advocating more of a ban than a moratorium since he could not arrive at a concrete “bottom line” for the safety and equity standards that synbio would have to meet for the moratorium to be lifted. He suggested the creation of new “social technologies” for assessing the social and economic impacts of technology and building democratic consensus among global populations. He noted that there is currently no democratic way of allowing the release of synbio technology, to which Dr. Gutmann retorted that there is no democratic way of banning it either.

More Dangers of Synthetic Biology

Biological weapons ‘easy to develop’ due to rapid advances in technology, scientists warn Pentagon

As with previous expansions in technological capabilities, biotechnology in the age of synthetic biology presents a ‘dual use dilemma’ that scientific knowledge, materials, and techniques required for beneficial research or development could be misused to cause harm. The dilemma made headlines when researchers were able to recreate an extinct horse pox virus, a cousin of the deadly small pox virus. The virus was made from scratch using DNA sequences ordered through the post, at comparatively little cost.

Self-Driving Vehicles

Consumer Watchdog Calls for National Moratorium on Robot Car Testing After Self-Driving Uber Kills Arizona Woman

Driverless vehicles simply cannot be trusted to use public roads as private laboratories without meaningful safety standards and regulations

Ban on Geoengineering

All geoengineering approaches are by definition large-scale, intentional, and high-risk. Some have well-known negative impacts, threatening the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and undermining fundamental human rights (for example Bio-Energy with Carbon Capture and Storage). Others have great uncertainties when it comes to their potential impacts, that will never be fully known before actual deployment (mostly Solar Radiation Management).

The good news is that a debate of governance of geoengineering does not take place in a legal or political vacuum. There are a number of important decisions to build upon. In 2010, 193 governments – parties to the United Nations’ Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) – agreed to a de facto international moratorium on all climate-related geoengineering. More thematically focused, the London Convention/London Protocol (LP) to prevent marine pollution adopted a decision in 2013 to prohibit marine geoengineering (except for legitimate scientific research).

Computer Use and Children

The idea of educational computing is under attack. One notable example is the Alliance for Childhood, which issued a sweeping but carefully researched condemnation a year ago. They cite physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and moral hazards.

In August, 2000, a group called the Alliance for Childhood issued a “Call for Action” proposing a moratorium on new computer purchases by schools, accompanied by a 100-page scholarly report: Fool’s Gold: A Critical Look at Computers in Childhood.

Weaponized Nanotechnology

Nothing could end our reign here on Earth faster than weaponized — or severely botched — molecular assembling nanotechnology. It’s a threat that stems from two extremely powerful forces: unchecked self-replication and exponential growth.

Artificial Superintelligence

The advent of greater-than-human intelligence could prove catastrophic. The introduction of systems far faster and smarter than us would force us to take a back seat. We’d be at the mercy of whatever the artificial superintelligence decides to do — and it’s not immediately clear that we’ll be able to design a friendly AI to prevent this.

Mind Reading Devices

The prospect exists for machines that can read people’s thoughts and memories at a distance and without their consent. Such devices, if used en masse by some kind of totalitarian regime or police state, would introduce an Orwellian world in which our “thought crimes” could actually be enforced.

Brain Hacking Devices

Relatedly, there’s also the potential for our minds to be altered against our knowledge or consent. Once we have chips in our brain, and assuming we won’t be able to develop effective cognitive firewalls, our minds will be exposed to the internet and all its evils.

Autonomous Robots Designed to Kill Humans

Human level intelligence is not required for the operation of autonomous robots with lethal capabilities. Building robotic military vehicles of all sorts is already achievable. Robot tanks, aircraft, ships, submarines, and humanoid-shaped soldiers are possible today. Unlike remote-controlled drones, military robots could identify targets and destroy them without a human giving the final order to shoot.

Weaponized Pathogens

As noted by Ray Kurzweil and Bill Joy back in 2005, publishing the genomes of deadly viruses for all the world to see is a recipe for destruction. There’s always the possibility that some idiot or a fanatical group will take this information and either reconstruct the virus from scratch or modify an existing virus to make it even more virulent — and then release it onto the world. It has been estimated, for example, that the engineered Avian Flu could kill half of the world’s humans.

Recombinant DNA

In 1974, leading American molecular biologists called for a voluntary moratorium on the rapidly developing practice of recombinant DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), halting many types of experiments mainly because of concerns they might accidentally create a dangerous new pathogen. A year later, they convened an international meeting of involved scientists in Asilomar, California, to draft a proposed set of safety regulations governing genetic engineering. These proposals, with few modifications, quickly became funding agency regulations or laws in many countries, and they were rapidly relaxed. The 1975 Asilomar conference is seen a landmark in the history of genetic engineering, an event that served as an influential model for policy making at that time. Its role as a model for self‐regulation and citizen participation in policy making on risky technologies has been questioned, particularly because commercial interests have been seen as major influences on the field’s rapid development.

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